How to Personalize Your New Space: Decorating Tips After Moving to Denver

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Goals to Keep in Mind When Decorating

Decorating your new home can be enormously fun and fulfilling. Amidst all the turmoil of moving, there is this beautiful creative project at the end that you get to embrace.

In crafting your new house’s look, design, and feel, you get to dictate the world in which you and your family will form so many memories together.

From honing in on points of visual interest through intelligent choices and well-implemented decor items, decorating your new place can help you to keep organized and truly make the new place your own place.

Knowing this helps you better navigate the Surge in Home Prices.

crafting a new living room

Crafting a Living Space in Your New House

By utilizing practical decorating tips for a modest house and capitalizing on valuable recommendations, you can turn your new home into a work of art and a place of great utility.

This is a new opportunity to reform the entire look of the available space.

Utilizing tools like space, decor, paint, and furniture pieces, you can actively reduce clutter and craft a life and space you’re proud and happy to live in.

Our team of Cross-Country Movers are happy and willing to help optimize this experience with you!

The Return of Art Deco

Art Deco is an art and decorating style that first gained prominence in Paris in the early 1900s before becoming a defining architectural trait of the ’40s and ’50s in America.

Short for French Arts Decoratifs, Art Deco has well and truly made a return throughout the past few years.

So, if you’re looking for a new decoration style to give your new home a modern and classical feeling, Art Deco may be the perfect choice for you!

why denver

Why Denver Should Be Your Next Home

Denver is a hub of great art, culture, and living. It’s full of great people and great living opportunities at great prices.

Finding a living area that is both affordable and ideal for your living situation in Denver would be easier than you might think.

Tips for Designing Each Room

Every room in your house has different functions, and the best way to suit each one is to embrace their differences.

What you might want for the decor in your living room will be different from what works best in your kitchen. Each room needs a specifically form-fitted plan and decorating ideas to suit your needs best.

Considering your personal style inspiration and collaborating with you, an interior designer would recommend specific patterns, styles, and methodologies that would best suit your aesthetic and design.

find storage solution near by

Finding Storage Space Within Your Floor Space

One of the keys to great design and inviting space, beyond simply looking great, is also to be helpful.

Whether moving into a small apartment or a large home, you don’t want to waste your space. Instead, one should always strive to make a room feel larger.

If you stay organized with tricks of the trade, such as multipurpose furniture and vertical storage options, you can create a space full of beauty and optimization.

The Beauty of a Room with a View

What’s one of the easiest ways to make a room feel open and full of life? By choosing a room that has an incredible view.

This way, a simple window opening lets light, beauty, and authentic life into your home.

Subsequently, your designs and motifs can take great inspiration from such a natural asset, crafting a look around the area’s natural beauty.

Rooms like these make for a great bedroom, office space, or nursery.

What better way to find an organically beautiful location than to work with Trusted Long-Distance Movers in Boulder, CO?

furniture from goodwilll

Don’t Purchase Everything New

Mixing new and existing furniture and decor is a brilliant and practical idea that will increase the comfort and hominess of the room while also keeping costs down.

Homes with entirely new furniture inevitably have a distinctly uncanny energy. They feel distinctly un-lived in.

The best way to combat this and bring a real sense of place and palpable energy to your home is to find great old furniture that accentuates your desired aesthetic.

Denver’s Top Neighborhoods for Families in 2024

In keeping with the idea of mixing old and new, Denver is a beautiful place to live, with great neighborhoods full of storied tradition and modern wonders.

Denver is among the best places for families to live in the country.

From Washington Park to Congress Creek to Cherry Creek, Denver has thriving, healthy neighborhoods for young families to forge new homes.

The Wonders of Double-Duty Furniture

Double-duty furniture can serve multiple purposes, often as furniture and storage. In a new home, these are a precious resource.

light furniture tips

Light Furniture Options to Keep Things Open

Light furniture is ideal for keeping a home’s design open and easily changeable.

Light in color and weight, these items allow you to frequently change the flow and layout of the space at ease, as you wish. This helps with Budgeting for Your Denver Move.

How Can You Make a Small Apartment Look Bigger?

If you find yourself moving into a smaller space than you may have anticipated, such as a studio apartment with low square footage, you may be searching for ways to make it feel larger.

If so, here are some helpful tips:

Multipurpose Living Space Feel for Your Dining Room

Something as simple as choosing furniture and decor with transparent elements such as glass gives an illusion of depth and contributes significantly to the perceived size of the space.

Simultaneously, these make for beautiful accents to natural light, making things feel even more open.

cross country moving project in denver

Challenges of Cross-Country Moving and How to Tackle Them

Moving across the country comes with many unique challenges, but our team is more than qualified to assist and help you settle in once you get there!

Floor-to-ceiling Drapes Add Height to Any Home

Tall drapes go a long way toward making any room feel taller. These drapes can make even the smallest rooms feel larger by shifting their focal point to underline the amount of vertical space inherent to the room.

Making Friends with Your Measuring Tape

Dimensions are a key element of any decorating work.

To know what you can do in a space, you have to know the measurements of the space.

Your Go-To Long-Distance Movers in Colorado Springs know all about the value of measurements and are happy to help!

move file cabinets

Filing Cabinets and Shelves Are Your Allies

Furniture such as filing cabinets and shelves offer additional storage in the confines of a relatively small living space. Thus, they are vital to anyone looking to organize their room better.

The Power of Tuck

Small spaces must always be used as efficiently as possible.

Finding space within spaces such as behind or beneath your dining table or coffee table can go a long way.

This can work wonders for your dining room, similar to the elegant space of the wine country home with poufs that provide seating underneath a coffee table.

Scheduling: Organized

Planning and scheduling can make all the difference in the cost and time of Planning a Long-Distance Move when it comes to moving and decorating.

Before you begin purchasing or decorating, ensure you have a reliable and well-laid plan you can follow effectively.

checklist before cross country move

Pre-Move Checklist Before You Cross the Country

This is why you should always have a pre-move checklist to ensure you are prepared for such events!

Working from Big to Small

Working from big to small is a great way to organize and orient your decorating process.

Get the broad strokes of the design down first, and then work to fine-tune the details.

Small Space Design Tips

Whether you’re looking to make your small space feel larger or simply want to sculpt and craft the space’s focal point, read on for some crucial tips.

trash living spaces

Trash is Trash

One of the worst mistakes one can make when properly optimizing a small space’s design is to allow it to fill up with innocuous garbage.

If you don’t love something, get rid of it. Trash must be trashed to make a space feel happy, open, and beautiful.

Adding Color to Pop an Accent Wall

Never underestimate the power of a great color pop or accent wall.

If your home’s interior design adheres to a strict color scheme, a simple burst of color can give energy and vibrancy to the space.

Creatively Hide Unwanted Decor

Returning to unwanted space-fillers, if you are saddled with items you don’t particularly love but must have in the home, learn to build around them creatively.

Whether this is a radiator, a water heater, or another vital utility, you can design a space with them in mind, explicitly using leading lines, color pops, or accent walls to pull focus away from them and compensate for their presence in exciting ways.

hire moving services

The Value of Hiring Long-Distance Movers to Denver

The value of a long-distance moving team such as our own is that we understand these design principles, can serve you even after the move is completed, and assist with personalizing your new space.

Accent Furniture Pieces

Similar to color pops or accent walls, accent furniture pieces can go a long way toward re-orienting a given room’s entire look and flow.

These furniture pieces stand out in design, color, or shape from the rest of the room and furniture in striking ways.

In refocusing people’s attention on this burst of design, you can take even further creative license in redesigning your home as you see fit.

Denver Cultural Hotspots

Denver is full of culture and artistic movements, making it an incredibly hospitable place for artists and free-thinkers.

From the Denver Art Museum to the Golden Triangle Creative District, Denver is a place that will genuinely treasure your artistic choices when it comes to home design and decor.

storage vertical

Utilizing Vertical Storage

Utilizing vertical storage is the trick to maximizing space and organizing the spaces within your home.

When the floor area is limited, thinking vertically and utilizing the commonly underutilized wall space is essential.

Use floating, wall-mounting, and mounting storage devices to benefit from vertical storage possibilities and save space.

This information is vital for senior citizens, as a Senior Moving Guide, and for more information on Colorado’s Best Retirement Spots.

Creating Zones and Spaces

Created zones in the home allow you to change the look of your room and separate the elements effectively.

Rooms act as their separations within the house, and you can think of these zones as the barriers within the rooms themselves, divvying up the space via design.

Our team of Long-Distance Movers in Denver is happy to help with these design elements.

rugs and carpets

Use Rugs to Define Those Spaces

Rugs are a great way to help draw distinct lines between the zones and spaces you’re crafting.

They act as literal markers and can also help fundamentally alter any given space’s energy in profound ways. Rugs can change everything from the ambiance to the sound to a room’s color scheme.

A Multipurpose Room

Another fantastic element of stunning and articulate design is crafting a room that can service many different needs.

Designing a home office space is one thing, but designing a home office space that can quickly become a guest bedroom takes a different creative approach.

To make a small place feel even more significant, multipurpose rooms are an efficient design tool.

Such rooms also benefit you financially and affect Cost Estimates for Cross-Country Moves.

Fireplace as Focal Point

A classical design standby, when it comes to interior design, always embraces the fireplace as a focal point.

With its inherent lighting and ambiance, arranging a room around a fireplace’s presence is always a wise choice to help flow a room’s layout.

family overs denver

Fireplace to Display Artwork

The wall above a fireplace is also a terrific place to spotlight one of your favorite pieces of artwork.

The fireplace serves as a spotlight, and hanging a large canvas on this gallery wall can make the room feel much more significant and grander in scale.

Television: Unfocused

It has become increasingly common to focus a room’s design around the presence of a television, similar to how designs accommodate a fireplace.

This is a bad idea, cheapening a room’s look and feel.

Positioning Your TV

Instead, utilize the TV as an accented design element rather than a room’s central focus.

people ask moving services

People Also Ask

How do I personalize my space?

Use any creative means at your disposal to make your home feel like your own.

How did you decorate your house when you first moved in?

In whatever way is most comfortable for you. There are no rules about how quickly one must work to decorate the house fully; it all depends upon your unique moving experience.

How can I make my space more interesting?

You can quickly make your space more inviting by using decorative objects, decor pieces, and natural materials and abstaining from visual clutter.

Will decorating help me overcome relocation fears?

Simply put, yes. Decorating is the act of finally bringing your internal world to life externally through an interior designer’s craft.

space dsign after relocation

How do I design my space?

You can hang anything you want, position your bed however you want, and spruce up the bathroom as you see fit.

It would be best if you used the design tools at your disposal (space, paint, architecture, furniture, etc.) to create a home you are happy with.

How to personalize your room?

By creating a design and aesthetic that is true to your ambitions.

How do you make a space aesthetic?

By adhering to the principles of any given aesthetic (ala Art Deco).

funky living room ideas

How to make a room funky?

By adhering to the principles of ‘funky’ designs and aesthetics.

How can I make my room aesthetic with no money?

Through the use of inventive ideas and creativity.

It also helps to understand the Best Months to Plan Your Move and the Ideal Days to Move.

What are the seven principles of interior design?

  1. Emphasis
  2. Balance and Alignment
  3. Contrast
  4. Repetition
  5. Proportion
  6. Movement
  7. White Space

How do I decorate my house?

Anyway, that you see fit.

How do you decorate a room like a pro?

By utilizing design principles and creating a space you love and are passionate about.

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