Exodus from Denver: Top 10 Destinations for Former Denverites

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Denver, the beautiful Mile High City, has much to offer its residents, from stunning mountain views to a robust job market. However, an increasing number of Denverites are choosing to pack their bags and seek new adventures elsewhere. The reasons are as varied as the destinations they choose, encompassing factors like climate, cost of living, job opportunities, and more. This post will explore the top 10 states that former Denverite’s are moving to, and why.

Austin tx


According to our Denver to Texas moving guide, Texas, particularly its tech hub cities Austin and Dallas, is a top choice for Denverites. The Lone Star State has a thriving job market, especially in the technology and healthcare sectors. Additionally, Texas has no state income tax, allowing residents to take home a larger portion of their paycheck. On the climate front, Texans enjoy warmer winters, although summers can be considerably hotter compared to Denver.

homes in phoenix az


Arizona, with its sun-soaked days and desert landscape, is another popular destination. Phoenix and Tucson are cities that have witnessed a significant influx of former Denver residents. While Arizona’s climate is similar to Denver’s, the lack of snowy winters is a big plus for many movers. Arizona’s cost of living is also relatively lower, with affordable housing options drawing in people. Our moving to Arizona guide offers more details about this relocation.

Chicago IL


Illinois, specifically its vibrant cities like Chicago, Aurora, Naperville, and Joliet, is proving attractive to many Denverites. As our post on moving to Illinois outlines, the Prairie State offers an appealing blend of cultural richness and diverse job opportunities. Though the winters can be cold and snowy, much like Denver, many are drawn to the art scene and the job opportunities in sectors like finance, engineering, and IT.

New York NY

New York

Despite its high cost of living, the Empire State remains a favored destination for those seeking the hustle and bustle of a truly global city. New York offers unparalleled job opportunities, especially in fields like finance, media, technology, and fashion. Life in New York can be a significant change from Denver’s more laid-back style, but as our moving to New York guide points out, the city’s dynamism and cultural richness can be irresistible.

Cleveland oh


Ohio offers a quieter, more family-friendly environment for those looking for a change from Denver’s pace. The cost of living in Ohio is considerably lower, and the job market is growing, especially in sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, and education. Cities like Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati are popular among Denverites for their low living costs and the quality of life they offer. Check out our moving to Ohio guide for a more detailed exploration.

los angeles


A blend of stunning landscapes, a dynamic economy, and an unmatched cultural scene makes California a coveted destination. The Golden State, particularly its tech Mecca Silicon Valley, draws Denverites from various sectors, particularly technology, entertainment, and tourism. A major highlight is the Mediterranean climate, offering mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. While the cost of living is on the higher side, particularly in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, many believe the lifestyle and job opportunities are well worth it.

seattle wa


Washington State, with cities like Seattle and Spokane, offers a vibrant, outdoor-centric lifestyle that Denverites appreciate. Known for its strong tech sector, led by giants like Microsoft and Amazon, Washington also boasts a robust job market. The cost of living is relatively high up there, particularly in Seattle, but so is the average salary. One distinguishing feature is the weather, with milder winters and cooler summers compared to Denver, but with more rainfall.


The Sunshine State beckons Denverites with its warm, subtropical climate, numerous beaches, and robust tourism industry. Cities like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando are top choices, offering diverse job opportunities in sectors like tourism, healthcare, and finance. Florida’s cost of living is reasonable compared to other states, making it a very attractive option for both young professionals and retirees.

Asheville nc

North Carolina

North Carolina, with its mix of mountain landscapes and coastal beauty, appeals to many Denver residents. The cost of living in cities like Charlotte and Raleigh is relatively low, making it an affordable option. Job opportunities in technology, healthcare, and education are plenty, and the state’s diverse climate, offering all four seasons, is appreciated by many.

Portland OR


Finally, the Beaver State, particularly the city of Portland, is another top destination. Known for its stunning natural beauty and environmentally friendly culture, Oregon offers a laid-back, outdoor-centric lifestyle. The job market is dynamic, with technology, healthcare, and manufacturing leading the way. The climate is generally mild, but wetter than Denver, with rainy winters and dry, sunny summers.

Frequently Asked Questions

top 10Is Denver among the top 10 places people are leaving?

As of 2023, Denver does experience a certain level of out-migration. However, it’s not among the top 10 cities that people are leaving in the United States.

moving truckWhere can I move to instead of Colorado?

There are many wonderful places to move to instead of Colorado. The choice depends on what you’re looking for, including factors like climate, job opportunities, cost of living, and lifestyle. Some popular choices are Texas, Arizona, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, Florida, North Carolina, and Oregon.

5 hoursWhat cities are 5 hours from Denver?

Cities approximately five hours from Denver include Rapid City, South Dakota; Amarillo, Texas; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

leaving coloradoWhy are so many people leaving Colorado?

People leave Colorado for various reasons. Some are attracted by different job markets, climates, or lower cost of living in other states. It’s a personal decision that can be influenced by many factors.

leaving statesWhat states are people leaving in 2023?

The specifics vary from year to year. As of 2023, some states seeing a high out-migration include New York, California, and Illinois.

denverIs Denver growing or shrinking?

Denver has seen steady growth over the years. However, the pace may vary, with periods of faster growth and others of slower expansion or even slight decline.

cost of livingWhere does Denver rank in cost of living in the US?

As of 2023, Denver’s cost of living is higher than the national average (36% higher in housing and 8 % higher in goods and services), but it varies considerably when compared to different cities across the country.

alternativeWhat is the best alternative to Denver?

That largely depends on your specific needs and preferences. Each state and city offers its unique blend of opportunities, challenges, and lifestyle options. Research and personal considerations are key to making the best choice for you.

ASHEVILLE NCWhat city is similar to Boulder, CO, but with a lower cost of living?

If you adore Boulder, CO, but are in search of a city with a lower cost of living, Asheville, NC, is an excellent alternative to consider. Nestled within the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville mirrors many of the qualities that make Boulder so unique.

Much like Boulder, Asheville is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The city’s location offers easy access to numerous hiking trails, parks, and outdoor recreational activities. Asheville is surrounded by about one million acres of protected wilderness, so you’ll never run out of natural spaces to explore.

Asheville also shares Boulder’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The city takes great pride in its eco-friendly initiatives and has an active community working towards sustainable living. The city boasts a large number of LEED-certified buildings and has initiatives in place to promote green living among its residents.

CHEAP PLACES TO LIVEWhere is the best cheapest place to live in Colorado?

Greeley, Pueblo, Alamosa, and Grand Junction are often listed among the most affordable places to live in Colorado.

beachWhat is the closest beach to Denver?

Denver is a landlocked city, but the closest “beach” is the swim beach at Cherry Creek State Park, just outside of Denver. If you’re thinking of an ocean beach, California’s beaches would be the closest.

30 mins

What towns are 30 minutes from Denver?

Towns like Arvada, Castle, Rock, Aurora, and Westminster are approximately 30 minutes from Denver, depending on traffic and the exact start and end points of your journey.

wealthyWhat is considered wealthy in Colorado?

Wealth is a relative term, but generally, a household income of $180,000 or more per year is often considered well-off in Colorado.

retirementWhy retire in Colorado?

Colorado offers a vibrant lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities, a relatively healthy climate, and a range of communities that can be appealing to retirees.

loveWhy do people love Colorado so much?

People love Colorado for its stunning natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, vibrant cities, and high quality of life.

rich peopleWhere do the rich live in Colorado?

Wealthy individuals often live in areas like Cherry Hills Village and Greenwood Village in the Denver metro area. Aspen and Vail are also known for their affluent residents.

millenialWhere do most Millennials live in Colorado?

Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins are popular among Millennials due to their robust job markets, vibrant cultural scenes, and abundance of recreational opportunities.

remote areas of coloradoWhat is the remotest part of Colorado?

When you think about the remotest part of Colorado, you might imagine wide-open spaces, rugged mountain ranges, and the kind of tranquil solitude only found far away from bustling city life. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Northwestern region of Colorado, home to some of the most remote and least populated areas of the state.

Specifically, Moffat County, located in the far northwestern corner of Colorado, holds the title for some of the most remote regions. Known for its wide expanses of untouched wilderness, Moffat County is home to the Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge, Dinosaur National Monument, and Sand Wash Basin, all of which offer breathtaking natural beauty and plenty of space to get lost in the grandeur of Colorado’s wild landscapes.

Another contender for the most remote area is the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado. This region is home to some of Colorado’s highest peaks and most challenging terrain. The small town of Silverton is a highlight here, with a population of under 700 and surrounded by Weminuche Wilderness and the San Juan National Forest, the largest wilderness area in Colorado.

Finally, the eastern plains of Colorado, away from the Rocky Mountains and the populated Front Range, offer a different kind of remoteness. Towns like Eads and Springfield have populations under 1,000 and are surrounded by miles and miles of rolling prairie, far from the hustle and bustle of larger cities.

local movers denver colorado-3-2

Planning Your Move: Navigating the Journey from Denver to New Experiences

It’s clear that Denverites are venturing far and wide, seeking out states that offer new experiences, climates, job opportunities, and more. Before you take the leap, make sure you’ve considered the crucial factors that go into such a decision. Remember to estimate the long-distance movers’ cost from Denver and gauge whether it’s hard to move cross country.

Planning your move can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. At Denver City Movers, our long-distance movers in Denver and cross-country movers are equipped to help you with a smooth transition. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation free in-home walkthrough; if you’re too far away, we also offer a free virtual walkthrough. Here’s to a successful move and a new chapter in your life. Happy moving, Denverites!

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