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long distance moving faqsMoving cross country comes with numerous responsibilities, long to-do lists, and decisions to make. Regardless of why you are searching for a moving company, it is essential to ask the important questions. Denver residents know that Colorado is beautiful, and leaving is undoubtedly difficult. Still, if you are moving across state lines – Denver City Movers can assist with seamless and stress-free relocation services.
By asking questions, you set yourself up to gain perspective and understanding. When approaching a long-distance move or any moving company in Denver – asking questions is a crucial part of making decisions. There are many moving pieces to local moving companies and long-distance movers, and acquiring knowledge of the process and what the company offers before booking will ensure smooth sailing.

long distance moving denverDenver City Movers knows that the Denver area is a hard place to let go of, but if you are making a long-distance move, our cross-country movers are skilled, licensed professionals. They have been vigorously trained and attained significant experience over their years of moving. Our moving services are meant to provide clients with a smooth transition as they undergo a tremendous change in their lives.

Change is a constant for everyone. Long-distance moving brings a ton of changes, and this can be interesting to cope with – each person handles stress differently. Denver City Movers wants to remove those difficulties from your shoulders. Our long-distance movers can carry the load.

We have answers to any questions you may have, and if there is something not listed here, you can visit us at Denver City Movers in Denver, CO, or call us at (303) 848-8499!

moving company customer service

in home estimate iconWill an In-Home Estimate Be Provided?

Denver City Movers provides a free moving quote and in-home estimate for all our customers! Long-distance moving companies should offer free estimates or a video call to compose an accurate and realistic estimate. Our local movers in Denver provide an in-home estimate as well. It prepares our long-distance movers and allows the customer to better prepare for their long-distance move.

Our cross-country sales representatives can schedule a time to visit your home and review an inventory of items you will be packing and moving. This detailed process takes teamwork between yourself and your sales rep. They will assist you with questions about the actual moving process, details on all charges, and delivery information.

compare moving quotes iconThis allows the customer to compare quotes between different long-distance moving companies and evaluate the pros and cons – confirming a long-distance mover isn’t as simple as it may seem. The more proactive you are, the better experience you can expect – reading online reviews about moving companies in Denver doesn’t hurt either.

Your in-home estimate is crucial in determining what you will and will not take with you. Denver moving companies should always review details about the moving services, moving trucks, and federal regulations upon booking. Your rep will walk you through every step of your long-distance move. We are there to provide assistance to our customers and answer any questions.

We also have a fabulous customer service team available through the moving process – to continue to be of assistance as you are in transit. Our long-distance movers and a team of professionals in Denver, CO, act as a compass through the move – we are here to guide you through the journey!

get a free moving quoteFree Moving Quotes

A quote comprises the itemized list of charges for a move and an inventory of items you plan on moving. A long-distance move will differ significantly from a local move as the distance movers have to travel and the time that is used varies. That does not mean that a move out of state will always cost more than local moving services.

Our local movers in Denver, CO, predetermine an hourly rate and distance traveled. Our long-distance movers work according to the total volume of the job and, again, the total distance that needs to be traveled. Long-distance moving companies in Denver typically provide a free moving quote, and that is your chance to compare prices and come to a better understanding of your needs. If your long-distance mover does not offer an outline of charges before the move date – that is an excellent way to rule them out immediately.

local and long distance moveDenver City Movers can complete a local move, interstate move, or commercial move while also providing storage services if required. All of this information will be reviewed in detail with your sales representative to determine the itemized charges that can be incurred. Free estimates also help determine how many movers are needed at pick up and delivery!

As you are approaching the booking process, that is a good time to ask any questions and provide all the information about your delivery requirements. Our cross-country movers can be of assistance as well! Our licensed drivers and crews will review the prices on your bill before loading anything on the moving truck.

over the phone quote

ask a moverIs an In-Home Estimate Better than an Estimate Completed Over-the-Phone?

Denver City Movers is homegrown in Denver, CO, and offers a free moving estimate that can be completed in-home or over the phone. Free estimates are a valuable tool for customers to compare prices between moving companies. To make things more convenient for our customers, we can also complete a zoom or video call!

You can determine which route to choose it comes to your quote. We understand that you are in the midst of figuring out a major interstate move, and that can be incredibly stressful. Our reps are there to complete the work for you and take that stress off your back.

in home estimate calculatorIn-Home Estimate

When approaching an upcoming move, completing an in-home estimate allows you to complete a walk-through with a sales rep before the move date. This can give you an accurate quote and provides peace of mind. Long-distance moves can wreak havoc, and the preparation can be the most challenging time. Let us prep for you!

By completing an in-home estimate, our long-distance movers can prepare for any packing services necessary and ensure the correct moving truck for the job. This removes any unnecessary hiccups and creates a seamless moving process!

call movers near meOver-the-Phone Estimate

An over-the-phone estimate or video call can also provide an adequate moving quote. The moving industry must offer each customer an option for a video call or in-home estimate, but it is entirely up to you. Whatever fits into your busy life, Denver City Movers will make it happen!

review your moving quoteAn over-the-phone estimate can be just as accurate as an in-home visit. If you can provide an accurate inventory of everything in your home or apartment and you give that to our sales rep, they will compose a detailed estimate for your review.

You must review your estimate carefully, no matter which option you choose. If any changes need to be made, just reach out to your sales rep, and they can make edits as needed. We work as a team with our clients to ensure there are no surprises on the day of the move!

calculating moving costs

average moving costsWhat is the Average Cost of a Move?

Moving prices are often the determining factor when choosing a moving company in Denver, CO – or anywhere across the country. Moving prices have changed and varied over the years, and as the cost of living continues to climb, so does the cost of moving.

Unfortunately – our country is now hitting bottom following the recent pandemic, and you can see it everywhere. The cost of living in Denver has been rising for years – especially since the influx of people from neighboring states.

hire movers and helpersAccording to recent surveys, the national average of anything under 100 miles of travel is $1,600 for a crew of 2-3 people moving. That would be considered a local move, and generally speaking – the majority of moving predetermined minimum charges that must be met before they book a job. Local movers in Denver, CO, work accordingly to an hourly rate that is predetermined at the time of booking.

If you are moving within Denver, CO, from Capitol Hill to Washington Park – that is considered a local move and would be charged hourly. (Wash Park and Cap Hill are historic neighborhoods and some of Denver’s most sought-after, exclusive places to live – one of our most popular local move services.) If you are moving from a home in Capitol Hill to a one-bedroom apartment, the total amount of time will vary. Moving from a four-bedroom house in Colorado Springs to a larger home in Washington Park will inevitably take longer. There are a lot of factors determining the total cost.

long distance moversA long-distance move cost averages between $2,400 to $18,200. This is determined by the total volume being moved, any additional services required, and the distance traveled. If you are making an interstate move from Denver, CO, to a neighboring state or even traveling over 100 miles – it is considered a long-distance move.

The charges are calculated differently, which the Department of Transportation regulates and changes annually. It is crucial to be mindful of additional costs that can be incurred, such as; shuttle fees if a semi cannot access your pick-up or delivery location and stair and elevator fees.

Your long-distance moving company must review these kinds of charges verbally, and they should also be listed on any paperwork provided for the move. Additional services are reviewed upon booking with Denver City Movers, so there are NO hidden fees for your move.

sofa wrapping blanketing-2

moving safety iconHow is the Safety of my Belongings Ensured?

Denver City Movers are full-service movers in Denver, CO, and the safety of your belongings is our top priority. Our cross-country moves are taken seriously because that is what our customers deserve, and our Denver movers are trained professionals offering VIP service.

The mile-high city is full of beautiful people and things, and all those things deserve to be protected. We all work hard to gain our earthly possessions, and Denver City Movers understands that. We will always ensure the safety of your belongings.

packing materials & services in denverThe most significant way to prevent any accidents from happening is good packing! Packing services are a crucial piece of long-distance moving. Our moving services offer packing services and packing supplies to all our customers if needed. If you plan on packing yourself, it will certainly save money, but then our coverage does not apply – a bit of a catch-22 situation – the decision is ultimately up to you!

Our long-distance movers are cautious with our client’s belongings upon loading, transit, and unloading. We adhere to a code of conduct where we treat others as we wish ourselves to be treated, which also applies to possessions. When you are moving cross country, there are often priceless items going with you, and losing something like that is entirely irreplaceable.

submit a claimHow is Loss or Damages Handled?

Every moving company has a different claims process, but DOT guidelines regulate the moving industry. The DOT requires all moving companies to be licensed and insured when traveling over state lines.

All long-distance moving companies must have coverage options overseen by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, established within the Department of Transportation. Accidents can happen, and if they do, Denver City Movers has you covered!


moving policyWhat are the Policies With Cancellation?

So what if you need to cancel? This is a fundamental question to ask, and good thing we are reviewing it, right? Long-distance and local move regulations can vary from company to company, and the cancellation policy should be reviewed before booking the move. Our long-distance move representatives will review our policies, fees, and delivery timelines before signing any documents.

moving questionGenerally speaking, you can cancel your cross-country movers at any time, but there are terms around any cancellation. If you choose to cancel before the date of pick up, it is best to do that as quickly as humanly possible to avoid any loss of deposit.

The new DOT guidelines have created new regulations around this, and now the customer has more wiggle room than ever before. Our relo reps will provide you with a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities” guide, which outlines your rights as the client and what you are responsible for.

dot regulationsNew DOT Regulations Around Cancellations

The Department of Transportation recently imposed new guidelines around cancellations and deposits for long-distance movers in Denver, CO, and nationwide. These state that customers can cancel within three days of signing their Bill of Lading and will still receive their deposit back. This is a big change from the previous 24 hours that were supplied before.

deposit moving company

moving deposit denverIs a Deposit Required to Book a Move?

Long-distance movers require deposits to book a move, which is essentially unheard of if one is not requested. A deposit secures your move date and the space on the moving truck. This guarantees your move cross country, and once the deposit is processed – it can be refunded if necessary but not always. Some moving companies in Denver, CO, will not advertise the possibility of a refund, but there are federal regulations in place that every moving company must follow.

security depositA deposit is required to secure many different things – if you rent a new house in Colorado Springs or one bedroom apartment, both require deposits. If you are buying a new car, a deposit is required to hold the vehicle if funds are not available upfront.

Deposits are security for the person making the long-distance move and the movers in Denver. Once the deposit is made for moving services, the move is placed on the schedule. This is the time our Denver movers plan for and also something the customer is planning for. It acts as a placeholder, and Denver City Movers require a deposit once the estimate has been reviewed, agreed to, and signed.

big down paymentWhy Do Companies Ask for A 20%-30% Deposit?

A traditional long-distance moving company should not be asking for a large deposit. However, there are certainly Denver movers that do. If you have a moving company in Denver, CO, or requesting a 20% or higher deposit than your entire move, that is a reason for pause.

A deposit should never be excessive; at Denver City Movers, it never is! We ask for a deposit of $100.00-$200.00 on average, and that deposit is fully refundable if the long-distance move is canceled within the allotted time frame. There are instances that the deposit could be a bit higher than the average, but it will never exceed 20% of the total move cost.

moving broker alertBeware of Brokers Acting as Long Distance Movers

Beware of the broker! There are plenty of broker services in the Denver area, and when it comes to the relocation process – they are there to book you and pass you along to actual full-service movers. A broker will often advertise free estimates, under quote, take a considerable deposit and then disappear.

A broker service acts as the middleman between the customer and long-distance moving service. They are NOT long-distance movers – they will only connect you to another moving company. They will often disguise themselves as long-distance movers only to take an enormous deposit and keep that as a booking fee.

long distance moving denverDenver City Movers recently moved a customer from the Denver Metro area to Florida. They were hopeful and excited at the start of their long-distance moving journey, only to realize the company they booked with was not actually a long-distance mover after all.

The customer paid a deposit of $1500.00, and when they attempted to change their inventory – they were charged even more! When they looked the company up through their DOT number, they realized the “long-distance moving company” was not licensed to travel. When they decided to cancel the day before the move and had to forfeit the deposit, that is when they ended up in our hands at Denver City Movers.

Local moves can also succumb to brokers; plenty of local moves are booked through a broker and moved by a carrier. Be wary of the “moving company” you work with, and do your due diligence. You can always reference the DOT website to look up their DOT or ICC-MC number for verification.

no doy moving

moving help denverIs a Client allowed to Help with the Move?

Denver City Movers will not allow our clients to help out with the move. We understand that these are your items going the distance, but as cross-country movers, it is our job to do the hard work for you. We are a local company in the mile-high city, and our moving services match our spotless reputation. Our Denver long-distance movers go the extra mile in the mile-high city!

Packing services can be a part of your long-distance move, or you can opt for DIY. Our Clients can choose to pack their belongings rather than having our Denver movers pack. There are also options for a partial pack – where we pack only some items, and others are packed by you.

packing services-2

protect your valuablesHow Does Packing Work for an Interstate Move?

Packing is a HUGE part of moving cross country and locally. Packing is inevitably required for a local move or something long-distance. Denver City Movers offers affordable and comprehensive packing services with every long-distance move.

Long-distance moving companies should always review the available packing options. Our Denver movers offer premium materials to ensure your household goods arrive in the same condition they departed in.

packing services in denverPacking Services & Packing Materials

Denver City Movers will provide a packing sheet that lists all packing services and packing supplies needed for your long-distance move. You may choose to pack your own items, this will not apply, but you always have the option for full and partial pack services. We also provide materials as needed for TVs, mirrors, or bulky items. If specialty items are being transported, we can soft-crate as well!

movers and packers denverDenver City Movers offers the following packing supplies:

  • Moving Boxes (Small/Medium/Large/Dish/Wardrobe/etc.)
  • Packing Paper & Foam
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Specialty Packing Services
  • Tape

We complete the loading and unloading, disassembly, and reassembly of standard furniture, packing, and transportation. We do not include unpacking services, unfortunately. Unpacking services and disposal of packing supplies are not included in our full-service moves.

kitchen appliances

moving infoHow Can I Prepare Home Appliances for a Long Distance Move?

Denver City Movers likes to supply our customers with a rundown of the move date before it happens. Preparing for the move date and traveling long distances is a way to be proactive, so the customers understand what to expect.

Many moving companies in Denver do not supply their clients with these tools, and the relocation process can go sideways quickly. To prepare your home or large appliances for a long-distance move, there are a few steps you can take…

  1. Disconnect or unplug all appliances from electric outlets
  2. If you are moving a washer/dryer, ensure it is entirely unhooked from the wall
  3. Secure any electrical cords and contain them in a box or area for packing
  4. Empty your fridge and freezer and defrost

By hiring our Denver long-distance movers, you can be sure that your appliances are moved safely. Denver City Movers includes the packing supplies needed, we are familiar with the dimensions of appliances, and we have crews, dollys, and the essential equipment to get your appliances moved across state lines.

packing services mirror

moving and packing servicesDoes Your Moving Company Offer Packing Services?

Few movers in Denver offer the kind of packing services that Denver City Movers provides. When it comes to appliances and large or bulky items – we are the best movers to get the work done! Packing is the security of your household goods during a local or interstate move. When the moving truck has to travel long distances, there is a more considerable time period that accidents can occur.

The quality of packing defends your items against damage or wear. The best moving companies will do the best packing. Denver residents our moving company has worked with have told some packing horror stories, and that is precisely what you want to avoid for your long-distance move.

full packing denverMost long-distance moving companies have different options for packing. We have the option of a full packing service which includes a total pack of the home or apartment. As full-service movers in Denver, this includes all the bells and whistles and is genuinely the VIP treatment. If you don’t want to worry about damage or the stress of packing yourself, opt for the full-pack option.

hard and soft crating servicesWe also provide the choice of partial packing services; during your free moving estimate, we can assess what needs to be packed and what doesn’t. You can choose what you pack yourself and what our movers pack for you. This also helps us determine how many movers are required on-site. You can compare prices between those possibilities and make the finest decision for you and your family.

There is also soft custom crating for artwork, mirrors, and specialty packing supplies. If you are moving out of state – packing should rise high on your list of priorities. Understanding your packing options is crucial when preparing for an upcoming move.

ammunition moving contraband

avoid while moving tipsWhat Can I Not Bring With me During a Cross-Country Move?

Moving companies in Denver, CO, must adhere to federal and state regulations regarding what they can and cannot pack. A long-distance moving company should review a comprehensive list of things the DOT forbids, but some items simply don’t pack well. Denver City Movers aims to provide an extensive packing service, but there are some things that we simply cannot take with us when crossing state lines.

what you should not moveOur long-distance movers will not pack or move the following:

  • Hazardous items such as gasoline, matches, propane cylinders, paints/paint thinners, fireworks, lighter fluid, or oxygen bottles.
  • Food or perishable items
  • Guns or ammunition
  • Drugs, Drug paraphernalia, or controlled substances
  • Liquids of any kind

Denver City Movers cannot assist in auto transport long distances. If you need assistance commuting your car, our sales reps can refer you to professional automobile relocation services. We realize a particular green substance is legal in Denver, CO, but it cannot be brought across state lines either!

plant movers denverCan Plants or Pets be Moved?

That is going to be another no. We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but long-distance moving companies cannot relocate your plants or pets with you. (Green sticky plants included, sorry, Denver residents!) Plants don’t travel well and seem tricky to take care of, so they may ultimately die. Pets are similar to plants in that way…

moving quotes

moving billing process How Does the Billing Process Work?

All moving companies in Denver have to work according to the same process when it comes to billing. The prices will vary, and the paperwork may look slightly different; however, cross-country movers all have the exact charges. Denver City Movers aims to provide the best movers to save you time and also to save money in the process. A long-distance move is more stressful enough than having to worry about the billing. We aim to make things simple and stress-free!

long distance movers denverLong Distance Bill of Lading

Denver moving companies will all use a bill of lading to itemize charges for the moving services. A bill of lading must be present on the moving truck at all times when traveling out of state for an interstate move. Some Denver moving companies may refer to this as an Order for Service.

best moving company in denverAs the best moving company in Denver, CO – we make our paperwork straightforward. All charges are listed clearly, as outlined upon receiving your estimate, and the payments are also included. If there are any changes from the estimate, the foreman on site will complete a revised written estimate before loading anything on the moving truck.

You are billed on your move date for half of the total balance and then upon delivery for the remaining balance. The payment options are outlined on the bill of lading and will be reiterated by our customer service reps. If you have questions for your long-distance movers, you can address that on your move date. Our movers have extensive knowledge of long-distance moves and will review your charges with you in detail.

door to door local movers denver colorado-2

requirements infoWhat If There are Special Requests or Circumstances?

Denver City Movers empathizes with special requests and unique circumstances. We understand life happens, and as neighbors in the Denver area, we want to assist and provide support in any way possible. We are a local, family-owned moving company, and we are different than other Denver moving companies.

family valuesWe always do our best to adhere to the customer’s needs regarding special requests. Long-distance moves are demanding enough. We aim to be the best company for our clients, adhering to family values and understanding everyone’s circumstances are different.

We want to individualize long-distance moves for every customer because no one is made alike. Most Denver long-distance movers and broker companies approach an interstate move from the perspective of opportunity. Denver City Movers approaches our moving services from the perspective of growth. Moving connects people who may or may not have united under other circumstances.

storage services moving

moving and storage solutionsWhat if I Require Storage in Transit?

Long-distance moves are coupled with the surprises life brings. Locating a new four-bedroom house is not always easy, especially when the deal falls through. When things like this happen, customers require storage units. Denver City Movers has a secure storage facility to store your household goods.

Our storage facility is always available for long or short-term use. We have multiple storage units that are climate controlled and secure. Our storage services are superior to other long-distance moving companies in Denver, CO, as we want to ensure your belongings’ security is protected and remains in the condition it was received.

handling feesDo you Charge Handling Fees with Storage?

Some long-distance moving companies charge handling fees when household items are offloaded into the storage facility. Denver City Movers are not one of those moving companies! The only thing you will be charged for is the storage services. Our moving service includes handling your belongings – we are not going to tack on an extra charge for something we are more than capable of doing and will be doing anyway.

best storage services in denverCan Storage be Pro-Rated?

Storage services can be pro-rated for two weeks or one month only. This will vary with different Denver long-distance movers. Ask about when your storage services renew and how payment is pro-rated before you choose to store with a moving company.


type of payments for movingWhat Forms of Payment are Accepted?

Long-distance moving companies in Denver, CO, will accept different payment methods at different moving service points. The FMCSA regulates delivery payments to cash or certified funds only. Upon pick-up, there are a few more options:

  • Cash
  • Cashiers Check
  • Money Order
  • Personal Check
  • Credit or Debit Card

*A few movers will also accept payment via services like Zelle or Venmo.

payment collectionWhen is Payment Collected for a Long Distance Move?

A deposit will be the first thing that all long-distance moving companies collect from customers in Denver, CO, and across the county. Once you arrive at the date of your move, a certain percentage of the move’s total will be collected, and then the remaining is provided upon delivery.

long distance moving denverDenver City Movers does it a little differently than other long-distance moving companies in Denver, CO…

  1. deposit is collected to secure the move date.
  2. 50% of the total is collected on the day of pick up or within 72 hours.
  3. The remaining 50% is collected upon delivery in cash, cashier’s check, or money order only!

better business bureau fmcsa

licensed bonded and insured moversIs Your Moving Company Licensed Through the FMCSA?

Denver City Movers is licensed through the FMCSA. We have a valid DOT and ICC/MC number, and that is something you always want to verify about a long-distance moving company in Denver, CO. If you are reading this because you are planning for a long-distance move, you have recently moved or you simply are thinking of making an interstate move – a valid licensed moving company is the only way to go.

broker vs carrierIs This Moving Company a Broker or a Carrier?

Our Denver long-distance movers act as a carrier – we are a full-service mover and the very best moving company in Denver, CO. Searching for a reliable interstate mover means you may run into a broker or two along the way…

Broker companies do not ever transport belongings. They accept a deposit and/or a booking fee and then pass you to a carrier. Now don’t get us wrong – not all brokers are bad. There are certainly some broker companies that work hard for their customers, and they make connections to the carrier for the good of the client.

local, family owned moversDoes Your Company Use Your Own Movers?

One hiccup you can run into with moving services is the movers. Your movers and helpers involved throughout the moving process should remain professional and diligent in their work. Every now and then, you will come across a company that outsources to third-party contractors for a pick-up in Denver, CO, or delivery out of state. If this is something the company you are working with plans on doing, it is something you should already be aware of.

long distance moving denverAt Denver City Movers, we do not outsource our employees. We are a tight-knit community, and many long-distance movers have been with us for over a decade. Our family wants to bring joy and ease to yours! We keep it within the fam, and when you are traveling all over state lines, that is incredibly important.

background check to moversAre Background Checks Made for Movers and Employees?

Background checks are required for our drivers to gain their CDL, and they must remain in good standing to continue their travels. The Department of Motor Vehicle in Denver, CO, regulates these issues, and the FMSCA oversees that as well. You can check your driver’s status by using their website.

We conduct background checks on all our office and warehouse employees to ensure your household belongings are in good hands!

moving insurance optionsWhat Coverage Options are Available?

Denver City Movers has you covered! There are four main options when it comes to insuring your belongings for a long-distance move…

  1. Release Value Protection – this is the basic form of protection we guarantee when utilizing our moving services. It is required for all carriers to provide under FMCSA regulations.
  2. Full Value Protection – this is a step up from the release value. You can purchase full value protection on all your items, but our movers must complete a full pack of all household belongings.
  3. Home Owners/Renters – most existing homeowners or renters’ policies will cover additional moving services. Still, it is required you discuss this with your insurance carrier to see exactly what is offered.
  4. Third-Party Insurance – if none of the above options are suitable for you, contacting other third-party insurance options may provide appropriate coverage.

moving estimate denverWhat is an Estimate Used for Long Distance Moving?

An estimate is defined as a well-educated guess, but in the case of the sales representatives with Denver City Movers, the definition changes. An estimate is formed with precision and accuracy. A moving estimate is validated by the client and the work done with our reps – teamwork really does make the dream work!

non binding moving estimateWhat is a Non-Binding Estimate Used for Cross Country Moving?

There are two types of long-distance moving estimates – binding and non-binding. A non-binding moving estimate is not binding to the price or itemized charges provided. It is simply an outline of possible charges according to the information given to the sales rep.

binding moving estimateCan Your Company Provide a Binding Estimate?

Denver City Mover reps provide binding estimates. A binding estimate for long-distance movers is completely binding to the charges provided – given no changes to the inventory occur. If our movers show up to the move date and there are additional items that did not appear on the original inventory – the estimate is no longer binding to the original price however, the rate per cubic foot will not change.

no hidden feesAre There Any Hidden Fees associated with Long Distance Movers?

Tricky hidden fees are the mundane piece of moving companies in Denver, CO. There is no way around it with some moving services, which is rather unfortunate. A few movers can and will supply all charges upfront, so the customer is aware before booking the move.

long distance moving denverDenver City Movers sales reps are there to review all additional services and charges that can be incurred. The median income in Denver, CO, has continued to rise, but it still does not keep up with the living costs – and that doesn’t account for the income tax that is taken out of every check received. So many families and single parents simply cannot afford the unexpected. Our reps plan for those things before they occur so clients can proactively prepare!

moving cost calculatorHow are the Prices Calculated?

The price of a move in Denver, CO, greatly depends on the required moving services and how many movers need to be present to get the job done. These will be reviewed at great length with your sales rep and probed again if any changes need to be made. A few things calculate prices:

  • Volume
  • Distance
  • Labor
  • Packing if applicable
  • Storage Services, if needed
  • Additional Services required

short delivery timeCan Delivery Dates be Guaranteed?

Long-distance moving works according to the customer’s schedule. The DOT regulates the allotted time all moving companies have to make the delivery, but delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. Denver City Mover’s average commute time is 1-14 business days, but our moving company will work tirelessly to get you loaded and delivered as quickly as possible.

Once you are loading for delivery, our customer service team reaches out to confirm loading and delivery information and updates while the driver is en route. Finally, the driver will call the day before delivery to confirm the final date of delivery and a time frame for delivery. While traveling across the interstate brings challenges, communication is easy.

moving discounts denverAre There Discounts that Can be Applied to my Move Cross Country?

It can never hurt to ask for a discount! Don’t forget to ask your Denver City Mover sales rep about the vast array of discounts that can be applied to your long-distance moving adventure! Your long-distance move can save money and bring you to a new chapter in life – what could be better than that?

Denver City Movers Reviews

If you have already started to read online reviews for moving companies in Denver, CO – you have done your research. No two moving companies are exactly alike, and there is no moving company quite like ours. Our customers have been so kind to review our company’s services. Denver City Movers values our client’s appreciation, and we hope to gain yours too!

Hannah B.Long distance move from Denver, co to Tampa, fl

“We hired Denver City Movers to move our 3-bedroom home from Denver to Tampa, FL. The owner was very thorough and gave us an accurate quote. The price was extremely reasonable. They sent out a 3-man crew. Everyone was very pleasant and worked hard. They made sure all furniture and boxes were arranged as requested. Overall, we’re very happy with the company and would definitely hire them again.” – Hannah B.

Lakisha W.Hiring a long-distance mover went excellent

“I hired Denver City Movers to handle the move from Denver – Virginia. They were so amazing that we finally agreed that this relocation was too easy. They arrived on time and didn’t waste any time while working. They worked like machines packing everything and then loading them onto the truck. The space in the truck was properly utilized. The delivery was made on the scheduled day with all our stuff intact. Thank you!” – Lakisha W.

Becky H.A successful move in Denver, CO

“My family and I moved from Denver to NY for work. My company let me get a couple of quotes to choose from, and although Denver City Movers was a little more expensive, I am glad they chose them. The movers they sent were on time and professional and did a great job. I was a little leery since the movers had to rent a shuttle truck to get into my neighborhood, but Denver City Movers assured me that was normal. I am happy to say no damage! They didn’t break anything. I would recommend them for sure!” – Becky H.

Jessica D.A trustworthy long-distance moving company

“I had never used long-distance movers before and was very nervous about the move. Denver City Movers made it easy. They arrived on time, were very helpful and professional, and the price was competitive with long-distance movers I had researched online. I would use them again.” – Jessica D.

Zachory R.A positive moving experience

“My experience with them has been exceptional from beginning to end. Moving can be stressful, and their staff helped ease any concerns I had about the moving process. They have been communicative, respectful, and accommodating and offered amazing customer service. You can really tell they care about their customers. Their services and attention to customer satisfaction are unmatched. You can’t go wrong with them! Thanks to the movers; they helped a lot! If I ever move again, I will indeed be using them again! – Zachory R.

Fray A.Your go-to movers in Denver, co

“By FAR, they are the GO-TO people if you need to move! I just moved in last week from one state to another state with Denver City Movers, and it could not have gone smoother. They have one of the lowest quotes I’ve received, and everything from start to finish was so great!!!” – Fray A.

Crystal G.A picture-perfect cross-country move

“Awesome experience! The movers were on time and moved our belongings – IN THE RAIN! I thought they would cancel because of the weather, but they did not. They lifted a lot of heavy furniture and placed it exactly where I wanted it without leaving a scratch on any of my walls! I highly recommend this company for your out-of-state moving.” – Crystal G.

Stephanie M.Affordable long-distance movers in Denver

“Denver City Movers moved me across the country for a good price. They showed up on time and quickly and efficiently unloaded the truck professionally and courteously. I would not hesitate to use their moving services again.” – Stephanie M.


“Amazingly seamless. The entire team was very professional and kind, from their on-call representatives to the drivers to the movers. I was very concerned about long-distance moving during a pandemic; however, they made me feel incredibly safe, and their team kept their distance, wore the correct masks/gloves, and really made me feel at ease. I highly recommend them to anyone I know needing to make a big move w a lot of valuables.” – Vanessa A.

Octavia B.Careful movers and dependable service

“Words can’t even express how appreciative I am of the services provided… The team made this move from Denver to NV almost feel effortless… They had a four-bedroom house loaded on the truck within 4.5 hours, including having everything wrapped in padding and plastic wrap… Once it arrived (6 days later), they were here early in the morning to unload. They assisted us in placing the items in the moves we requested. Reassembled beds, furniture, etc., with care to ensure everything worked before moving to the next piece of furniture. I highly recommend their services. I’ll definitely reach out and recommend any move I need—best long-distance moving company in Denver!” – Octavia B.


“My long-distance move from Denver to Phoenix was a major success. The movers were fast and efficient, the price was fair and surprisingly affordable, and the customer service was excellent. I highly recommend Denver City Movers.” – Amber M.

Aaron S.Accuracy guaranteed

“We moved out of our home in Denver to Minneapolis with Denver City Movers. The estimate was accurate and affordable, even for this out-of-state move. Nothing–absolutely nothing–was broken or damaged in transit. We are so pleased with their service!” – Aaron S.

Arianna M.Moving on up

“I recently had a long-distance move from Denver to Philadelphia. The long-distance movers were on time, moved quickly, and were polite and professional. I highly recommend Denver City Movers for your long-distance move.” – Arianna M.

David K.A move so perfect – he can’t speak

“There are no words to describe completely how FANTASTIC Denver City Movers is!! No need to call around if you are moving out of state; just call the folks from Denver City Movers! They made moving an enjoyable experience!!!” – David K.

Kobie B.Reliable relocation services

“Great team, the movers were amazing, great phone reps! The service here was excellent. I’m glad to be in my new home with everything sorted and everything intact. They were fast and reliable; I would certainly use this company again! If I ever needed to.” – Kobie B.

Austin R.Moving made easy

“Scheduling was EASY, PEASY. Paul was very responsive and communicated with me with scheduling and confirmation calls to ensure everything was set for my move from Denver to LA. The move crews were professional, and I will definitely call them next time I need moving help!” – Austin R.

April W.Comprehensive long-distance moving team

“We booked this company to move us from Denver to New Jersey. We had three guys who seemed to understand what they needed to do. There seemed to be good communication between them. They were very conscientious, and they did not damage any of our belongings. We’ll use it again!” – April W.

Nia T.Excellent move from Denver to Florida

“They made a move from Denver, CO- DelRey Beach, FL, easy as a move can be. Showed up on time. Did not waste time. Took care of our belongings. I would not hesitate to use it again or refer to others.” – Nia T.

Samantha C.Exceeding expectations

“Great service, and the moving team were fabulous careful, fast and efficient. Congratulations on having such nice guys too. I highly recommend them and your company to anyone needing movers.” – Samantha C.

Jessica N. A high-quality long-distance moving company

“The movers were so capable and experienced that no matter how heavy things you make them carry, they would do that with a smile. I was stunned to see how strong and efficient they were. They quickly packed and loaded everything from my 4-bedroom house. They delivered on time, and nothing suffered any damages.” – Jessica N.

Jesse R.Trustworthy movers in Denver, co

“They have helped my parents move from Denver to Palm Springs! David, Alex, and Miguel were real gentlemen and professional at that. Their price was mid-range, but it was worth every single penny!” – Jesse R.

Ian I.Simple moving process

“Denver city movers made my out-of-state easy from start to finish; the estimate was on point, the movers showed up on time, professional and polite; I highly recommend this moving company.” – Ian I.

Ashlyn O.Excellent customer service

“The two young movers were both hard-working, and we really appreciate them not only for a well-done job but also for their willingness to engage in such a difficult task. Very rarely would we find such young men more focused on what they are doing. They were brought up properly by their parents and well trained by All-In.”

– Ashlyn O.

Justine R.Smooth move

“The move went very smoothly. Denver City Movers were very informative, respectful, and courteous. I have already recommended them to others.” – Justine R.

Jamie W.A relaxing moving process

“The move went extremely well — end to end from the customer service experience to the team they sent out to do all the lifting. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone I know with a moving project.” – Jamie W.

Leslie M.Reasonable pricing and amazing movers

“Denver City Movers cross country move was quick, precise, and reasonably priced. I would definitely use them again for any long-distance moves.” – Leslie M.

Iris B.Polite & courteous movers in Denver

“This provider is very reasonably priced, very professional. They handled my belongings like their own very carefully and were on time for a long-distance move. Definitely recommend guys!” – Iris B.

Jadah D.Super moving service

“SUPERB! They got to the first address a few minutes early to walk through the items to move with me and loaded it up in a few hours. They were efficient, friendly, and very professional.” – Jadah D.

Keya K.Impressive long-distance mover

“I was very impressed with the team that handled our move over the holiday weekend in September 2021. They made everything easy for us — from beginning to end. And their pricing was very reasonable!” – Keya K.

Tinnea M.Fantastic moving team

“The team did a fantastic job handling our move. Efficient, on-time, and very professional. Thanks for a great job!” – Tinnea M.

Betsy H.I could not have asked for more

“It went great! Service was quick and efficient! The men that moved me were kind, friendly, and professional! All around, great job!” – Betsy H.

Molly M.Best long-distance movers in Denver, CO

“The guys were great to work with, friendly, helpful, and they were very concerned with making sure all items were not damaged, etc. THANK YOU!!!” – Molly M.

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