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Colorado is arguably the most beautiful state in America. You have loved your time experiencing outdoor experiences, dining with friends, and simply enjoying the natural beauty of the Centennial State. Life sometimes takes an unexpected turn, or maybe you are ready for a new adventure in a new state. Whether you are moving to Tennessee for college, a unique employment opportunity, retirement, or simply enjoying a fresh start, the best cross-country movers at Denver City Movers can help you through every step of the process!

moving to tennessee
The Volunteer State is calling! How will you find yourself moving there?

Choosing the Right Moving Company for Your Colorado-Tennessee Journey

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that when it comes to moving, the first step is to find cheap cardboard boxes or fill out their change of address form for the USPS. In reality, the first step in any successful move is to locate and hire the top movers in your area! Every move is different, and whether this is your first significant move after college or you are moving for the 10th time, you need to work with a moving company that understands your unique needs, budget, and concerns.

At Denver City Movers, we know how stressful moving can be. Our goal is not only to provide you with fantastic service, but we will also strive to keep your moving costs as low as possible. We have planned hundreds of local and long-distance moves and will work tirelessly to ensure your interstate move doesn’t drain your wallet!

moversTop Long Distance Moving Companies: Making the Mileage Matter Less

With so many moving companies headquartered in the Denver area, how do you know which company is the best of the best long-distance moving companies in the area? Here are a few qualities to look for in a long-distance moving company:

  • Reliability: A top-notch long-distance moving company will always show up on time and handle your belongings with utmost care. They understand the importance of trust, especially when you’re entrusting them with your cherished possessions over hundreds or even thousands of miles.
  • Transparency: Honesty is the best policy, and this holds true for moving companies as well. The best ones will provide clear and upfront pricing without any hidden fees. They’ll also keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring you’re never left in the dark about the status of your move.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is a hallmark of leading long-distance moving companies, from providing precise estimates to ensuring that every item reaches its destination in perfect condition. They take meticulous inventory, double-check details, and always aim to deliver on their promises without any hitches.
  • A Proven Track Record: The cream of the crop will have a history of satisfied customers singing their praises. Look for companies with glowing reviews, awards, and years of experience in the industry. Their reputation speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Instead of spending hours or even days online searching for the perfect moving company with all the qualities mentioned above, save your time and work with the fantastic staff at Denver City Movers!

packing boxComprehensive Moving Services: From Packing to Unloading in Your New Tennessee Home

Let’s face it: Planning interstate moves is a long, exhausting, and often stressful experience. One of the biggest hassles is finding a moving company that not only understands how to plan a long-distance move without pulling your hair out but also offers all the services you require to plan a successful relocation. Luckily, the pros at Denver City Movers provide comprehensive moving services guaranteed to make your relocation as smooth and stress-free as possible.

In addition to loading and unloading your moving truck, we also offer packing and storage services that will quickly meet all your needs and expectations. Our team provides local, long-distance, and commercial packing services. When we say “comprehensive services,” we mean comprehensive services! In addition to providing packing supplies, our trained movers and packers will take great pride in ensuring that all your precious belongings are safe and protected.

colorado tennessee
Before making the big move across country, do some side-by-side comparisons between Colorado and Tennessee

Colorado vs. Tennessee: Head to Head

The time has come to get down to the head-to-head showdown of Colorado vs. Tennessee. In addition to considering the cost of living, property taxes, sales tax, income tax, transportation costs, healthcare costs, employment opportunities, and other factors in each state, you must consider the same characteristics in comparable cities. This will genuinely help narrow down your options and help you find the right city to call home.

denver nashville

Denver vs. Nashville

The capital of each state, if you call Denver, CO, home, it is only natural that you compare the Mile High City to Nashville, which is the capital and largest city in Tennessee. The population of Denver is roughly 711,463 residents. Nashville is located in middle TN and has a population of 683,622 residents. The greater Denver metropolitan area, which consists of six counties with Denver as the hub, has a population of 2.96 million. The population of the greater Nashville area is roughly 1.3 million people.

The cost of living in Denver is 11% higher than the country’s average. In comparison, the cost of living in Nashville, TN, is 2% lower than the national average. In July 2023, the median home price in Denver was $620,324, while in Nashville, the median home price was $595,900. Although the housing costs in both cities are comparable, the reason why the living costs in Nashville are lower than in Denver is because of the lower cost of transportation and utilities.

Both towns have plenty of stuff to keep your family and kids occupied, from camping and fine dining to children’s museums, hiking, biking, and tourist attractions. Of course, you must find a job in both cities to enjoy these wonderful activities. Luckily, many industries in both cities are hiring. In Denver, there are several healthcare, retail, and educational jobs. Healthcare, finance, automotive production, insurance, and higher education are some of the top industries in the Nashville area.

Colorado Springs memphis

Colorado Springs vs. Memphis

The second most populous city in Tennessee and, of course, the home of Elvis Presley, Graceland, the population of Memphis in West TN is roughly 621,777 residents. Located at the eastern foothills of the incomparable Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs’ population is approximately 439,956. The cost of living in Colorado Springs is much higher than in Memphis. As a matter of fact, the living costs in Memphis are approximately 30% less than the national average.

One of the biggest reasons for this discrepancy is the median home prices. The median cost of a house in Memphis is roughly $185,000. The cost of a comparable home in Colorado Springs is $490,000. Additionally, the price of certain services and necessities is also much lower in Memphis than in Colorado Springs. For example, the cost of transportation and a week’s worth of groceries in Memphis is lower than in Colorado Springs.

Most people flock to Memphis for the city’s rich history, fantastic tourist attractions, and lower living costs. Colorado Springs offers many more outdoor activities than Memphis if you are a diehard outdoor enthusiast. Several industries in both cities are hiring. You can find a job in Memphis’s transportation, shipping, and tourism industries. Colorado Springs has many tourism jobs and career opportunities in technology, aerospace, and the military.

aurora knoxville

Aurora vs. Knoxville

Two additional comparable cities, Aurora, Colorado, have a population of approximately 389,347 residents. The population of Knoxville, TN, which is the county seat of Knox County, is roughly 192,648. Knoxville is an excellent option if you want a low-cost area in Tennessee to call home because the average living cost is 15% lower than the rest of the nation. Conversely, the cost of living in Aurora, Colorado, is 3% higher than the national average.

As you would suspect, the reason the overall living costs on average are higher in Aurora than in Knoxville is because of the median home prices. The median cost of a home in Aurora, CO, is $480,600. A comparable home in Knoxville, TN, costs roughly $365,700. Aside from the cost of housing, the other costs associated with living in both cities are very similar – including the costs of utilities and groceries.

While Aurora is known for its picturesque views and unique outdoor activities, Knoxville, TN, is more known for its extraordinary sporting events, historic attractions, shopping, and parks. Although both cities are similar on paper, be prepared for a culture shock if you plan a move from Aurora, CO, to Knoxville, TN.

Fort Collins Chattanooga

Fort Collins vs. Chattanooga

The county seat of Hamilton County and located on the banks of the Tennessee River, Chattanooga has a population of approximately 183,095 residents. Fort Collins, CO, has a population of around 168,538. There are several similarities and some striking differences between these two cities you need to take into consideration before planning a move from Colorado to Tennessee.

First and foremost is the cost of living and the median home prices in each of these cities. You will quickly notice a trend because the living costs in Chattanooga are much lower than in Fort Collins. The average home price in the Fort Collins area is $612,900. In Chattanooga, the average price of a comparable home is $384,300. Of course, there is more to consider when choosing your new hometown than the cost of a home or apartment.

Moving from Colorado is a significant undertaking, and Fort Collins is truly a one-of-a-kind city with amazing people. If you are ready to get out of the Fort Collins or Denver area and want to work with a respected and fantastic Denver moving company, look no further than the pros at Denver City Movers!

Lakewood clarksville

Lakewood vs. Clarksville

Located in North Tennessee and considered one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the state, the population of Clarksville, TN, is roughly 170,957. Lakewood, CO, which is part of the Denver-Lakewood-Aurora metropolitan area, has a population of 157,533. Clarksville is a large city in one of the many rural areas of Tennessee. It has several unique outdoor attractions, including Dunbar Cave State Park, the historic Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretive Center, and the Custom House Museum and Cultural Center.

In Lakewood, you can explore many outdoor adventures, including Red Rocks Amphitheater and Sloan’s Lake Park. As you would imagine, because Lakewood is a portion of the greater Denver Metro Area, the cost of living is very high, especially when compared to Clarksville, TN, where the living costs are much lower than in Lakewood and also lower than the national average.

Renting or purchasing a home in Lakewood is much more expensive than in Clarksville, which accounts for the large gap in the average living costs. The average home price around Lakewood, CO, is roughly $580,900, which is compared to $301,000 in Clarksville, TN. Living in Lakewood, CO, is more expensive because of the higher costs of utilities, groceries, transportation, and healthcare.

thornton Murfreesboro

Thornton vs. Murfreesboro

Known for its rich history, particularly Civil War History, because it is the site of several significant battles, the population of Murfreesboro, TN, is 157,519. Located between Weld and Adams counties in Colorado, Thornton’s population is roughly 142,610. The lifestyle in both cities is very laid back, and you will not have any trouble finding a place to grab a fantastic meal or a way to spend the afternoon with friends and family.

The average living costs in both cities are above the country’s average, although you will spend more on your basic needs living in Thornton vs. living in Murfreesboro. The cost of living in Thornton, including the costs of transportation, housing, miscellaneous needs, and housing, is higher across the board than the national average. In particular, the median home price in Thornton is $567,900. This is compared to the median home price in Murfreesboro, which is $415,700.

arvada jackson

Arvada vs. Jackson

Known as the birthplace of Rockabilly music and the birthplace of several major country stars, including Carl Perkins, the population of Jackson, TN, is 68,144. Located across Adams and Jefferson counties and the seventh largest city in Colorado, Arvada’s population is approximately 123,436. Both towns have several unique attractions for locals and tourists alike.

In Jackson, spend a quiet afternoon strolling through the Liberty Garden Arboretum. For an outdoor adventure, including a round of golf, stop in at the Chickasaw State Park. Arvada is genuinely a four-season town, meaning you can find something to do in the area no matter what time of year. Enjoy a play or musical in the winter at the Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities. In summer, stroll through the picturesque Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge.

The average cost of living in Arvada is much higher than the national average. On trend, the living prices in Jackson, TN, are much less than the country’s average and Arvada. Once again, one of the main reasons for this gap is the housing costs. The median home price in and around Arvada is $625,100. In Jackson, the median cost of a house is $258,000. This means that if you are struggling to purchase your first home in Arvada, the more favorable housing costs can make the dream of home ownership in Jackson a reality.

westminster johnson city

Westminster vs. Johnson City

Located in East TN, Johnson City has a population of roughly 72,514. The city is located in Sullivan and Carter Counties. It has several indoor and outdoor activities to choose from, including the Tipton Haynes State Historic Site and the Johnson City Community Theater. The population of Westminster, CO, is 116,317.

Westminster is known for its low crime rates, easy access to several state and national parks, and some of the best skiing in the state. Following the trend, you will enjoy a low cost of living in Johnson City, TN, especially when compared to both the country’s average and Westminster, CO. The cost of living in Westminster is far above the national average.

Where you will save if you live in Westminster is on healthcare costs because they are below the country’s average. The average housing costs are higher in Westminster than in Johnson City. In Johnson City, the median home price is $335,400, which is compared to Westminster, where the average housing cost is $575,400.

boulder hendersonville

Boulder vs. Hendersonville

Both Hendersonville and Boulder are known for being two of the most picturesque, breathtaking cities in their respective states. In Boulder, CO, the population is roughly 104,175 residents. The population of Hendersonville, TN, is approximately 62,257. If you are from Boulder, you already know how unique and beautiful this city is. There are dozens of well-kept hiking and biking trails in and around Boulder to explore, including the Royal Arch Trail, the Switzerland Trail, and the Boulder Creek Path.

Hendersonville is located on Old Hickory Lake, a tributary of the Cumberland River. After tubing and splashing around in Old Hickory Lake, you can take in some of the cultures around Hendersonville, including the Monthaven Arts & Cultural Center. Unlike other cities throughout Tennessee, Hendersonville’s living cost is higher than the country’s average. However, it is not higher than the average living costs in Boulder, CO, which is nearly 67% higher than the rest of the nation.

Boulder is expensive, even amongst other towns in Colorado, for several reasons. One of the biggest is its proximity to the Rocky Mountains. This attracts several high income-earners to the area who enjoy outdoor activities. Of course, the average housing costs in Boulder are very high, and the median home price is $1,100,000 compared to $589,000 in Hendersonville!

With Denver City Movers, you’re not simply getting a truck, movers, and drivers. You’re getting professional quality service from relocation experts who will handle your belongings with care!

Colorado to Tennessee Movers: Experts Who Know the Route Best

Moving thousands of miles from Colorado to Tennessee isn’t an easy undertaking. That is why you want to work with professional movers that know their stuff. If you hire the fantastic team at Denver City Movers, you can rest assured that you will work with a knowledgeable, experienced crew that will guide you through every step of the process.

Professional Movers: Ensuring a Smooth Transition to the Volunteer State

When you hire professional movers, there is a list of “must-have” qualities you are looking for. You want movers that are experienced, reliable, safe, and that has a proven track record of success. When you take your tire and hire the right movers for your needs and budget, you will find a team with all these qualities. This will honestly give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your movers will take great care in relocating your precious belongings.

You have questions? We have answers!

What People also ask Before Moving from Colorado to Tennessee

CHEAP PLACES TO LIVEIs it cheaper to live in Colorado or Tennessee?

When you consider the overall cost of living in both states, you will quickly realize that, across the board, it is much cheaper to live in Tennessee than in Colorado. The high living costs in Colorado can be attributed to several factors – including the state’s very robust economy, high housing costs, an extreme lack of affordable housing, and the state’s high tax rates.

good ideaIs it a good idea to move to Tennessee?

In many ways, moving to Tennessee is a great idea! The state enjoys relatively low housing costs, more favorable tax rates, and relatively low miscellaneous costs – including low-cost utilities, healthcare, and groceries. Be aware of the one downside associated with moving to Tennessee: the higher crime rate in several major cities, from Savannah and Newport to Knoxville and Memphis.

hidden costsHow much does it cost to move from Colorado to Tennessee?

Because the move from Colorado to Tennessee is considered a “long-distance move,” the cost of the relocation is based on two major factors: The mileage and the estimated weight of your household goods. During this initial consultation, you will receive a rudimentary cost of the move. Of course, every move is different, so the best option is to ask your moving company how much long-distance movers cost for your relocation to Tenessee.

ColoradoWhere should I move after Colorado?

There are downsides to living in Colorado – including the higher elevations, mounting living costs, and nasty winter temperatures. If you love the snow and cold, moving to another state with a similar climate is a great option. However, for people who aren’t a fan of the ice, snow, and lower winter temperatures, you should choose a location with mild winters and favorable summers!

music cityIs Nashville better than Denver?

In many ways, including the living costs, Nashville, TN, is superior to Denver. However, Denver is one of the best cities to call home for several reasons. Denver is known for its sporting events, exceptional scenery, growing job market, and diversity. Diehard country music lovers will adore living in Nashville, TN, which is affectionately called “Music City.” Although many associate Seattle, Washington, with great coffee, Nashville is also known for its eclectic coffee offerings.

sunIs the weather better in Tennessee or Colorado?

Fans of skiing, winter sports, and a White Christmas will not love the light dusting of snow that most towns in Tennessee enjoy. The average temperature in the middle of summer is near 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while in Colorado, you will enjoy more mild temperatures in the summer. Colorado is more arid than Tennessee, which means that in addition to the heat, you will live through humid summers if you call Tennessee home. If you are not a fan of the humidity, Tennessee is not an excellent option for you!

carDo I need a car if I move to Tennessee?

Denver, Colorado, is known for having one of the most well-planned, detailed transportation systems in the entire United States. For many people living and working in Denver, you don’t really need to deal with the cost and hassle of owning a vehicle! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Tennessee. In the rural areas, public transportation is nonexistent. Larger metropolitan areas feature underdeveloped transportation systems, thanks in significant part to the lack of infrastructure in Tennessee. If you move to one of the metro areas, be prepared to walk several blocks to reach a bus or train station.

calendarWhat is the best month to move from Colorado to Tennessee?

The cost of planning any relocation can vary greatly, and you are trying to prepare for every eventuality and potential cost that impact your move. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook one factor that can significantly impact your moving costs: the time of year you plan your relocation! Aren’t you sure which is the best month for an out-of-state move?

If cost is the most significant consideration, move during the winter and fall, as this is considered the slow season in the moving industry. If convenience is more important, a summer move is excellent. However, be aware that this is peak season, and you will pay a premium for hiring movers during June, July, or August.

long distance relocation
Long distance moving covers more than simply the drive. Be sure to know all the in’s and out’s of cross-country moving and your relocation will go smoothly!

Insider Tips When Moving From Colorado to Tennessee

assembling furnitureKeep Your Furniture’s Hardware in Check

Disassembling furniture is a part of moving that no one looks forward to. Reassembling that same furniture can be even worse – especially if you lose the hardware. Place the nuts, bolts, and hardware from each piece of furniture into separate baggies and tape the baggies to their respective pieces of furniture. This will save you hours when it comes time to put the furniture back together in your new house!

long carryBe Aware of Hidden Moving Costs and Know Your Limits

Are you familiar with some of the hidden costs of moving? For example, did you know that if you move to specific cities and want to park the moving trucks downtown, you might be charged a fee? Moving companies will charge you a “carrying fee” if the movers must lug your boxes and furniture more than 75 to 100 feet from your front door to the moving truck? Being aware of these hidden moving costs is critical, especially when creating a moving budget.

family assistanceUnderstand Your Unique Needs

Understand your unique needs and limitations. Every relocation is different, and understanding your individual limitations will help you plan a more successful move. For example, if you are helping your aging parents move out of the Denver area, or if you are older yourself and you are downsizing before retirement, you will have different requirements than a younger couple just starting out. Want to learn more? Here are some easy senior moving tips!

packing servicesPack Like a Professional

The key to any successful relocation is learning how to pack like a professional. This starts with first purchasing all the packing materials you need upfront. Having everything on hand will definitely reduce the amount of time you will spend packing. Here is an essential list of everything you will need to pack up your belongings in record time:

  • Boxes and bins
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Stretch wrap
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors and a box cutter

Want even more professional packing tips? Or would you rather leave the massive chore of packing to the pros at Denver City Movers? We offer comprehensive packing services that will help relieve a lot of the moving-relating stress you will experience. If you would rather tackle the packing independently, we are your one-stop shop for all your packing material needs. We sell a wide variety of boxes of different sizes, as well as mattress pads, moving pads, and packing peanuts.

checklistCreate a Detailed Moving Checklist

Finally, start the process by creating a highly-detailed moving checklist. This checklist will keep you on-task and make the relocation seem like a breeze. You might wind up even having some fun during the process. For example, start at week six by creating a moving binder.

The binder will hold all the critical information you will need throughout the process – from a detailed list of packing supplies to your original moving quote. You can also start packing at week six. If you have a smaller home, packing at week four might be a better fit. Here are a few more tips on how to create a comprehensive and successful moving checklist.

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