Denver’s Music and Arts Scene: Discovering Cultural Hotspots Post-Move

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Creativity Runs Through the Mile High City

Denver, Colorado, is known for being laid back, its recreational marijuana scene, mountain climbing in the Rockies, and getting altitude sickness while assimilating to the new environment.

However, with all the typical stereotypes about the city, more prominent movements are at play.

The city is a place that beats to its own drum; community members come together and remain united in the pulse they have created for their neighborhoods, and the arts are at the center of it all.

Local artists, musicians, writers, food and drink specialists, and innovative creators are throughout the area, making downtown Denver a vibrant and confounding place where beauties and complexities perfectly align!

creative artist in denver

Unwrapping Downtown Denver Hot Spots

If you are seriously contemplating moving to Denver, Colorado, then understanding the culture and getting to know the places to be within the arts and music scene is a great place to start.

While the housing costs are rising, First Friday Art Walks can take your mind off the logistics of life, and you are likely only a short walk or light rail ride away!

The Centennial State is a fantastic place for uncovering your love for painting, sculpture, photography, street art, or whatever you find interest in after the big move.

This isn’t San Francisco, but moving to Denver ensures people can explore who they are, push the boundaries of their comfort level, and develop who they will become.

art and nightlife in denver co

Supporting Local Artists, Music, and Businesses

Denver’s local artists have their world and have cultivated a new kind of neighborhood with several galleries for displaying work; the average Friday evening is magical, thought-provoking, and simple for those art lovers and consumers of live music!

The city is thriving and always welcomes newcomers, natives, and all walks of life – and this is one of the things that makes Denver, Colorado, so sacred.

It is a community that has worked towards making change, supporting local artists, musicians, and different businesses to craft an alluring and secure network of people helping people.

denver artists painting

art scene in denver coUnderstanding with the Denver Art Scene When Moving to Denver

With so many art galleries in one place, it is difficult to navigate through them if you aren’t familiar with the area.

Moving to Denver brings new experiences, but don’t worry too much about the details.

This article is meant to provide full access to the most popular art district regions, art galleries, prominent live music venues, and perhaps even the perfect neighborhood for your next home!

Santa Fe Local Art in denver

Santa Fe Local Art District

Downtown, off Santa Fe Road, is the Santa Fe art district, a great place to live, work, and play.

This is actually where you will locate the largest concentration of galleries and active artisans working at those galleries, tattoo studios, personal studio spaces, etc.

The Santa Fe Art District is on the south side of Denver, Colorado.

It has lovely art studios, artists, Denver’s most significant art galleries, and a prominent Hispanic culture.

There are many young people throughout the area, but the neighborhood is built on displaying their pride, backgrounds, and talents.

night walk on friday in art district

Art Lovers Unite Over First Friday Art Walks

Despite the art galleries lining the streets, just about everyone unites over the First Friday of every month in the Spring and Summer because all the galleries open to the public for several hours to celebrate creation!

From contemporary pieces to modern displays, art pasted on walls, and electrical boxes – the First Friday Art Walks are a part of the most notable events in Denver.

Over 30 art galleries within the district open their doors for residents and fellow artists to view sculpture, photography, paintings, and various mediums.

First Friday Art Walks is a chance for Denver’s local artists to make a name for themselves within their communities and, eventually, the world!

Every third Friday of the month, a few galleries and museums will complete a preview event for a more intimate setting and a look behind the scenes.

If you are moving to Denver, this is a must-attend, and you can check it out on the first Friday of every month between 5:30 and 9:30 PM!

Santa Fe Arts District has been rated as one of the best neighborhoods in Denver, and you can browse all the galleries throughout the downtown area any day of the week!

art and music district in denver co

art and music shopsSouth Broadway Street Art and Music

Moving down the street, South Broadway has also become known as a progressive art district!

This is where live music and street art really shine.

You will find everything from good eats, treats, craft brews, jazz clubs, galleries, and games too!

Local Live Music Venues Come Together for the Underground Music Showcase

There is genuinely so much to do off South Broadway and many places to explore, which is why the Baker District is a great place to live!

You can walk right into any of the following venues:

  • Milk Bar and Bar Standard share a building, but you wouldn’t know because every room is like walking into a new world. With the primary room of Milk Bar featured as a replica of the traditional Clockwork Orange space – you can dance the night away to local DJs!
  • The Gothic Theatre has been around since the 1920s and still stands to house local Colorado bands and traveling artists. It is one of Denver’s oldest theatres, providing music lovers and other live entertainment a beautiful place to showcase their work.
  • The Hi-Dive is considered the local dive bar, but it is also a local music venue that many of Denver’s musicians appreciate as they have a chance to impact residents in their own neighborhood.
  • Mutiny Information Cafe looks like a bookstore at first glance, but there are also many local artists displayed in the window, zines placed on the shelves, and local writers have the chance to get their pieces in the store, too. They also offer musicians, magicians, and comedians the opportunity to play in front of a live audience now and again.
  • Spectra Art Space is a contemporary museum with fun, funky, and fresh Denver artists featured each month.

denver river north art district

The Lively River North Art District – RiNo

RiNo is on the northern outskirts of Denver and has become a magnet for the arts, artists, and creatives.

The River North Art District may not have the largest concentration of galleries, but it certainly does have an outstanding group of citizens.

You may find upstanding architects, photography enthusiasts, painters, graphic designers, and just about all of the arts and mediums your mind can imagine.

denver art galleries in night

Art Galleries and Creative Businesses in the Area

The culture in RiNo is contagious, and while the lack of free parking is frustrating in this area, many integral pieces go into keeping the neighborhood alive within the big city.

The Waiting Room Gallery showcases local art and contemporary artists, and critics rave about the quality of the location.

RiNo Art Gallery Map is a place that alternates exhibits, helps provide perspective on the neighborhood’s history, and literally offers a map of the murals and street art in the area.

Street Art throughout the neighborhood is absolutely stunning. It is part of what has made this district popular, from masterpieces on corner trash cans to elaborate murals on brick walls.

golden triangle art in denver co

good ideaThe Historic Golden Triangle Creative District

If you are an aspiring artist searching for a place to thrive, the Golden Triangle is incredibly inspiring and uplifting and can instantly pull you out of a creative rut.

The Golden Triangle stretches through multiple neighborhoods of Denver and strives to create a community that stays together over local coffee shops, Cuban cuisine, sandwich shops, bookstores, and

The neighborhood is historic and is home to the Denver Art Museum, leasing artist studios, multiple museums, and specialty stores!

Are you pondering a cross-country move to downtown Denver? Consider yourself one of many because, continuing in 2024, Denver is the place to be!

visiting art museum in denver

The Denver Art Museum & Other Gallery Options

There are loads of art studio spaces for rent, the infamous Denver Art Museum, and many more places to explore:

  • Abend Gallery is right off Delaware Street and is a hot spot for artists, art enthusiasts, and those curious.
  • Walker Fine Art runs different expeditions and sits near the Denver Art Museum. Local and national artists are on display, but if you want to take a peek, make sure to book your visit!
  • Colorado Photographic Arts Center is where art and reality collide. The arts have many mediums and painting is not the only option for this gallery, where you will find exhibits, classes, and other forms of education.
  • Clyfford Still Museum is a Denver gallery meant to provide a legacy of the arts for visitors and exhibitionists. The gallery first opened following Clyfford Still’s death to give a place that would permanently display his work.

moving near Tennyson Street Cultural District

Take a Walk Through Tennyson Street Cultural District

The Berkely neighborhood in Southwest Denver boasts a community bursting at the seams with arts and creativity.

It was once just a place outside of the Denver area that was mainly a residential area that people didn’t often visit unless they lived in the neighborhood.

Over time, it has grown into a place with tons of options for living, leisure, and fun!

Tennyson Street Cultural District has been growing exponentially over the years and has developed its form of First Fridays, including museums, galleries, businesses, boutiques, coffee houses, and more.

One walk down Tennyson Street, you will fall in love with this part of Denver and, inevitably, fall in love with the community.

berkeley neighborhood in denver

art and music cityDenver’s Berkeley Neighborhood is Developing its Own Diverse Collection of Art

The Oriental Theater is a historic site that has been functioning since the 1920s and is open for private events, concerts, and stand-up comedy.

Future Drawn OneLine Gallery exhibits artists making work that is developed using only one line!

Nirvana is both an art gallery and boutique in Denver, which also makes the space available for private events.

Plus, we cannot forget when Denver decided to transform Morrison Road to display arts, heritage, and culture as you ride up to the mountains out of the city.

Retiring in Denver means constant sunshine, easy access to reputable medical facilities, supportive neighbors, a close community, and endless exploration!

new development in capitol hill, denver

Cap Hill Continues to Evolve

Capitol Hill is a part of the Golden Triangle district and has long been defined by the Capitol building and historic buildings and architecture in the area.

There is the lovely Civic Center Park, too, and other outdoor spaces in the area to experience a little bit of the nature inside the city.

Capitol Hill is known for having many museums, bars, restaurants, venues, and places to gather.

Perhaps that is why so many artists and writers are in the area.

graffiti made by denver artists

A Haven for Artist Studios in the Denver area

Cap Hill seems to be a beacon for creative individuals and businesses; it is a large part of what gives the neighborhood so much flare and personality.

Maybe it is Poets Row, or perhaps it is just something about the wonders of the past and present all wrapped into one, but this is a great place for creatives and continues to offer enthusiasts in on it as well.

Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art is a multi-media display of paintings, furniture, decor, and architecture. However, since some of these items are more fragile than others, only visitors over 13 years old are welcome.

The Broadway Market is a community-based food hall where local businesses can rent out spaces and serve different cuisines, with coffee, beer, and art displays.

Minus Gallery and Art Bar has multiple locations in other major cities, but its prime focus is to share a message with the world and offer artists the platform to do so.

Sandra Phillips Gallery is located off 11th Ave. An art history professor founded it, and curators collaborate to develop the perfect exhibits.

Looking for the top-rated schools in Denver? The Mile High City has plenty of options throughout Colorado, allowing residents to choose their path.

denver airport is very artistic

ColoradoCan’t Forget Denver International Airport

Heading into Denver from out of state, the first thing you will be greeted by is DIA – one of the largest airports in America, nearly 53 square miles.

Within that building are multiple levels, tunnels, and a maze of terminals.

However, everyone talks about the murals and art on the walls, which has long been controversial and spoken about in circles much more extensively than in Denver communities.

find your denver art community

Conspiracy Swarms the Culturally Inspired Murals

DIA has massive, colorful, and beautiful murals, all commissioned by separate artists.

For all the other talk about what lies underneath the building, you would think that the murals would be the last thing involved in conspiracy theories, but art is supposed to inspire different interpretations, after all!

There are a total of 30 commissioned murals throughout Denver International Airport.

Pop-up displays and exhibits also appear throughout the terminals.

“Children of the World Dream of Peace” by Leo Tanguma is the most controversial piece. It depicts children in a peaceful world, contrasted with children in a war world.

best diners in denver co

And the Ever Expanding Food Scene

If you are moving to Denver, be ready to eat because there is a wide variety of options available throughout the city, no matter which neighborhood you land in.

Food is a central focus of the artistic community as chefs and cooks view crafting their dishes and desserts as their very own medium, and many local businesses put everything they have into providing their services to the public.

While it is meant to nourish our bodies, there is a lot of fun to be had with food and drinks, and Denver has displayed some of their best restaurants and entrepreneurs this way as it is a means of sharing our life and culture with others!

top food trucks in denver co

Food Trucks in the Metro Area

From authentic Mexican food to traveling specialty stores and local leaders in the food and service industry – Denver is a great city for anyone who dreams of succeeding in their passion.

Food trucks, food halls, and food shops have been popping up left and right in Colorado, and the residents couldn’t be happier.

You might find Many of these on the corner at First Fridays or in the middle of Capitol Hill.

Let’s check out some of Denver’s best food trucks according to those in the neighborhood:

  • Luchador Mexican Food Truck has become a fixture in Denver. Serving up dishes inspired by street food in Mexico City has been a hit with the locals.
  • Motor City B’s Pizza is a personally sized pan pizza that can be enjoyed on the go and with as many toppings as you would like! This is Detroit-style pizza in Denver, and you can’t miss the bright blue truck if it drives by.
  • Mukja is a family-owned business providing Denver residents with authentic Korean fusion cuisine. The Korean street cheese dog is one of their best sellers, so if you have the chance, be sure to try out every option available.
  • Taste Bud Billie’s is often posted on the corner by The Dirty Duck Bar on Evans, and they love serving late-night snacks. This is a new twist on Cajun-style shrimp, crab, crawfish, fries, and tots because the owner has brought his Midwestern flare into the mix!

creative artists in denver co

Stretching the City Limits with Creativity

Being an artist or finding your inner passions is something people will end up spending their entire lives trying to figure out.

If you are on your journey of self-exploration, whether that is for artistic endeavors, educational goals, career changes, or anything at all – step into Denver’s Gallery of Life!

Give yourself a chance to do something new, but don’t forget to gather the proper support before moving.

Your relocation plans can easily become overwhelming or become a disaster if you attempt to complete everything by yourself without the proper knowledge and experience.

Moving to Denver or anywhere across the country can be a rather emotional event; it may be mentally trying and even physically tiring, but once you arrive – you are opened up to a whole new world of possibilities!

denver city movers in action

Moving to Denver with Local Experts – Denver City Movers

Our locally-owned and family-run business provides exemplary local, long-distance, and cross-country moving solutions!

As local movers in Denver, Colorado, we are dedicated to our neighborhood and those looking to become a part of it themselves.

Helping people relocate shouldn’t be a difficult journey, and our moving experts are there to make things easier with a free quote and consultation to get started on the next part of your life in the Mile High City!

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