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The state of Ohio is a great place to live. If you are currently thinking of moving to Ohio, even the long-distance should not stop you since there are lots of long-distance moving companies in Denver, CO, you can hire. Ohio is popularly known as the Buckeye State because of the buckeye trees you can find anywhere you go.

But this is not the only thing that Ohio is known for. You won’t run out of things to do in Ohio, from bustling cities to national parks with stunning waterfalls. Is the state of Ohio the right place for you to move to? Together, let’s find that out!

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Welcome to Ohio!

Did you know that of the 45 presidents the US has had, 8 of them are from Ohio? Not only that, but the Wright brothers, who invented the first airplane, and Neil Armstrong, the first person on the moon, were also residents of Ohio.

What is it about Ohio that makes these people so talented? Is it the environment? Is it the food? Well, only Ohioans know.

The first thing that makes Ohio stand out from other states in the US is its flag. The typical flag of a state is rectangular. However, Ohio has a triangular swallowtail flag, which they call the Ohio Burgee. This is the only non-rectangular state flag in the US! Ohio is also famous for its Rock & Roll and Football Halls of Fame.

The capital of Ohio is Columbus, which is another pride of this state. According to the US Census Bureau, the state of Ohio is home to 11,780,017 people as of July 2021. The total area of Ohio is 44,826 square miles, and this area houses eight national parks that offer breathtaking scenery and a calming environment.

The total landmass of Ohio is very accessible due to the absence of natural barriers around the state. This enables ease in transporting goods and raw materials in and outside Ohio and, as a result, drives economic growth in the area.

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The Pros of Moving to Ohio

Ohio has a lot to offer and hidden gems for you to discover. If you are planning to move to Ohio with the help of cross-country movers in Denver, CO, for sure, this will be a decision you will never regret. Here are just some of the pros of moving to Ohio.

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Great Cities to Live In

Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland are great places to live in Ohio. Columbus is the state capital of Ohio, so expect this place to be crowded. If you are into arts and looking for opportunities to grow as an artist, Columbus might be the perfect place for you.

The average apartment rent here is $1,074, and the average salary of people working in this city amounts to $51,000.

If you don’t want Columbus’s noisy and always busy city, then you can live in Cincinnati. It is situated near the Mississippi River, so you have a stunning and calming view of the water and hills nearby.

If you are a business-minded person, Cleveland is the perfect place. Apartment rent here is very cheap, and you can find one that is only for $655. This city is home to young professionals, entrepreneurs, and of course, the most delicious food in the US.

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Affordable Homes

Based on the US Census Bureau, there are 5,232,869 housing units in Ohio, and Ohioans own 66% of these.

If you want to buy a house in Ohio, expect to spend at least $193,000 because that is the median home value in the state, which is why most people who move to Ohio choose to rent because apartments are more affordable and more practical.

You can find an apartment with a rental fee of only $625 for a one-bedroom. The median apartment rent in Ohio is $800, which is $569 below the median apartment rent in the US.

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Low Cost of Living

Because apartment rents are affordable, the cost of living in Ohio is lower than in other states in the US. You can find an apartment for just $800 in the major metropolitan areas.

Think of that! You can enjoy the beauty and opportunities in the city at a lower cost of living. Not only are apartments affordable, but groceries, healthcare system, and transportation costs in Ohio are 11% cheaper than the national costs of these goods based on the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis.


Average Income

If the low cost of living in Ohio is partnered with a low income, then you’ll gain nothing. It would be hard for you to earn money and thrive financially because what you make is only enough to spend on your expenses. However, this is not the reality in Ohio.

The economy of Ohio is thriving, and this means lots of job opportunities and a competitive salary. The US Census Bureau states that the median household income in Ohio in 2021 is $56,603.

This income is more than enough to pay for your expenses while living in Ohio with a lower cost of living.

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Top-Quality Education

According to the US Census Bureau, most Ohioans who are 25 years old and above are high school graduates, 90% to be exact. This only means that the government of Ohio encourages its citizens to finish their education.

The Ohio State University- Columbus is one of the most prominent universities in America. Elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities are all available in Ohio. If you plan to move to Ohio with your whole family, finding schools for your children is not a problem.

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Growing Job Market

With the growing job market in Ohio, you can grab many job opportunities when you move here. Occupational TherapistsHome health aid, and Physical therapists are Ohio’s top three career options.

These jobs have high salaries and are predicted to be in demand in 2024. If these are not your niches, you can go for the top industries in Ohio that will always need an additional workforce.

You may likely get a job in the sectors of Aerospace and Defense, Bioscience and Healthcare, and education. You can go to top employers such as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and Kroger Co for immediate employment.

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Lots of Things To Do

With just the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, you will never run out of things to do. This amusement park offers 17 roller coasters and 54 rides!

If thrilling rides are not your thing and you want to find a place to relax, you can explore the eight national parks to get a view of stunning waterfalls and witness the diverse flora and fauna of Ohio. The Buckeye State is also famous for its museums, such as

  • The Cleveland Museum of Art
  • The National Museum of the US Air Force

Ohio is also an excellent place for food lovers because it houses restaurants, diners, bars, bakeries, and many more.


The Cons of Moving to Ohio

Cons are inevitable, but the pros outweigh the cons when you move to Ohio. The most challenging part about relocating to Ohio is moving, especially from out of state.

But when you have a trusted moving company in Denver, you can hire to make your move to Ohio a hassle-free experience. Other than this, here are the cons of moving to Ohio.

ohio weather


Extreme Weather

The climate in Ohio is continental, which means that when it’s summer, it gets too hot, and when it’s winter, it gets too cold. During the summer, the temperature can go as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Expect little rain, tornadoes, and thunderstorms during this season. Temperatures can drop to -20 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. Intense blizzards and heavy snowfall are just some of the challenges you will encounter during the cold season in Ohio. Winters are described as being harsh and brutal in Ohio.

battleground state politics



When it’s time for elections to happen, it gets chaotic in Ohio. The Buckeye State is also a battleground state for politicians. Endless and noisy political campaigns and the media’s attention are just some of the things you have to be prepared for when you move to Ohio.


Low Ethnic Diversity

Ohio has low ethnic diversity. Almost 80% of its population is white, and only 12% are black. There are Asians, Hawaiians, Latinos, and American Indians living in Ohio, but they only account for the other 7% of the population of Ohio.

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So, Is Ohio The Place For You?

Moving to Ohio has many advantages, including great and affordable cities, a low cost of living, top-quality education, entertainment, and job opportunities.

Extreme weather conditions, politics, and the low ethnic diversity in Ohio are things that can discourage you from choosing Ohio. When deciding whether you should move to Ohio, weigh all the cons and pros.

What do you prioritize the most? What matters to you? If you want to try a different environment, moving to Ohio is a remarkable experience.

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Let’s Get You Started With a Free Moving Estimate

We provide residential, office, and commercial moving services at affordable rates. Denver City Movers is here to help you move to your new place in Ohio hassle-free by providing the following services:

  • Free video or on-site estimate
  • Full packing service and packing supplies (if needed)
  • Loading and unloading
  • Disassembling and reassembling (standard bed frames and table)
  • Protective moving blankets

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