How to Find the Best Place to Retire in Colorado

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Senior Friendly Living Throughout the Mile High City

Colorado is one of the country’s most beautiful places and dynamic states.

With year-round opportunities to explore the many landscapes, outdoor recreational activities, and the gorgeous community – retiring in Colorado gives you time to spend with those you love the most and the opportunity to venture out of your comfort zone, experiencing things you otherwise wouldn’t.

Growing up and living your life as a resident of the Mile High City, it is easy to become comfortable with the town you have spent so much time in – living, working, and playing.

But if you are looking for something that gives you a change of scenery while still providing all the comforts of home, look at what neighboring cities within the Denver Metro Area, foothills, and further up the hills can offer you in your long-awaited golden years!

fort collins co retire
Fort Collins CO is far enough away from the rush of Denver but not so far that you won’t still be able to visit.

Find Your Joy in Fort Collins

Considered a college town, the city of Fort Collins has developed a reputation for fun, wonder, and pure joy.

Colorado State University is one of the most prominent local attractions in the area, but once you toss out your working lifestyle and get to soak up the many amenities that the land offers residents and retirees.

Making the decision to retire in Colorado and all across the country is a significant decision.

Throughout the rest of your life, you have likely been committed to true grit, climbing the ladder, spending time with friends, family, etc.

When you discontinue your life’s work, you must choose to stay active while maintaining access to comfortable housing, relaxation, and the perfect place in the West to rest!

remote areas of coloradoDiscover All the Wonders of Rocky Mountain National Park

Fort Collins is located up in Northern Colorado and has an easygoing atmosphere.

One of the great things about Fort Collins is the tight-knit community and support system you can create with other retirees.

You will have continued access to Poudre Canyon, fantastic health care options, Poudre Valley Hospital, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

If you get sick of outdoor activities, the Fort Collins Senior Center is available to anyone over 50 with various services, group activities, theatre, and a wellness center!

It’s no wonder people have found retirement in Colorado; their home state is one of the best places to retire because you don’t have to go far to see beautiful scenery and a little R&R.

evergreen co retire
In Evergreen CO, you are right at the steps of the great outdoors, with everything nature has to offer

Explore the Peaceful Community of Evergreen

Evergreen is another excellent place to retire in Colorado if you are into outdoor recreation, horseback riding, hiking, biking, and running.

You will find miles of greenery for exploration, golf courses, and a quick ride to the city – Denver is only about 20 minutes away!

Evergreen is actually rated as one of the top 10 places for living and retiring in all of the country.

retirementLive Your Best in Those Retirement Years

Before you retire, there are a lot of ducks you may want to get in a row – from how you want to live your life, scheduling when you can spend time with your loved ones, housing, medical facilities, and budgeting for a fixed income.

Financial planning is vital for all retirees, whether you are in Colorado or otherwise, and Evergreen is a small town that allows residents to live their lives out loud while still offering affordable housing, rentals, and general necessities.

durango co retire
Durango CO, located in the southwest corner of Colorado, is a small town with a lot of activity happening

Journey Down to Durango

Moving further down into the mountains, we come across another college town – Durango, a relatively small-town feel providing large-city vibes.

According to the Census Bureau, Durano only has a population of about 20,000, so getting to know your neighbors is not a problem here!

Located in the Southwestern part of Colorado, it boasts a wonderful and sacred place for retirees looking to change their usual scenery outside the city.

colorado national monumentTake Your Whole Family to Colorado National Monument

Tourism fuels this town because it is almost always sunny, the skies will usually be crystal blue, and there are endless things to do.

Check out the Narrow Gauge Railroad, Mesa Verde National Park, and the infamous Colorado National Monument, or hit the slopes.

For a small town in the mountains, it still has a lively downtown area with coffee shops, fine dining, art galleries, bookstores, and breweries, and all of it is walkable.

And even though it is in a relatively remote location, there remains access to Mercy Regional Medical Center and an assortment of primary care physicians – it is no wonder retirees are flocking here so quickly!

pueblo co retirement
Pueblo CO is a budget-friendly haven and refreshing alternative to Colorado’s larger cities

Pueblo in Your Golden Years

Pueblo is a town known for its low cost of living and reasonable housing that has persistently remained below the national average – which says a lot when living in Colorado.

The state is senior-friendly to start, with sales and property taxes lower than the United States average – coupled with the accessibility that Pueblo provides residents and potential retirees, you just can’t beat it!

hikingHiking Trails, Trees & Endless Adventure in Lake Pueblo State Park

In Pueblo, Colorado, you will experience all four seasons: hot summers and mild winters with low precipitation levels.

According to AARP, it has been rated as one of the best places to retire because of its low cost of housing, diverse community, weekly events, the Arkansas River project, and outdoor recreation.

No matter where you go in this town, you will find something that meets your needs and expands your everyday reality with something exciting; whether you want to spend the day hiking, at the Colorado State Fair, or walking the mural project – there is a little slice of something for everyone in retirement or otherwise.

littleton co retirement
Golfing, shopping, and small town vibes, all without leaving Denver!

Building Legacy in Littleton, Colorado

Littleton is a charming city, technically a suburb of Denver but providing easy access to the downtown area, being in the central part of the metro area.

Littleton has long been a town with tremendous vibrancy.

The downtown has a plethora of fun shops, small business boutiques, restaurants, and other businesses right off the Platte River!

Retirement in Littleton is simple because you get the best of both worlds – you won’t be too far from the Rockies, but you are just as close to Denver.

communityBoasting Loads of Retirement Communities to Choose From

Littleton has loads of amenities for seniors, ten neighboring medical centers, a low tax burden for those on a fixed income, and a lower cost of living and housing compared to nearby cities.

There are multiple communities for retirees in the area that offer support for those requiring elderly moving assistance, assisted living, consistent medical care, or a community of like-minded individuals!

fishing in Estes park co
Never a dull fishing moment at Estes Park CO

The Wonders Estes Park Has to Offer

Estes Park is known as one of the wonders of Colorado.

There is just something so magical about living in the aspen trees after retirement.

While the city ranks higher in terms of cost of living according to the national average, you certainly get what you pay for.

emotional supportConsistently Rated as One of the Best Places to Retire in Colorado

Estes Park is a city unlike any other.

It has continually been rated as one of the best places to retire if you hope to stay active and maintain access to exciting amenities.

If you are looking for a quiet place with a high senior population – Estes will keep you mentally stimulated as the mountains feed your soul.

You can’t beat the sunsets, sunrises, or any time of day here – it is a city that people flock to because of its beauty, grace, and outdoor spaces!

Steamboat springs co
Steamboat Springs is a small town, with a generally older population

Steamboat Springs on Social Security Benefits

Steamboat Springs is a stunning town, but when you are on a fixed income, navigating living costs can be a little challenging.

The Steamboat Springs population only consists of about 13,000 people.

It is a small mountain city with nearly half of the population over the age of 45.

Moving in may cost a little extra, but you won’t regret your relocation choices once you arrive!

lakeBreathe in The Great Outdoors

Steamboat is in a remote area of Colorado, but it isn’t too difficult for furniture movers to get you there.

It offers the following amenities for those in retirement:

  • World-class skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and hiking!
  • Yampa Valley Medical Center.
  • Accessible public transit and walkability.
  • Extremely low crime rates.
  • Public library.
  • Downtown area with shops, restaurants, and bars.
  • Breathtaking views every day of the week!
grand junction co retirement
Like Steamboat Springs, Grand Junction CO offers a small town vibe that fits seniors comfortably. It’s also located on I-70 which runs straight to Denver

The Great Grand Junction

Grand Junction, Colorado, is within Mesa County – a place that allows residents access to one of the best places to retire, an escape from city life, a closely knit population, and significant tax breaks!

Retirees love Grand Junction because it offers accessibility for those at any income level, meager property and sales taxes, deductions available for anyone living on a retirement income, and all foods and medicines are exempt from taxation – we just can’t say enough about this little city!

parkSeniors Rule the Grand Junction Population

There is a little bit of everything you could ever need; perched on the Colorado River, this place offers an active lifestyle and promotes healthy living.

When you choose to retire, your health becomes a central focus of your everyday life if it wasn’t already.

Having access to an extensive trail network that runs through state parks, art galleries, and the symphony orchestra downtown and a charmingly affordable home – your golden years can’t get much better!

Enjoying life in Lone Tree CO is easy

Living in Lone Tree, You Will Never Be Alone

Lone Tree has been a popular part of the Denver suburbs for some years now – with easy access to Colorado Springs and hill country, it is a nice, soft place to land.

There is always something fun to do and new to experience – from the Lone Tree Performing Arts Center, try a visit at Schweiger Ranch, or shop until you can’t anymore at Park Meadows Mall.

It is a quiet place to settle with superior medical care, hospitals, and luxury living dedicated to retirement.

Lone Tree is located right in the middle of everything.

Its population continues to grow, and with new members joining the community every day, it is an easy place to make new friends and establish lifelong relationships that will continue to support you through your journey as a retiree in Colorado!

colorado springs retire
Colorado Springs CO features everything that Denver has to offer but on a more manageable scale

Colorful Colorado Springs

When you retire in Colorado, look at your options before landing in one city, which gives you complete control over your future.

Deciding when is the best time to move into a new apartment or home is not always so simple, but when heading towards the Springs, you are entitled to a new reality and way of living.

Colorado Springs is a little bit outside of the major metroplex, but it offers the retirement population with all of the following benefits:

  • With mild climate levels and all four seasons, it stays dry for the most part, but it will never get too hot or too frigid.
  • Access to the most beautiful outdoor recreation opportunities: Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, RMNP, Mesa Verde, etc.
  • If you are sick of driving, it’s not a problem! The public transit system is extensive and easy to navigate.
  • Senior living facilities, independent living options, and many resources are available for retirees who require rides to appointments, meals, or other connections.
  • Affordable living, accessible housing, and tax relief!
  • Fantastic restaurants, breweries, local coffee shops, and festivities in downtown Colorado Springs.
retirement community colorado
Whether you’re moving to a new home or a retirement community, Denver City Movers has your relocation covered!

Found Your Favorite Senior Living Communities?

Living in Colorado is a blessing, but if you hope to find a town that offers something different than where you are currently, securing reputable moving companies for seniors and retirees is your next step.

From Cañon City and across the Mile High State, numerous options exist for accessible, affordable, and active living after you retire.

So what are you waiting for?

moversContact Professional Movers in the Centennial State

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Denver City Movers are honest, transparent, and fully dedicated to offering sustainable moving solutions for clients of all ages and all chapters in their lives.

If you are ready to move onto the next chapter of yours, start your retirement off right, and contact our moving experts for a free quote on your relocation journey today!

moving faq
Some of our more frequent questions are answered below. Let us know if you’re still unclear about anything and we’ll be happy to discuss!

Common Questions About Retiring in the Rocky Mountains

Is Colorado a retirement-friendly state?

Colorado is and always will remain a state that is retirement-friendly.

In places like Woodland Park and Montrose, the population has continued to grow with seniors and retirees in Colorado alongside other cities like Golden, CO, Springs, and Pueblo.

There are loads of options available: ethereal landscapes, extraordinary healthcare, tax breaks, and genuine communities that offer support during any kind of transition in your life.

What is the most affordable city in Colorado to retire?

Cañon City and Grand Junction are rated as some of the most affordable places for retirees according to their low housing costs and utilities, easy taxes, and even transportation.

Both cities have discontinued the taxation of food and medicine, making the necessities significantly lower in price and pulling the burden from those who have retired within their communities!

What is the typical cost of senior living?

There are different levels of senior living available in Colorado, some of which Medicare will cover. However, knowing the details is essential if you are looking to foot the bill yourself.

The average cost of these facilities is typically about $4,500 to $5,000 per month; these numbers can change depending on the required care type.

What are the disadvantages of retiring in Colorado?

Colorado residents find it difficult to leave for out-of-state communities because of all the beauty and wonder.

The one downside to retiring here is likely the housing costs, which remain higher than the national average, but if you plan accordingly or head to one of the cities we recognized, you will find your next home within your home state!

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