Are Long Distance Movers in Denver Worth It?

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Whether you are starting a new job right out of college or are ready to begin an adventure as a newly-minted empty nester, there is one thing you might have in common: moving. Everyone knows that moving, especially long-distance moving, can be very stressful and expensive.

To save money, you might be considering foregoing moving services and taking on this monumental task yourself. However, before you write off the idea of hiring long-distance moving services in Denver, CO, here are a few factors to consider.

professional movers
Hiring professional movers for your long distance move will help relieve what is already a stressful time for you

Hiring Long-Distance Movers in Denver, CO: The Benefits

Did you know it takes the average person at least two months to plan and execute a long-distance move, and this is with the assistance of Denver long-distance movers?

Whether you are moving across the state or across the country, there are several reasons why you should always hire movers, including:

Eliminate Unnecessary Stress

Moving is stressful enough without the assistance of a reliable moving company in Denver, CO. Imagine having a lot of help not only getting your boxes on and off the truck but also helping you plan a route to your new hometown.

At Denver City Movers, we can help you eliminate unnecessary moving stress and make the job much easier.

Assistance With the Logistics of Moving Cross-Country

Working with van lines is a great way to save some serious money. However, can a van line assist you with finding comprehensive moving insurance or offer you temporary storage services? Moving long distances can be a logistical nightmare that you should not take on alone.

Potential Cost Savings

You are doing your homework, and the upfront costs associated with cross-country moves make you panic.

However, when you factor in the cost of renting trucks or working with van lines and the money required to purchase packing supplies, you will quickly realize that working with a reliable moving company can actually save you hundreds of dollars.

Professional Packing Services

No one wakes up in the morning excited to pack, especially if you are trying to fill boxes with rambunctious kids running around.

Add in the cost of purchasing moving supplies, and the entire process can make your head spin. Instead, hire a professional moving company that offers packing services.

loading unloading
Factors such as labor, as well as fuel and mileage are all considered in the cost of your professional move

What Factors Contribute to Moving Costs in Denver?

The average cost of cross-country moving is anywhere between $2,400 and $28,000. Several factors contribute to this final cost, and understanding them will help you make sense of the moving quote.

Here are a few of the main factors that impact the overall cost of your long-distance move:

The Distance

One of the most prominent factors that influence the cost of your cross-country move is the distance. The Denver movers will charge you for the gas mileage, which is impacted by the distance and the size of the cargo.

A simple way to save big money is to fit your belongings in smaller trucks, which do not require as much gas.

The Weight of Your Household Goods

The weight of your shipment will definitely impact the overall final cost of the relocation. You will be charged extra if you have more boxes and require additional movers to get the boxes on and off the trucks.

The Timing

Many homeowners do not realize the impact timing has on the cost of a long-distance move.

Traditionally, the summer is the busy season, and because moving companies in Denver are active and there are fewer available dates, you will be charged a premium. It is best to plan your moving day during the off-season, which is winter and spring.

Non-Binding vs. Binding Estimate

High-quality moving services will offer you the option between binding and non-binding estimates. Understanding the difference between these two services is crucial because each will majorly impact the cost of your move:

  • Binding estimate. Basically, a binding estimate means that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay on moving day. Although it may seem more expensive, it’s the best way to go because it’s a flat rate.
  • Non-binding estimate. With a non-binding estimate, you are given a quote at the beginning of the relocation based on the total estimated weight of the belongings and the distance from the origin to the destination. The final cost will be determined by weighing the truck before and after the household goods are loaded.

calculating moving costs

Estimates and Insurance Valuations

Any reputable moving company in Denver should offer you insurance for your belongings. Most moving companies in Denver and van lines offer basic carrier liability, and the cost is included in your initial moving quote.

Otherwise known as “released value insurance,” this type of insurance offers you a flat rate per pound for any belongings that are lost, damaged, or stolen during the move. For example, all moving companies in Colorado and all other states provide $0.60 per pound on the belongings.

Moving services also offer declared value protection. This coverage is based upon the depreciated value of any belongings being handled by moving companies. Declared value is an excellent option if you are on a budget or the items you are moving do not have exceptional value.

Another option provided by the best long-distance movers in Denver is full replacement liability insurance.

This coverage is the most expensive, but you will receive full replacement value for any items that are damaged, lost, or stolen during the relocation. Aren’t sure which is the best option for your needs and budget?

At Denver City Movers, we can help you determine the best type of moving insurance for your needs and budget.

local long distance
You can expect the same quality in preparing your belongings for transit, but the pricing structure between local and long distance moves is quite different

The Difference Between a Long Distance and a Local Moves

One of the most important questions most homeowners ask is whether their relocation is considered a long-distance or a local move. Understanding the many differences between the two is critical because when it comes to the price structure and the cost, the two types of moves are very different.

Typically, a local move is any relocation within 100 miles of your current location. For example, moving from Denver to Boulder is considered a local move, and you will need to hire a local moving company.

Conversely, if you are moving more than 100 miles from your current location, it is considered a long-distance move. Local movers charge by the hour, while long-distance movers charge by weight/ cubic feet, mileage, and other factors. Local moves are typically less expensive simply because you are not moving cross country or from state to state.

Still confused about the difference between working with long-distance or local movers? Give the crew at Denver City Movers a call, and we can help you understand the difference between the two providers.

movers with their own trucks
Securing movers with their own trucks is crucial when shopping around. Avoid movers with rentals!

Find Long Distance Moving Companies That Service Denver, CO

There are dozens of long-distance moving providers in the Denver area. How do you find the right professional movers for you? There are several simple ways you can ensure you work with the best relocation services in your area, including:

Nothing is better than word-of-mouth advertising. The simplest and often most effective way to find the best movers is by simply asking your friends and family for referrals.

Do your homework. The internet is a fantastic source of information about almost every service imaginable, including finding full-service moving companies. Look for stellar reviews from satisfied customers.

Check out the BBB website. The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is a consumer watchdog website that reviews and ratings of services. The Better Business Bureau website is a phenomenal source of information on almost every moving company in Denver.

value for your money
Moving is by no means cheap so be sure to receive transparent quotes. You have a right to know exactly where your money is going in terms of service and quality

It’s Best to Compare Prices

Let’s face it: The price of a moving quote is a huge factor in which Denver movers you will ultimately hire. However, use caution when placing too much emphasis on the price.

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous, fly-by-night moving companies will often offer mind-blowing price quotes but will not have the service and quality to back them up.

Instead, do your own research and look for a good company that offers a fair price. The quote you are offered should be comprehensive and transparent and allow you fully understand what you will pay to work with the interstate movers.

Follow the 3 Price Estimate Rule

As a rule, always contact at least three to four cross-country movers in Denver for price quotes. Expect a representative from the moving service to visit your home, inspect your belongings, and provide you with a preliminary quote.

There will be several terms on the quote you might need to familiarize yourself with. For example, you will be provided with a bill of lading, or BOL. This paper is your official contract and will include your belongings’ weight and the approximate arrival and delivery date.

fragile handling
Your mover should be able to tailor their services – such as handling fragile items – based on your needs and budget!

Customizable Moving Services

No two long-distance moves are ever the same, and each client will have their own unique needs and struggles.

Find a moving company that will provide you with all the services you will require to successfully relocate all your belongings. Here are a few specialized services that many Denver movers, including Denver City Movers, offer:

Car Shipping Services

Are you planning on flying to your new home rather than spending days in the car with screaming kids? Cross-country movers who also offer car shipping services are lifesavers to busy parents who do not want to drive their vehicles to their new house and, instead, require an auto transport service.

Packing Materials

Did you know that the average homeowner can spend between $250 and $1,900 on the price of packing materials alone?

Many moving companies offer packing services that include packing supplies. When you do the math, you will quickly find it often costs less to hire a full-service mover that offers packing of your household goods.

Furniture Assembly and Disassembly

The last thing you truly ever want to do when your belongings arrive is to try and reassemble all your dressers, nightstands, credenzas, and beds. Instead, leave this heavy lifting to the moving company in Denver.

Storage Services

Moving long distance is rarely a straightforward experience. Many times, homeowners will require temporary or long-term storage solutions for all the belongings they aren’t sure if they want to keep or simply won’t fit into their new home.

If you require storage, look for a Denver moving company with storage facilities. You will be so glad you did!

donating belongings

Save Money on Your Long-Distance Moving Costs

Moving can be expensive, and you want to find uncomplicated ways to save big money on moving-related costs.

Luckily, in addition to moving in the off-season, there are other simple ways you can save some serious cash on your Denver, CO, long-distance move:

Get Rid of All That Unnecessary Stuff

A great way to avoid the expense of extra moving trucks is to get rid of all that stuff you simply don’t need. There are several charitable organizations where Denver residents can donate their belongings, including:

  • Dress for Success Denver
  • Goodwill Donation Center (There are several across the Denver, CO, area)
  • Salvation Army Denver Citadel
  • The Gathering Place

Pack Smarter

There is an art to packing, which means there are several very simple tricks you can do to get the most stuff in every single box. For example, one simple idea is to roll your clothing, towels, and linens rather than folding them.

call us today-2

Waiting Too Long to Find a Moving Company or Start Packing

The best moving companies in Denver book several weeks in advance.

We recommend booking your Denver area move at least two to three months before your intended moving date. This will give you plenty of time to pack and clean your existing home and get your new house ready for relocation.

Remain flexible with your moving dates, as well. If you are available to move before or after your intended moving day, you could wind up saving money on your moving costs.

Choose a Long-Distance Moving Company in Denver, CO

You understand how to find a great long-distance moving company in Denver. However, how do you make the final decision? This is far and away the most crucial aspect of the entire moving process and not a step you should ever take lightly.

looking for best movers-2

Look For These Attributes in Your Denver Moving Company

Quality Service

There are several long-distance moving companies and local movers in Colorado, but not all of them provide quality service. Look for a moving company that is known in the area for its fantastic customer service.

A Leader in the Moving Industry

Your belongings, especially family photos and heirlooms, cannot be replaced. Look for long-distance or local moving companies that are leaders in the moving industries. The company should be established, have top-of-the-line equipment, and movers who know how to care for your precious belongings.

An Interstate Moving Company in the Denver Area That is Fully Insured and Licensed

The best movers are fully licensed and insured. At the very least, the company should carry auto liability on their rental trucks, workers’ compensation, and cargo coverage insurance. Any professional moving company in Denver should be licensed through the US Department of Transportation, DOT, and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

denver city mover
All of our movers are fully fledged employees and have years of moving experience!

Why Denver City Movers?

Ready to start your next adventure but just need to hire the best full-service moving company in Denver, CO?

Look no further than the crew at Denver City Movers. Our amazing movers have several years of experience providing relocation services to the people of Denver and the surrounding areas.

We are a full-service long-distance moving provider that is committed to making the entire moving process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Want to know more? Contact us today for a free quote and quality customer service!

Reviews of Denver City Movers

persona simon bI Needed to Move From Denver to San Francisco in a Few Weeks

“I got a great job in San Francisco, where the median income is ever higher than in Colorado. After contacting several moving companies in the area, a friend recommended Denver City Movers. The company’s interstate moving costs were very inexpensive, even less than working with local van lines. If you need to hire movers and live in the Denver area, do yourself a favor and call Denver City Movers!” – Simon B

persona renata mI Contacted Several Companies, and Denver City Movers Had the Best Price!

“After making several phone calls to local moving services, including International Van Lines, I called Denver City Movers. I have planned a few long-distance moves in the past, but the team made it so easy. I was able to move from Denver to Seattle without any stress. The moving truck arrived on time, and the team helped me reassemble all my furniture!” – Renata M

persona hank jOne of the Most Amazing Moving Companies in the Denver Area!

“Living by the Denver International Airport was the worst, and I knew I needed to move out of the area right away. I got quotes from several moving companies in Denver, but none of them could match the price and integrity of Denver City Movers. The company offers all the moving services I need, including packing. They are amazing professional movers who really care about their customers!” – Hank J

persona sunita wInterstate Moving Can be Exhausting

Cross-country moves are exhausting, frustrating, and downright awful. I contacted several long-distance moving companies in Colorado and even considered working with van lines, including International Van Lines, and taking on the move myself as a way to save cash. I contacted Denver City Movers, and the team was so friendly and courteous. They were able to work on my timeline, and I was able to move from Denver to Wyoming on time and under budget.” – Sunita W

persona mary mI Was Moving From Denver to Colorado City, AZ, and Needed Immediate Moving Services

“Of all the long-distance moves I have ever planned, the one from Denver to Colorado City was the most stressful. I have three kids and a new job, and I only had time to contact the best moving companies in Denver, including Denver City Movers and a few van lines. The team was great, and the price was even better.” – Mary M

persona sylvia hIf You Are Moving Anywhere in Colorado, Give This Company a Call!

“I contacted several moving companies in Denver, and a few van lines, as well. I had a unique situation because I needed to move from Denver to Wisconsin, but I only had three weeks to get everything packed and on the truck. I got a hold of Denver City Movers, and they came in with a great price quote. The crew was great, and I love my new life.” – Sylvia H

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