Denver Movers Guide: How Do You Plan a Long-Distance Move?

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With so many changes going on in the everyday world we live in, taking on a long-distance moving project can feel like yet another thing to manage, but with the right preparation, support, and guidance, your relocation procedures can set you up for success as you settle into your new home!

Whether you are planning a move to Denver or are getting prepared to depart from Mile High City, taking things step by step and planning properly helps create a successful long-distance move.

Preparing for the Moving Process Creates a Seamless Moving Experienced

No one wants to run out to grab additional bubble wrap and packing materials the day of the move, so securing all the nuts and bolts before your big move date makes the entire process seamless and sensible.

If you have arrived at this article, you may have already started to compare prices between renting a moving truck and working with professional movers, or perhaps you were referred to a service by your real estate agent.

Regardless of where you are in the process, long-distance moves do not have to be this giant cloud of worry over your head.

prepare to move guide

Getting Started for First-Time or Veterans Before Your Movers Arrive

Once you have confirmed that you are heading to a new city, curating your cross-country moving experience starts with figuring out how to gain the proper support through customizable moving services.

There are many moving pieces to a relocation project, from scheduling your move date, planning your inventory, outlining an inventory, setting a working moving budget, and managing all the additional logistics accompanying long-distance moving.

With all of these components, it can feel like a daunting task, but if you have the proper transportation services by your side, the process can be one you get excited about!

Two to Three Months Before Your Cross-Country Move

As you begin to narrow in closer to your projected moving date, you are likely wondering how you should start preparing for everything.

This does not necessarily mean everyone does the same way.

However, certain milestones must be met to ensure you are ready for when your Denver movers arrive.

A few months out from your long-distance move, you want to start piecing together your modes of support and moving team and ensure you have a solid plan moving forward!

moving truck in denver

Begin Researching Moving Companies in Denver

So, the search for a reliable moving company begins, and there are plenty of options to choose from for your moving process!

When you are looking for the right business to assist in long-distance moves, start by checking on the following things:

  • Ask around for referrals from friends or family members.
  • Ensure the company is licensed, experienced, and insured for an interstate move.
  • Review their reputation through the BBB, Google, and prior customer reviews on popular search engines.
  • Request information about their experience.
  • Verify the moving company has a physical business address locally.

Request a Moving Estimate from Different Businesses Near You

Once you have narrowed things down to Denver long-distance movers you want to gain further information about, it is time to request your moving quotes!

When moving long-distance, getting estimates from multiple companies lets you understand the possible costs involved and which full-service movers can provide the best services while working with your budget.

right moving crew colorado

Compare Moving Companies to Locate the Right Crew for Your Family Members

Take your time reviewing your options, but not too much time, because you will want to book with the moving company of your choice as quickly as possible to secure your moving dates!

You can try out alternative or hybrid methods of long-distance moving, but when you opt to work with moving containers or are considering renting a moving truck – you have to evaluate all the services you won’t have access to during the process.

Helpful Tips When Hiring Professional Movers or Evaluating Alternative Moving Options
  • Ask your movers about any possible hidden fees that may be associated with the transportation services. A reputable moving company should review all additional charges upon booking.
  • Read every last part of your moving quote before securing your spot and signing the estimate.
  • Be sure to verify the moving company’s DOT number so you don’t fall victim to a scam or end up booking your long-distance move with a broker company.
  • Speak in detail with your movers about your packing needs ahead of time so you can determine whether the crew will be packing up everything for you, some of your personal belongings, or if you need to complete it before the big day.
  • Don’t forget to ask questions that you have or ignore possible problems that could be encountered, as this will get in the way of securing a successful long-distance relocation project!

set long distance moving budget

Set a Budget for the Moving Expenses

Understanding your moving costs is a significant part of your relocation journey.

Let’s face it with how enormous the cost of living and essential goods and services have become following the pandemic – saving money is at the top of all of Coloradan’s priority list.

Setting a budget for your long-distance move allows you to track better and manage your expenses, any additional costs that may be incurred through your real estate agents – closing costs, etc. – storage, and other relocation details that we don’t always think about.

Review These Terms with Your Professional Movers

Moving long distances is notorious for unexpected events and surprises, but none of that should be incurred with your moving company.

Be sure to review your budget before signing your estimate, as plenty of additional charges may happen before you reach your new house.

Most moving companies will be able to work closely with you.

They should even provide a personal representative to help ensure that all your household goods and valuable items are protected in transit and those transportation services remain within your allotted moving budget!

moving from colorado to nyc

Start Research on Your New City

Your cross-country move is just the start of your new life in a new place and home!

This should be something you can be excited about and have a chance to look forward to, but that is difficult to do when you don’t know where you are landing.

Take the time to do some research on your new city!

  • Check out the schools in the area if you have children.
  • Review local shopping centers, retail establishments, and places you will frequent if you need to pick up ingredients for dinner!
  • Some people even plan a weekend trip to better know the area before arriving with their family or household members.

Check Out the New Neighborhood

Don’t forget to look at your new neighborhood, as this is the place you will likely spend most of your time outside of your work environment.

  • Consider changing your address on Nextdoor or signing up for an account to connect with local community members.
  • Check out the area’s walk score and typical daily routes your family might take.
  • Look at the area on Google Maps and share that with the rest of your family or kids if you don’t have a chance to visit with everyone before your long-distance move.

make a moving checklist

Develop a Working Checklist to Stay Organized

Creating your moving checklist and a set file or binder to keep track of your to-do list gives you a visible and tangible organization system.

You can actually check off things one by one as they are done and look ahead at what needs to be done next.

Without this checklist, you are left with nothing but the thoughts in your head, which can be overwhelming and challenging to remember.

By putting everything on a spreadsheet, creating a list, and piecing together your needs on paper, you aren’t forgetting anything important about your cross-country travels!

If You Plan Ahead, Nothing Will End Up Left Behind

When you can lay out solid long-distance moving plans, take things step by step, and stay organized with the help of a legitimate moving company – you will undoubtedly make it to your new location without unnecessary stress.

This will help save time and money for your long-distance move!

month before moving

One Month Before Long-Distance Moves

You are getting closer to your cross-country move date, and it is time to brush up on some packing tips and take action to get the relocation process going.

Momentum is likely picking up, but you are not down to the wire yet, and there are still many loose ends to tie up before taking off!

Begin Decluttering & Downsizing for the Packing Process

To be strategic as you prepare to gather your packing supplies and pack up your moving boxes, you have to start with a plan, and you don’t want to end up with empty spaces that could have otherwise been filled in with your belongings to reduce the cost of your move.

When you live in one place for a long time, it is easy to collect many things – many of which you likely do not need or haven’t used in a long time.

This is a rather time-consuming process and one of the things people like to procrastinate when relocating, but it is necessary to make moving long distances easier.

Take everything one room at a time and separate what you will take with you, what you would instead donate, anything you can consign, and anything heading to the trash.

donate your old stuff

Donations and Consignment in the Denver Area

Once everything is sorted into categories, you can finally eliminate the things that no longer serve you so someone else can benefit from them!

Remember – give yourself some grace when completing a long-distance move because you are making a fresh start!

There are many different places that you can visit to make your donations or complete consignment services throughout Denver – just be sure to check their hours and set days to accept submissions first.

  • The Gathering Place: accepts clothing and baby items.
  • Denver Rescue Mission: has multiple locations that take food, clothing, blankets, and essential household items.
  • Goodwill: accepts everything from shoes, clothes, books, old DVDs, dishware, electronics, etc.
  • Common Threads: consignment store in Denver, available by appointment.
  • My Best Friend’s Closet: consignment chain, some stores allow walk-ins!

Start Packing & Obtaining the Necessary Packing Materials

Packing is one of the most essential processes for a successful long-distance move!

You have packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and cardboard boxes to adequately protect your household goods and fragile items during transit, but packing itself can feel like a strain on your days.

With experienced interstate movers and packers, you can set those things aside and allow your cross-country movers to complete the packing for you:

  • Full Packing Services: Your movers complete all the tedious packing for you, pad and wrap furniture, disassemble, reassemble, etc.
  • Partial Packing Options: The moving crew will complete some of the packing for you while wrapping furniture items and providing disassembly and reassembly.
  • Specialty Packing: Certain items, particularly fragile items or bulky items, may require special packing with soft or hard crating.

best packing tips in colorado

Premium Packing Tips & Tricks from Denver Movers

  • Consider gathering moving boxes from locals in your area, nearby retail establishments, or grocery stores to save money when packing supplies. You may also opt to have your movers complete all the packing, retaining the materials directly from your moving company.
  • Don’t forget to label boxes with great detail so the unpacking procedures don’t become a time-consuming process.
  • Note or separate all fragile items requiring your moving crew’s special attention.
  • Reuse things like t-shirts, towels, and blankets to create wrapping and padding for your belongings instead of paying for packing paper.
  • Do not place your belongings in plastic bags; most movers will not accept them because your items will be damaged during transport.

Transfer or Cancel Utilities, Internet, Address Information, & Vital Records

Next comes all the usual things you are concerned with when moving from one place to the next – changing and transferring your address, bills, licensing, school records, etc.

  • Make a complete list of everything you need to transfer or cancel for the property. Contact those companies to confirm a shut-off date or transfer to the new home.
  • Visit the post office website to update your address online. You can complete one change of address form for the entire family!
  • Touch base with your children’s schools and pediatricians to ensure you have all the necessary documents for new enrollment, shot records, etc.
  • Review your banking information to see if you can keep the same bank where you are moving; if not, set up an appointment with your current institution to evaluate your options.
  • If you are in a line of work that requires state licensing, begin the process for approval in the state you are moving to so you are ready to get started when you arrive!
  • Make sure your license and passport are not expired, and if so, collect the necessary documentation because you will need to obtain new identification and vehicle registration once you arrive at your final destination!

long distance moving experience

Don’t Allow the Details to Get in the Way of Your Moving Experience

These processes can bog down your mind; when you complete one task, another will come to mind.

Take everything one step at a time to avoid getting frustrated and overwhelmed by your moving checklist.

Unfortunately, these are all facts of life, but they shouldn’t get in the way of your relocation journey!

Talk with Your Children About the Long-Distance Moving Process

If you are moving with kids, this is just another blanket of worry that comes with the process.

Children are not always prepared when moving cross-country, so be sure to talk with them about this, show them where you will be going, and allow them to explore things they will like about your new neighborhood.

Your kids don’t want to be blindsided by these kinds of changes, and since they thrive on routine, the long-distance moving process can be trying for them, so keeping an open and transparent line of communication and things that will make them feel comfortable amidst the changes is critical before the moving companies arrive.

long distance moving with kidss

Allow Your Kids to be a Part of the Process When Moving Cross-Country

Let your children stay involved with everything from piecing together your moving supplies, packing their rooms, choosing decor for the new house, and having time with their friends and family before departing for the big move.

Interstate pet transport can feel just as difficult when relocating long distances away from what they are familiar with, and you cannot communicate with your dogs and cats as you can with kiddos.

Document Your Progress for a Successful Long-Distance Move

Go back to your moving checklist and review any of the details up to this point to ensure there is nothing you have missed or will need to return to complete later.

As you get closer and closer to your moving date, anticipation is likely rising, but keep a steady headspace, and don’t forget to focus on your own needs during this time as well.

That is why having a physical moving checklist is so helpful when moving long distance – you have a way to ensure you are not missing anything.

Don’t Forget to Book Your Travel Arrangement Options

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to ensure you have your travel arrangements for the relocation project.

  • If booking a flight, check the rates and set a date for those travel plans.
  • If you plan on driving, you will want to review the best possible route and determine the day you want to hit the road.
  • If you cannot leave immediately or do not yet have a house or apartment in your new state, you must ensure storage accommodations are set up. Most moving companies provide short and long-term storage options, so check with your representative about rates if needed.

move date colorado

One to Two Weeks Before Your Moving Truck Arrives

In the weeks leading towards the starting line of your long-distance move, you are officially getting down to the wire, and the stress or pressure may be mounting at this point.

Your long-distance movers are there to ease the general moving procedures.

While many homeowners and renters are still responsible throughout the project, your careful planning will go a long way when paired with full-service movers.

Confirm the Relocation Details & Moving Dates with Your Cross-Country Movers

Now is the time to tighten up all the nuts and bolts working together to ensure a comfortable long-distance move!

If you have questions or need to make changes to your original estimate, reach out to your moving representative to do so.

You can make changes until a day or two before your move date, so gather all the minor details to avoid surprises when your movers show up.

Make sure of the date and possibly time of your moving crew’s arrival, and tie up all the loose ends you have been wondering about.

last minute movers in colorado

Review Any Last Minute Questions with Your Moving Service

You will never have the answers you need if you are unwilling to ask the questions, and your moving company is there to service your needs.

Take the time to ask what you are wondering or worried about and address any concerns with your movers in Denver.

Confirm Moving Insurance Information

Coverage for your household items is critical during a cross-country move, and the benefits of moving insurance are boundless when you have the right coverage for your needs!

  • Release Value Protection: This is essentially liability and the most basic form of defense or safety for your belongings. If you suffer from loss or damage, you are entitled to $0.60 per lb per article at no additional cost.
  • Full Value Protection: This coverage option comes at an additional cost and requires purchasing a full packing service through your movers. However, it will provide higher coverage or replacement funds for the current value of items damaged or lost.
  • Third-Party Insurance Agencies: If you have items of extraordinary value or are looking for an additional safety net, you can contact third-party companies to purchase a policy for better or specialty coverage.

Pack a Bag for Your Arrival

When moving out of state, you will need to be prepared for a period of time when your household goods are in transit, so prepping a few boxes, suitcases, or bags of essential items is vital!

While your moving team aims to get your belongings as quickly as possible, your final delivery date is not guaranteed, and you must be prepared when you arrive at your new place.

Be sure to assemble a go-bag or whatever you need for a week or two.

  • Be sure to bring at least a week’s worth of clothes.
  • Pack your toiletry essentials.
  • Consider getting a few pieces of cookware if you don’t want to resort to ordering takeout every night as you wait for your movers.
  • Pack your vital documents, identification documents, etc.
  • Bring your prescription or over-the-counter medication.
  • Grab your favorite pillow and blanket, and blow up your mattress!

call colorado movers

Speak with Your Moving Company About What to Expect from the Delivery Process

Understanding the parameters of the delivery process for a long-distance move is absolutely something that should be addressed during the booking process of your move.

Your delivery may take anywhere from a few days to two weeks.

The FMCSA & DOT regulate long-distance household goods deliveries and state that the belongings must be delivered within 21 business days of the customer’s first available date for delivery received.

Arrange for Childcare & Cleaning to Keep Your Move Date Stress-Free

On your moving day, many things are going on; there will be many movers and packers in and out of your home packing and loading the truck while you are trying to facilitate and oversee everything.

It is much easier to complete these procedures without needing to fulfill your parental duties to your kiddos or fur babies, so securing reliable childcare and assistance for your pets can make the day smoother.

help needed

Contact Friends or Family Members for Assistance

Reach out to the ones you count on to see if you can get their help for the big day.

Maybe you can get the grandparents to take the kids the night before and your pets simultaneously if they live in the area.

This can take a ton of stress off your shoulders and allow you to focus on the day ahead without chasing your kids around and keeping your dogs in check.

Tips for Pet Transport Services & Moving with Children
  • Let your kids talk about how they feel about the move, their worries, fears, or any emotions associated with the change.
  • Allow your kids to have a going-away party to spend time with their friends before the move.
  • Let the kiddos plan out their new rooms so it is easier for them to feel safe and settle in.
  • Don’t forget to schedule a check-up for your kids and a vet appointment for your pets before you leave and request all health history documents.
  • If you cannot find someone to help with your pets on the move date, place them in a quiet room where the movers won’t bother them.
  • If you are flying to get to your destination, look into local pet transport services to get them to the new house safely!

goodbye denver

Set Aside Time to Say Goodbye to Denver

In the last few days leading up to your move, take the time you need to do the things you love the most.

If you are leaving Denver, spend a night up in the mountains, stop by Little Man Ice Cream for a sweet treat, spend a morning in your favorite local coffee shop, and read a book.

In other words, spend your last days enjoying the city where you have built a life, made memories, and put together a large gathering to say farewell to the people you have spent time cultivating relationships with.

Carve Out Quality Time for Yourself & Loved Ones

Don’t get so caught up in the move that you cannot say goodbye to the people you care about.

Quality time is something that none of us can get back to utilizing the time we have to make a few more memories in the city that we love, with the people we love – you certainly won’t regret it.

long distance movers tips

The Day of Your Long-Distance Move

When moving day arrives, set your alarm clock for as early as possible so that by the time your relocation crew gets to your house or apartment – you are ready for them.

You may be feeling butterflies in your stomach, eager to get things loaded on the truck so that you and your family can hit the road, but keep in mind you have hired a moving company in Denver to complete all the lifting, loading, unloading, and transportation for you!

And while you have a licensed team of moving experts to assist on the big day, a few things remain left to do.

Request Your Driver’s Contact Information

Contact your moving company first thing in the morning and request your driver’s contact information, confirm their arrival time, and what to expect from the day.

If applicable, ask your crew for information about delivery to see if they can provide any updates on the day of the move.

If not, at least you will know who to call to find things out once your driver is on the road!

storage illustration

Review Delivery or Storage Plans with Your Reputable Moving Company

Before the crew leaves for the day, address any last-minute questions arising during the pickup process.

If your items are being transferred to storage, contact the local moving company to confirm your rates and whether you require short-term or long-term storage.

Some moving companies will provide free storage with your long-distance move, usually extending from 15 to 30 days.

If you are still left with additional questions, check out these FAQS with our Denver Movers at Denver City Movers, a locally owned and family-operated moving business in Colorado!

Complete Last Minute Essential Packing Procedures

While nearly all your items will be packed if you complete your packing procedures DIY, there are probably a few things to put away or a small bag to pack for your travels.

Your moving day may feel like a bit of a blur, but you can always lean on your movers for help with any last-minute packing; better yet, you can even have them do it all for you!

keep your documents with your

Set Aside Important Documents and Must-Haves for Transit

Whether this is your first or fifth time moving, there are certain important documents you will need to set aside for yourself, your partner, children, pets, and anyone from the household.

These items should always stay on your person and perhaps set aside with your relocation checklist file!

Make sure that you have set aside the following documents:

  • Birth certificates.
  • Work licensures.
  • School transcripts.
  • Shot or doctor records.
  • Marriage licenses.

While these are not documents, you may also want to bring any sentimental jewelry or high-value items you do not want to lose.

Oversee & Support Your Moving Crew

Your movers are there to provide the moving supplies, professional packing, experience, knowledge, and physical labor for the big move date.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t specific points in time you will need to step in to facilitate questions they may have.

There are endless advantages of working with moving companies, yet they may have questions about a complicated entertainment center you have; they may require you to unplug your electronics before they can pack, need to remind you that you cannot pack liquids or medication, etc.

You hired them to help you, and your crew will provide elite support for the pickup and delivery procedures.

Still, almost every moving company will require you to be there or an authorized third party to complete their services.

read your moving contract

Read the Fine Print & Every Word of Your Relocation Documents Before Signing

Sometimes, there are changes from your original inventory on your move date.

When this happens, your moving foreperson must complete a revised written estimate on-site before the team begins packing or loading any of your goods.

Once they have completed the revisions, you should thoroughly review any changes made to your paperwork because they will inevitably decrease or increase the price of your move.

Your moving foreman is there to help explain any changes that have been made and why.

You should also have access to a complete customer care team to call if further assistance is required.

Cleaning & Move Out Requirements

Once your entire household has been packed up, loaded on the truck, and moved out, you must complete the cleaning and all necessary move-out procedures.

You can book a cleaning crew, rent a carpet cleaner, specialized floor cleaners, and other specialty residential move-out cleaning services to assist with the project.

But if you are doing it on your own, you might want to schedule your movers in a day or two before you need to be out of the property so that you can clean and finalize the rest of your needs to move out and move on successfully!

people asked us

People Also Ask

How far in advance should you schedule local movers?

The timeframe for booking your movers will vary depending on the season.

Businesses may be challenging to schedule if you relocate during the spring and summer months and are much more flexible in the wintertime.

As a general rule of thumb, most customers will start planning and gaining their estimates anywhere from 60 to 90 days before their projected moving day.

To be on the safe side and have some flexibility on your end, it is a good idea to consider booking 4 months beforehand.

The more time you give yourself, the more you will have to request and review quotes, compare moving companies, etc.

You can also look into the best time to make a long-distance move because booking outside peak season can save time and money!

bed and bedroom movers colorado

Do movers take beds apart?

Yes, most movers will offer white glove moving services, which include assembling and disassembling beds, shelving, entertainment centers, tables, and other standard furniture items.

You certainly won’t see these benefits with a moving container company, and you can spend as much money, if not more, on a service that doesn’t pull out all the stops to get your household items into your new home!

How much will it cost to move?

The average costs for a cross-country move will always vary depending on how much stuff you need to transport and how far you are going.

When you are moving cross-country, your movers will assess your inventory, the length of travel, packing, specialty services, and any additional items needed to complete the relocation successfully.

The details and rates will differ between companies, but currently, people are spending anywhere from $2,000 to $18,000 to move across the country.

You can work with your movers to reduce those costs by decreasing your volume of stuff, packing on your own, etc.

Do moving companies usually charge by weight or volume?

All moving companies will develop your relocation charges by calculating the weight or volume of your household goods and how far away the new location is.

If your movers are calculating costs by weight, they will request an initial inventory and input the details into their software to determine an estimate on the pricing.

Then, on the day of your pickup, they will reassess, make changes to the paperwork for your review if necessary, and weigh the truck once your items are loaded to ensure you are being charged the actual weight of your belongings.

However, this way of doing things can sometimes be more costly than calculating via volume.

Other companies will calculate by volume, so you are only charged for the cubic feet of space your belongings take up on the moving truck!

get a few moving quotes

How many quotes should I get for moving?

As you are planning for a cross-country move, you may wonder how many moving quotes you should request before reviewing and deciding.

Most people use the golden rule of thirds and will reach out to three reputable moving companies near them to gain estimates.

Once you receive all your estimates, you can thoroughly review your options and make a decision accordingly.

How do you quote a moving job?

The quoting process is tailored to the customer, and you should always be offered a visual or an in-home estimator to arrive on-site and review the inventory for your move.

  • Your estimator and moving rep will provide an over-the-phone, in-home, or over-the-phone quote.
  • An inventory list will be created for customer review and acknowledgment, and you can make changes if necessary.
  • Charges will be itemized based on weight or volume as a binding, non-binding estimate. Your rate will be provided according to your moving date, and weekend rates are typically higher than weekdays.
  • They will also itemize fuel surcharges, estimate fees, packing, and any additional costs.

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