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No two office or commercial moves are alike, but whether you need to move a few pieces of office furniture or several high-end electronics, you want a positive moving experience and your business assets handled with great care.

The best local and long-distance movers that provide comprehensive commercial moving services, Denver City Movers has you covered.

Whether you are moving across the entire country or upgrading to a larger space across town, we have years of experience working with various commercial customers.

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The Large Corporations & Small Businesses of Denver, CO

Nestled perfectly among the picturesque Rocky Mountains, Denver, CO, is associated with spectacular views, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

You might be surprised to learn that Denver is undergoing an industrial renaissance.

The city’s downtown and business district are known for their economic diversity, and several industries are thriving in the city, from health and wellness to tourism and aerospace.

Located in Greenwood Village just southeast of Denver’s downtown, several established companies and promising startups are headquartered in the Denver Tech Center, including Western Union and Arrow Electronics.

In Colorado, around 248,000 people work in the tech industry, making up around 8.3% of the state’s workforce.

Another bustling hub in the heart of downtown Denver, the Central Business District, or CBD, is the home base of several small businesses.

If you are considering moving the Denver Tech Center or setting up shop downtown or in the CBD, you’re in luck.

The office vacancy rate in Denver, CO, was around 31.5% at the end of 2023, meaning there are plenty of properties to choose from.

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Premier Commercial Moving Services in Denver

As your go-to Denver Metro Area office movers and commercial moving services, we have assisted small businesses and massive companies in safely and quickly relocating office equipment and supplies for several years.

What sets us apart? It’s very simple! Our commitment to superior customer satisfaction.

Unmatched Office Movers for Your Next Business Move

Office moves are unique and very different from residential relocations for several reasons.

One of the most significant is the specialization required to expertly move heavy, cumbersome office equipment and handle high-tech electronics and confidential client files.

You need a company equipped with the right tools and supplies to do the job right.

Our team of efficient, highly trained movers has what it takes to plan and execute every aspect of your commercial move, from the initial free quote on all services to loading and unloading the truck with the utmost care.

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Secure and Seamless Office Furniture Relocation

Relocating office furniture poses a set of unique challenges, especially when compared to a residential move.

Office furniture, from desks to filing cabinets and chairs, is bulkier, and often, the large volume of furniture requires expertise and experience most commercial property owners lack.

You also want to minimize downtime, and moving your office and furniture will disrupt workflow, leading to a dip in productivity and a negative impact on your company’s bottom line.

Commercial movers can streamline this process by relocating your furniture and ensuring the move is completed as quickly as possible.

We come equipped with the materials necessary to protect your valuable furniture, minimize damage, and ensure your operation is up and running as soon as possible.

Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Commercial Moving Needs

Your business is unique, and you require the assistance of commercial movers who can create a tailor-made strategy to fit your needs and budget.

The movers near me, Denver City Movers, are masters at strategic planning and can help you create order out of the chaos, ensuring your office relocation is smooth and as stress-free as possible.

We offer cost-effective solutions to all Denver residents, from small businesses in Cherry Creek to massive companies in City Park.

Our certified professionals always provide the best service at a fair price, and we guarantee the safe handling of your office supplies, inventory, and equipment.

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Comprehensive Packing Services for Commercial Relocation

We provide thorough and careful packing services offered to all Denver-based businesses.

If you’ve ever moved residentially and hired professional movers and packers, you already understand the many benefits you gain from outsourcing the packing of your home.

We offer the same level of care and convenience to our commercial customers.

Our team of full-service movers will arrive at your door with all the necessary supplies to protect your furniture, electronics, and gadgets, from boxes and packing tape to furniture blankets and bubble wrap.

We have packing solutions to meet all your business moving needs.

Stress-Free Unpacking Services to Get You Operational Faster

You’ve made it through the packing and moving phase, but now you are faced with what is arguably the most challenging part of your commercial moving journey: unpacking.

There are several benefits to a professional unpacking service, including:

  • Save precious time: Efficiently emptying boxes saves you a lot of time and energy that can be put towards setting up your new office.
  • Organization is a breeze: Professional movers know how to unpack boxes in the most efficient, organized manner.
  • Avoid damage to fragile electronics: It is just as crucial for pros to unpack your electronics and expensive office equipment as it is for a qualified team to pack them up.

Flexible Moving Storage Options for a Business Move

It is common for you to experience a slight gap between the end of your last lease and the start of the new contract in your next rental property.

When this occurs, you need commercial movers that offer temporary or long-term storage.

Look for these key three qualities in a storage facility:

  • Climate-controlled units: Electronics can easily become damaged in hot temperatures. Always store gadgets, computers, printers, and other office equipment in a climate-controlled unit.
  • Extra security: Store your precious office supplies and furniture in a well-lit building with 24/7 security.
  • Cleanliness: Ask to tour a storage unit and inquire about the company’s pest control protocols.

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Why Choose Us for Your Denver Commercial Moving Partner

We know there are hundreds of commercial movers in the Denver Metro Area.

Still, unlike other moving companies, we take great pride in providing our commercial clients with unparalleled service at a fair price.

A professional moving company with ties to the community, we understand the struggles that Denver-based businesses face.

When you work with the team at Denver City Movers, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are working with the best of the best in the Colorado moving industry!

The Heart of Denver Business: Our Commercial Moving Commitment

The local Denver business community is the heart and soul of Colorado’s economy.

We offer the services necessary to ensure a seamless transition from your previous rental to your new office space.

Whether you are downsizing or moving to a larger facility to meet your growing demands, we have commercial moving solutions for every Denver-based business.

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Tailored Commercial Services for Every Denver Company

We offer an excellent range of services guaranteed to meet the needs of every Denver business, big or small, including comprehensive packing, unpacking, and storage services.

When you work with us, you can expect the following services:

  • A free quote based on a detailed inventory of your office.
  • Specialty packing and protection of all office equipment.
  • Disassembly and reassembly of all office furniture.
  • We provide all packing supplies and come equipped with various sizes of cardboard boxes.
  • We ensure your belongings will arrive safely at your new space.

Office Relocation Made Effortless in Denver

Moving offices can be overwhelming, whether moving to Colorado Springs or across the country.

You require an experienced partner who can guide you through the process and transport your valuable office equipment in a timely manner.

Our professional services and years of experience make us the perfect team to make your commercial move effortless.

Streamline Your Company Relocation with Our Expert Team

With any job, you want to work with a well-established, well-respected company with years of experience serving several satisfied customers.

Our team of expert movers and packers possess several outstanding qualities that can streamline your commercial relocation, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Adaptability
  • The proper licensing and insurance

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Get Started with Your Commercial Move Today

Your business is flourishing, and you are ready to start the next chapter in a new rental property.

Luckily for you, there are hundreds of offices in Denver for lease; all you need to do to start the journey is find the right office movers to facilitate the process.

Receive Your Free Quote for Commercial Moving Services

The path to a new office space starts with a free, no-obligation quote on all necessary moving services.

A representative will visit your office and take an inventory of your belongings.

The price structure for your office relocation depends on the distance to your new office space.

Local movers charge by the hour and work with customers moving within 50 miles of their current location.

If you are moving further away from Denver, you need long-distance commercial movers who charge based on the mileage and estimated weight of your office equipment, supplies, and furniture.

Contact Your Local Moving Company for a Customized Moving Plan

When you are ready, we recommend contacting local commercial moving services in Denver directly for a free quote.

The company will work with you to create a unique moving plan that always fits your budget and timeline and disrupts your company’s workflow as little as possible.

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Most Recent Office Moving Reviews in Denver, CO

personaExceptional customer service!

“I relocated my office space from Cherry Creek to Downtown. After contacting several office movers, including Denver Door to Door, a colleague recommended Denver City Movers. The service was excellent, and I am very pleased with their professionalism.”

personaThe best office movers in Denver!

“Denver City Movers are hands down the best commercial movers in Denver. I moved from Stout Street several miles downtown, and they provided great service. I would recommend this company to all my business associates.”

personaTop-rated Professional movers in Denver!

“A fantastic company with a great reputation. I am thrilled I trusted Denver City Movers with moving my small office across town and I was very pleased with the service I received. If I ever move again, they will be my first choice.”

personaThey made our business moving process a top priority!

“I wanted to work with a company that would prioritize my relocation, and Denver City Movers did just that. When I moved from RiNo to City Park, the crew was amazing, and the whole process was seamless.”

personaGreat job moving our Denver office!

“Denver City Movers did a wonderful job moving my Denver office space. Everything went off without a single hitch, and I was up and running again in a matter of days. If you want to work with the top professional moving team in Denver, call Denver City Movers!”

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What Businesses in Denver Also Ask

Can two guys move small offices?

Two trained moving company employees can move a small office space.

The moving company will determine, based on the space’s square footage and the office’s contents, whether you are moving to another state or moving to Boulder.

How do you pack office supplies?

If possible, pack printers, computers, and other electronics in their original packaging.

Otherwise, ensure you have the necessary packing supplies before you start the packing process.

Separate supplies into different categories and label each box to expedite unpacking.

certificate of insurance

Does a moving company provide a certificate of insurance?

Yes, a reputable, established moving company will provide a certificate of insurance, which proves the company carries the proper coverage to work in Colorado state legally.

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