How Much Will it Cost On Average to Move Cross Country?

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People are moving out of Denver, CO, in droves. While some are making their exit due to the continual rise in the cost of living, others are leaping to discover new places, and a few are moving to forsake the bigger picture in their lives. Long-distance moving is incredibly stressful and always involves a significant life change – new life, death, new job, loss of a job, career change, a family member in need, or simply the want for something different, something new.

When preparing for a long-distance move, there are also many moving parts to consider. You must prep your home or apartment, pack up, and make changes to your bank, school, childcare, etc. Beyond all the logistics, there are more significant life concerns to worry about – making adjustments, fitting into a new community, and developing new relationships and friends. Moving is one of the most stressful scenarios in a person’s life. Moving companies and full-service movers across the United States are available to make the situation seamless and serene. Doing it yourself, you have to worry about utilizing a rental truck, purchasing packing supplies, and doing the heavy lifting for long-distance moves – moving cross country can be challenging.

Paying for moving expenses is another factor people get worked up about. Following a nationwide pandemic and a current recession, it is a good reason to be unnerved. Traveling to a new place across the country and attempting to implant roots is one thing – paying for everything that comes along with it is something else entirely. Understanding the preparation, costs, and additional services that come with moving cross country is crucial in proper preparation for your long-distance move. Denver City Movers are professional movers with reasonable prices and superior customer service. We are ready to help you save money, time, and worry by making your long-distance move simple and stress-free!

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Making a Cross-Country Move with Denver City Movers

Once you begin the process of moving cross country, you also have to approach the process of booking your move. If you are considering the option of a rental truck, you will still need to plan and book through an assortment of truck rental companies to ensure you have a vehicle for the trip. If you are contemplating a portable moving container, you still need to book that in advance and understand the pros and cons of each option.

When booking through Denver City Movers – there is no need to fret; all the details are taken care of! The five-star moving company can complete any local move, long-distance move, and a trip across the country. The distance doesn’t matter – they go the extra mile to make things easy for their customers. The booking process lets you get to know the moving companies you are considering and better understand all moving expenses. Think of it as an interview process for the businesses you have considered. It is vital to ask the tough questions and to iron out any specialty situations and additional services required for the move.

Booking Your Move Across the Country

The booking process begins with your personal sales representative. This rep will act as your guide and assistant through the estimate and booking process. They will remain available throughout the move if any questions or concerns arise. Your cross-country move is the moving company’s priority, and the booking process is crucial to creating a smooth moving processCross-country movers work in unfaltering ways. When you are hiring movers, you are gaining a team of powerful, hardworking, reliable people to assist you with your every moving need. Your sales rep will review all the details as they generate your estimate and move inventory for your belongings.

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Moving Across the Country? Pick Denver City Movers for Your Long-Distance Move!

Free Quotes

An upcoming move is coupled with a free moving quote which acts as your customized moving cost calculator! Full-service moving companies should be able to provide you with the average cost of your move, and the quote will itemize the details. Finding the cheapest way to complete a cross-country move is only sometimes the best or most practical decision. The term “you get what you pay for” bears weight when dealing with your personal belongings and precious keepsakes. Hiring full-service movers mean – having protection and security for your household goods.

While your free quote doesn’t detail everything that comes with your move, some things can be safely assumed rather than itemized on an invoice. Your estimate is meant to assist customers in understanding why fuel costs, packing supplies, and add-on services are inventoried on their bills. This also provides the customer to make the necessary changes and compare quotes with other long-distance moving companies.

In-Home Estimate Vs. Over-the-Phone Estimate

There are two general ways of calculating costs when moving cross country – in-home visits or phone calls. Both options can be equally thorough and beneficial, but it is solely about what works best for the client. Life is hectic when preparing to move across the country. Sales reps and all long-distance moving companies must have the resources to understand the importance of time. Time is precious; it is the one thing none of us can get back after the moment has passed. The client’s time has precedence over anything else. Therefore, if a phone call is more manageable than an in-home estimate, that can be scheduled. The option to complete a video call is offered as well.

in-home walkthrough

In-Home Walkthrough

An in-home walkthrough is when a cross-country moving company sends a sales rep to inventory everything on site. Your agent will schedule this with you over the phone and then physically come out to your pick-up location to complete the walkthrough. The client is a crucial part of this visit. If some things are staying and other items are going – that has to be verified for the inventory to be accurate. To calculate the total cost of your move, your estimate is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Your sales rep will inventory items to estimate the total volume or weight transported in the moving truck. They will also review any details regarding the delivery location to ensure they know the distance traveled, any specifics on the delivery site, and necessary packing supplies. All of this is compiled together to complete the quote, which estimates the total cost of your long-distance move.

Over-the-Phone Quotes

Estimates can also be completed over the phone or via video calls. If you are completing the consultation over the phone, it is essential for the client to review every little detail and item they are planning on loading up on the moving truck. This provides the full-service movers an idea of what to expect on a moving date, and it also reserves you space on the moving truck. When you complete your household inventory over the phone, you will want to review everything with the sales rep so they can ensure a more accurate quote for the total cost of your move.

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What is a Long Distance Move?

A long-distance move is categorized as a move over 100 miles. This can be something that stays within state lines. A cross-country move is a relocation across the country and over state lines. When you are making a trip across the country, there is a lot of preparation and attentiveness involved. Harnessing the power of professional movers with Denver City Movers uncomplicates things. It allows the client to focus on the more extensive details relative to their new life and the next chapter of it. Moving companies across the United States are in the business of making moves and transporting goods from one point of the country to another. Full-service movers are in the business of transportation, security, service, and dependability. The white glove service and VIP treatment can be expected with Denver City Movers as they are unlike other long-distance moving companies. DCM will prep you for cross-country moving, carefully pack and transport your belongings and deliver in a timely manner – storage solutions are also provided.

Professional Movers and Moving Supplies

Professional movers present themselves in a way that is always helpful to the customer. They can surpass client expectations on the moving date and will maintain a sense of integrity and respect throughout the moving process. Professional movers will also adhere to the small details that make every cross-country move successful. They are responsible for the labor, packingmoving supplies, and relocation. Hiring professional movers makes everything about a move across the country easier. You can explore the options of a portable moving container, freight trailer, or truck rental, but you still acquire moving costs without labor benefits in both instances. Traveling long distances is exhausting enough – couple that with having to offload and physically move, and you will unlock a whole new level of fatigue.

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What is a Local Move?

local move stays within state lines and is under 100 miles. This typically costs much less than a cross-country move, but that is only sometimes the case – it depends on what you are bringing with you. Denver City Movers is committed to excellence with long-distance and local moves. As full-service movers in Denver, clients are offered reasonable moving costs to save money and unparalleled moving services to save time with local movers. If you have a few items and aren’t going too far, it can be beneficial to research truck rental costs and see if that is an option that suits you and your family. Truck rentals are a popular option for local moves (typically apartment moves) as it is easy to stop by your local Uhaul and use a rental truck for the day. Moving from a condo into a large house makes things more complicated. Cost factors into this significantly, but so do time and convenience. Utilizing truck rentals can be

Local Moving Charges

Local moving charges are calculated differently by individual local moving companies. Moving services can quickly become costly in cross-country moving and local moves alike. A reliable full-service moving company will do its best to provide an affordable rate while integrating fuel costs and labor.

The average cost of a local move for a one-bedroom apartment is $790-$1,180.

The average cost of a local move for a two-bedroom apartment is approximately $985-1,375.

For Denver City Movers, the average cost depends on the length of the move as moving costs are calculated by: an hourly rate, fuel costs for the moving truck, and any add-on services discussed upon booking.

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How to Locate a Moving Company

Locating the right moving service for you is the most pressing matter for your cross-country move – worrying about the long-distance moving costs, finding your nearest local grocery stores, and setting up home internet comes later. While you may still be planning a garage sale to get rid of things you don’t want to bring with you, it is more important to understand the type of moving company you want to complete your cross-country move. Moving is an industry regulated by the federal Department of Transportation as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, so on the most basic level – you can simply do a google search, or you can go to the agencies that oversee the industry as a whole for reliable reviews. Denver City Movers is a moving company licensed under the guidelines of the DOT and FMCSA. Our company is insured to provide customers with excellent safety and care. When it comes to quality relocation solutions, Denver City Movers provides:

  • Quality Customer Service
  • Excellent Sales Representatives
  • Diligent Dispatch Team
  • Experienced Drivers
  • Professional Movers

DIY move truck rental problems

Should I Consider A Truck Rental?

If you are trying to avoid hiring movers, you may be considering a rental truck for your move. A rental truck can be used for local and long-distance moves; however, you will want to prepare accordingly with your moving supplies. Some truck rental companies have materials available for purchase. If you are considering renting a truck – you need to consider the fact you will need to designate your own helpers for the physical labor and packing.

What Do Truck Rental Companies Charge?

Rental truck companies supply the truck rental alone. There are various companies in every state to provide these services. By renting, you establish your own moving truck and are the mover of your belongings. You foot the bill for all fuel and gas prices and any maintenance required while driving the truck.

  • For a local move, a rental truck costs approximately $130 to $200 per day. This does not include gas prices and insurance.
  • Cross-country moving costs with a rental truck are, on average, $1,500-$6,500. Again, the renter is responsible for fuel costs and additional needs.

Brokers Versus Carriers

Be aware of the moving company you are booking with. There are full-service movers, and there are also broker companies. Cross-country moves are all regulated by the FMCSA; they create all guidelines and regulations that every moving company has to follow.

Storytime: Rufus was moving from Denver to Dallas, TX. He did what the majority of anyone in modern society would and began googling “moving companies for cross-country moves.” After going through a few different cross-country movers and their company’s websites – he made a call and set up his consultation. The company promised him a much lower cost than expected, and when the move date came and the movers arrived at his pick-up location – they had a moving container, they were with a different company, and the price was more than doubled. When he tried to follow up with his sales agent, it was as if the man had never existed. The move was a nightmare and something different than he expected. Rufus booked with a broker.

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Broker Companies

Moving brokers are not responsible for cross-country moving services. They are incapable of transporting your household goods. It is a broker’s job to connect their clients to a full-service moving company. They present themselves as a moving company but need help getting you cross country – or any distance. None of their staff is eligible or licensed to operate a moving truck. They are notorious for collecting very high deposits (between 20%-30% of the cost) and presenting the move at a meager cost, so the customer is in for a surprise when the cost to move cross country becomes something outside their budget. Not all broker companies conduct business this way, but it is vital to be weary of who you are signing your estimate with.

Professional Moving Companies

professional moving company approaches moving proactively. Long-distance moves and traveling across the country come with many unexpected twists and turns if your moving truck encounters mechanical problems, extreme weather, specific rules and regulations at a client’s new gated community, etc. Moving companies can act as carriers under contract with broker companies. In the end, if you want to save money, be intentional about who you spend your money with before loading your belongings onto a moving truck and letting someone you don’t know to drive across the country. Always be sure to check the DOT number and be informed before your move cross country.

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Moving Cross Country in 2023

There are so many options for long-distance moves in today’s day and age. You can DIY and rent a moving truck or utilize a freight trailer agency or moving container shipper – but nothing surpasses hiring full-service movers from a reliable moving company. Denver City Movers has over a decade of experience in the moving industry, and we understand our clientele. Everyone has to move; whether cross-country moves, locallong-distance, international, or commercial – Denver City Movers has empathy and the kind of moving services you can truly rely on!

Packing & Packing Supplies

Packing is an expense that can be included in your cost to move cross country. This is one of the most significant cost factors for any long-distance moving service.

  • The average cost of packing for a move across the country ranges from $700-$4,800.

Denver City Movers packing services offer the ability for the customer to have autonomy. There are different packing solutions provided:

  • Full Packing Services – the movers complete all the packing at pick-up. This includes the disassembly and reassembly of all belongings. The full pack price is designated according to the total volume of the move and the required moving supplies.
  • Partial Packing Services – some items are packed by the movers. This can be designated by the client and determined with the sales rep upon booking. This also includes the disassembly and reassembly of furniture.
  • Specialty Packing Services – custom and soft crating of bulky or specialty items. Set up of the item can be completed at delivery if required.

packing materialsPacking Materials

There is an assortment of materials used for packing supplies. These items all have a designated price for the material and labor and will contribute to the total cost of your move across the country. The following packing materials are offered:

  • Cardboard boxes (Large, Medium & Small)
  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Dish Pack
  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Mattress Covers
  • Packing Tape
  • Moving Blankets

Storage Solutions & Storage Unit

While the cost to move across state lines may not be something we all budget for, using a moving company you can trust supplies a safety net to fall back on. When the unexpected occurs, you must have a moving company you can depend on. Storage can be required for several reasons – your home fell through, you still need to locate a house to buy or an apartment to rent, etc. Storage solutions are offered, which are an additional expense for a move cross country.

Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Options

If you require storage for your household belongings, it will be included with your cross-country moving cost.

So, how much does it cost to actually store items with your moving company?

The general cost of a storage unit is approximately $210-$950.

  • Long-Term Storage – utilizing storage long-term is an option during your move cross country. Pricing can vary according to the moving company, stay duration, and storage volume.
  • Short-Term Storage – short-term options are also available, allowing the terms and pro-rated payment options to be flexible.

moving and storage solutionsStorage Warehouse

If you are planning to store during your move cross country, it is vital to confirm your belongings will be held in a secure space. Denver City Movers offers long-term and short-term storage options alongside a warehouse for your belongings that includes:

  • Temperature Controlled Warehouse
  • State-of-the-art Security System & Cameras
  • Individual Storage Space
  • Vaulted Storage
  • Pro-rated Storage Options

The Moving Truck

The trucks that get you where you are going are always on the road. Every day we drive by semi-transported goods or household items on the journey to their next stop. The drivers behind the wheel do a tough job. They are always in the truck – far away from their family and friends. Too often, we take for granted how simple things are, yet even still; sometimes they become complicated. Driving is something you have to train for. You need experience on the road to get your regular vehicle permit. The training and experience required for licensing to drive a full-size semi takes a serious set of skills that not everyone can commit to. The moving trucks also need a set of standards and regulations that each state regulates separately, and again; the DOT regulates too.

moving containers and trucksMoving Containers & Freight Trailer

Moving via freight trailer or a moving container are additional options for a long-distance move. Moving across the U.S. can sometimes become overwhelming, so evaluating your options allows you to see the cheapest way to travel.

How much does it cost to move using a moving container?

A moving container is typically filled up by the person moving and then left for pick up and is most beneficial in smaller moves. The average cost to move via moving container is about $2,500-$5,800.

The price is calculated differently depending on the company and how they bill.

Full-Size Semi Truck

Full-service movers make use of a full-size semi for transportation long distances. The cost of transportation is calculated into your price to move across the country. This can consist of the following:

  • Environmental Handling Fees
  • Origin Destination Fees
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Wait Time
  • Labor
  • Second Stop Fees


cross country move costCross-Country Moving Costs

Moving out of state is a big deal and can be pretty intimidating. Going to a new place where you don’t know the town, people, or locations can make you feel like a fish floundering out of water. There is also so much beauty in discovering a new space and forming new relationships – it is an adventure and a new chapter in life, but there is a price to pay in getting there. Many people have begun moving themselves to avoid the expense of working with a moving company. People are looking for the cheapest way to get to their new homes and want to avoid any additional charges. Times are challenging in America now – people are struggling, and Denver City Movers understands that. That is why affordable moving solutions are supplied to every customer, and when the movers arrive, you won’t regret it.

How much does it cost to make a move across the country?

The approximate cost of a long-distance move is $2,000 to $18,000. Many moving parts affect the total cost of your move. Cross-country moving costs can vary greatly depending on a few essential factors:

  1. Volume and Weight – the size of your move and how much you plan to bring. Pro Tip: One of the cheapest ways to move is to have a garage sale, sell all of your furniture and then buy new furniture when you arrive at your new home!
  2. Distance – the distance traveled impacts the cost of moving cross country. The farther you go, the higher the fuel costs, fees, etc.
  3. Scheduling – the time of year impacts the cost of your move. Spring and summer are the busy seasons, and prices are slightly higher than in fall and winter. Expedited fees can also be applied if you need the move date pushed up, and change fees if the move date is pushed back.
  4. Additional Services – add-ons affect the total cost of your moving service. All the packing, stairs, elevator, and second stop at delivery – are all examples of additional services that may be required as fees on your final invoice.

moving cost calculatorWhat are the average moving expenses?

The moving cost calculator leans on the factors discussed above. Long-distance moving costs can vary according to where you are moving, how much you bring with you, and any special services required. The typical moving costs include:

  • Volume or Weight Charges (The line haul)
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Handling Fees
  • Binding Estimate Fees
  • Packing Costs
  • Stairs/Elevator
  • Long Carry Charges
  • Shuttle Fees (If the location is not accessible to a full-size semi)
  • Storage Costs
  • Bulky Items
  • Additional Stop Charges
  • Moving Insurance
  • Specialty Services

How much does it cost for a DIY move?

If you are still planning on doing it yourself, you must plan accordingly. There are still costs associated with every aspect of your move.

  • You will need to plan for packing supplies.
  • You will need to schedule a rental truck.
  • The rental truck requires insurance and fuel charges.
  • You will need to plan for public storage if that is required for your move.
  • You will need to plan for cleaning fees or any costs associated with moving out.
  • You will not have moving insurance, so if anything gets damaged or lost, the replacement costs are out of your pocket.

Things add up regardless of how you spin them. The average cost to do it yourself still comes to $1,500-$6,500.

weight or volumeWeight Versus Cubic Feet

Moving companies approach the cost of moving differently. Some companies utilize weight to calculate the total cost and impose a rate per pound accordingly, and others use the volume x rate per CF. Either way, these charges establish the line haul charges. These charges set up the entire bill for your move and stand as the most considerable charge affecting the total cost of your cross-country move.

Distance Affects the Average Cost of a Long-Distance Move

The rate per CF or LB is established at booking, and once the estimate is signed, the rate will not change – although the volume or total weight can change once the items are weighed at a weigh station or a crew reviews and confirms the final volume loaded on the truck. The total distance traveled affects the final total of the fuel surcharge, which is a factor in securing the rate for your move. A move from coast to coast will cost more than a move from Colorado to New Mexico or Arizona.

service elevator

moving servicesAdd On Services

Additional services are often required for a cross-country move, but all those charges should be reviewed and determined upon booking with applicable. Many options are available to customize your move according to your pick-up and delivery location. Sometimes is necessary because of barriers or additional needs at a site. This will affect your cross-country moving cost.

Long Carry

A long carry can be required if the carry length – from the truck to the entrance of the delivery location – is longer than what the contract confirms as included with your move. Denver City Movers carry up to 75 feet before additional charges are incurred. This can be reviewed with your sales rep in advance and determined if needed. It will affect the total cost to move cross country.

Stairs & Elevator

Stairs and elevator fees are imposed if required at the pick-up or delivery location. Typically an elevator fee is one flat rate charge as stated on the signed contract. Stair fees are incurred if the number of stairs outside the home or apartment exceeds what is included with your move. These fees are discussed and determined upon booking.


A shuttle is used when a full-size semi cannot legally park or access your delivery location. Each moving company provides different pricing levels per the size of the move – weight or volume. There are also additional options to avoid the shuttle fee provided, which can be discussed with the customer service team.

no hidden feesHidden Fees

Moving cross country means venturing into unknown territory. There are so many moving parts to long-distance moves and moving costs. The last thing clients need to deal with is hidden fees, and that is why we suggest reviewing and reading your contract carefully. You should always read any document you are signing; a contract with a moving company is no different. Denver City Movers has no hidden fees and vows to provide all the details about the cost to move cross country upfront. This allows customers to be aware of any additional fees that may apply and why there is a need for such services.

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Denver Full Service Moving Company

Denver City Movers provides moving made easy. Things should be simple, and cross-country costs shouldn’t overcome clientele. Understanding your moving charges, moving options, and the actual moving process is critical. That is why a customer service and dispatch team are always available to answer any questions or concerns.

moving date iconWhat Should I Expect on the Moving Date?

So – the moving day has arrived, and you feel unprepared or as if you need to remember something? Don’t worry…Denver City Movers has everything taken care of! If you are completing your packing, you can finish up any last-minute packing that needs to be done. The movers arrive early if possible and always on time; they will assess all the items being loaded and complete the paperwork required. They will review the total cost to move cross country and you can assess the cheapest way to make the move. Once all paperwork is reviewed and signed, the movers will complete any packing, disassemble furniture and load it up on the truck!

Hiring Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers makes your long-distance move easy and makes the cost of moving cross-country worth it! Denver City Movers are experienced, professionals. It is their job to complete your hard work, making the moving day a breeze.

How should I prepare for a move across the country?

  1. Research and interview moving companies.
  2. Set your budget.
  3. Organize your space and get rid of items you don’t need.
  4. Determine if you are packing or using the moving company to pack – prepare with packing materials.
  5. Set aside your essentials and your everyday needs for the journey to your new home.
  6. Drink lots of water and practice self-care!

Understanding Your Moving Costs

Preparing for a move seems overwhelming but can be made easy with a good checklist and the right moving company. Be sure to create your budget in advance so that when you review different companies for a long-distance move, you enter the relationship with boundaries and a guideline for the moving services.

cross country move informationWhat items are forbidden in a move cross country?

It would be nice to have someone come through with a giant tractor, pick up your home, and deliver it to your new location – but that is different from how things work. There are certain items on the “do not pack” list –

  • Guns & Ammunition or Weapons
  • Medications, Controlled & Illicit Substances
  • Liquids of any kind -Gasoline, Cleaning Products, etc.
  • Fireworks
  • Oxygen Bottles
  • Propane Tanks
  • Foods
  • Plants
  • Pets

DOT Regulations

Moving companies are not the enemy here; there are simply certain items the Department of Transportation does not allow during a relocation cross country. Some things are hazardous and even explosive, and others are entirely illegal. Regardless of the reason, the DOT says no!

What if something is lost or damaged?

Denver City Movers do their diligence to keep everyone’s property safe during transport, but sometimes accidents happen. If an item is lost or damaged, moving insurance is required for all moving companies to carry as protection for their clients. An accident shouldn’t be an additional expense to customers!

moving claimsClaims Process

Moving insurance is regulated by the FMCSA, and all moving companies must offer limited liability coverage to their customers and the offer to purchase full value protection. Limited liability is a coverage included with your move without any out-of-pocket cost. Full value protection requires the customer to acquire coverage and full pack service. When moving across the country, customers can purchase third-party insurance or explore what their current renters’ or homeowners’ insurance will cover.

What happens if I need to cancel my long-distance movers?

Sometimes you plan to move, and in the final hours, you decide the job offer wasn’t for you or the house you were buying fell through – the list of reasons for cancellations is endless. You can cancel your move at any time unless the items are in transit, and even then, you have options for redelivery or pick up. If you need to cancel your move for any reason, simply call your moving company and let them know that you would like to cancel the moving services. Every moving company has different policies on cancellations, so be sure to review your estimate and contact or ask your sales rep about those procedures during your booking process.

Deposit Refunds

If you need to cancel your move, the next question you may ask is – can my deposit be refunded? The answer to your questions is yes, but stipulations exist. Deposits are used as a form of reservation for your move date, and the moving company to ensure they have that date and time scheduled and space available on the moving truck. Your deposit is processed as a form of monetary agreement and, in other cases, cannot be refunded. The DOT regulates general guidelines around deposit refunds and has recently passed new regulations. You have three days from the day you sign your Bill of Lading estimate to make a cancellation. Unfortunately, you will not receive your deposit back if you cancel anytime after that.

packing self

save moneySave Money With a Long Distance Move

With all the monthly, weekly, and daily expenses that are fundamental for the bare necessities – things add up quickly. Budgeting in moving expenses to the roster of pre-existing bills can be incredibly arduous. Saving money and how to cut costs are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It is natural to be stressed about money; most Coloradans are too. Booking with Denver City Movers, there are tips and tricks to help you save money while having an effortless move.

Pack Yourself

Packing yourself is the cheapest way to go if you are trying to cut down your cross-country moving cost. Packing costs can add a hefty fee to your bill. It is one of the most tedious parts of moving, and although having the movers pack for you is an enticing idea – it may be challenging for your wallet. It is just another itemized charge you can remove from your final invoice by completing the work yourself. You will also better know where everything is when you unpack.

packing in recycled boxesRecycle Boxes

You can get free boxes from your local retailers or grocery stores. This is a way to reuse items and then lend the cardboard boxes to a friend or allow your child to make a fort in the living room! Free moving supplies are challenging to come by, and you would be surprised how expensive those boxes can be – to order a set of generic moving boxes and some bubble wrap and packing paper from Home Depot, or Lowes is approximately $50-$300!

Organize, Filter, Declutter

Understanding how much you are planning on transporting across the country will help you budget better and provide more space in your new place – another excuse for shopping! Organizing and filtering through your items will provide a more solid idea of how much space you will take up on the moving truck. The more accurate your estimate is, the better the move date will go. Decluttering and getting rid of things you don’t need, don’t use, or don’t wear – will decrease your move’s total volume or weight. It also may provide someone else with a whole new wardrobe…

Get Rid of Bulky Items

Large bulky items are difficult to move and often require specialized packing and equipment to be moved. Due to this fact, another charge will be incurred on your bill. If you have a piano sitting around as decoration for years and have never been played, sell it. If you have an empty safe you are keeping around for the day you finally need it, get rid of it. Bulky items will just add bulk to your estimate, so what is the use in paying for something you don’t need?

slow season moving costMove During Slow Season

If you can choose when to make your move cross country – move during the slow season. Just as the price of gas and apartments go up during the summer, so does the cost of moving. Instead of rushing into a new environment and a big life change, take things slow and be patient. Choose to move in the fall or winter months to save a little coin.

Summers Are Hot and Expensive

Everyone loves summertime, and Colorado flourishes in the summer months. It is also hot, and moving is expensive. The price of everything goes up in the summer – including the cost of long-distance moving. It is more difficult to schedule, and is hot outside, making things somewhat uncomfortable. If you have the option, opt out of a summer move and save yourself the higher rates per cubic foot.

moving insurance costReview Renters & Homeowners Insurance

All moving companies must carry basic coverage as regulated by the FMCSA, but it is always advised to purchase additional coverage to protect your household belongings. Check out what your current homeowners or renters insurance has to offer. You are already footing the bill; you might as well take advantage of it!

Third-Party Insurance

Third-party insurance companies are also available to cover your items. If that is the route you take, analyze all your options before locking one into place. There are so many options, and taking the time to understand what is best for you is important. You and your budget will pay off in the long run.

best cross country moversDo Your Research

When searching for cross-country moving companies doing your research is very important. You want to bypass ending up in a contract with a broker company only to be passed along to a legitimate full-service movers and have your move balance change. Take the time to research every company and utilize the DOT and FMCSA websites to look up their license information to verify their business background and experience.

Read Reviews and Read Your Paperwork

Be an informed consumer. The more knowledge you are equipped with, the better off your moving experience and bank account. Do your due diligence to gain an understanding and personal perspective for every company you consider before sitting down and providing your John Hancock. Read reviews from previous customers and consider their experience before making a decision. When you make that choice, read your paperwork carefully before agreeing to a price and ask questions about anything you are uncertain about. Booking your move with a reputable and reliable company will save you money and time and provide you with peace of mind.

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long distance movers coloradoElite Long Distance Movers

While there may be better ways to move cross country, full-service moving companies provide a moving experience that is more than you could have ever dreamed of. Denver City Movers is proud to offer our customers a stress-free, well-rounded experience, and we hope to move you soon!

Getting Your Free Quote with Denver City Movers

The best way to find out the average cost for your move is to get your free estimate with Denver City Movers! Denver City sales reps will provide a detailed and itemized quote tailored to your budgeting needs. If you are stepping into the world of cross-country or long-distance moving, working with a company with your best interest in mind is imperative. As Colorado’s best, family-owned, locally operated business – we are one mile high above the rest. Give us a call at (303) 848-8499 to schedule your free quote with Denver City Movers. We are eager to hear from you!


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