The Ultimate Guide to Moving with Pets: Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe and Stress-Free

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Moving with a pet can bring several challenges with it. But if you utilize these steps, you can move the entire family, including your four-legged family members, to a new home safely without worrying about the costs.

Here in our area, our focus is helping you plan a memorable holiday with your pet. Our goal is to pet-proof your moving process so that everyone is happy when you arrive at your more permanent location.

What follows is a comprehensive guide on how to move with different types of pets, including travel tips, pet-friendly hotels, and how to help your pet adjust to a new home.

Moving with pets is hard, but it doesn’t have to be!

parrot in cage in car

Pet Owners Make A Plan

Plan according to the ultimate guide for cross-country moving. A surefire way to make your moving process when moving with pets much easier and faster is to plan ahead. All of us like to move stresslessly.

And if your own pet’s schedule is moving just as yours is, you might need some help. Your pet has an instinct for change. It will generally recognize that things have shifted over time.

It is normal for a dog to feel anxious or irritated when beginning the moving process, which is why it may be beneficial for a safe pet’s health to have an employee take responsibility.

It helps dogs to have an easy companion to travel with and gives them more stability and protection on the road and comfort. Wondering when is the best month to move?

Where is the best place to move? Colorado? Texas? New York? Arizona? Illinois? Tennessee? Ohio? We’ve got you covered.

These steps, in conjunction with the presence of familiar objects, some of their favorite toys, or even familiar items from around your old home, can go a long way toward making even the most skittish dogs feel more comfortable with the upcoming move.

move with a fish

Get your pet Accustomed to the Moving Process

This is a win-win, as many animals enjoy playing with packing materials.

Empty boxes and other moving supplies can help encourage their natural instincts and wonder, which in turn helps prepare them to explore new rooms in your new house.

Plus, having boxes around a few weeks in advance can encourage positive association and decrease the time of their adjustment period once you arrive at your new home.

To make it easier for your pet to have their boxes around, start packing and packing moving boxes early, even weeks before when you need to. The earlier that packing begins, the more it will all feel like familiar surroundings to your furry friend.

You can always buy more boxes before moving from the best long-distance movers in Boulder if your pet moving process takes a heavier toll on your boxes than expected.

Start packing early, gradually introduce moving paraphernalia, spend time getting them comfortable with these items, and most pets will find their new environment that much easier to settle into.

moving with a white poodle

Pack Their Items Last and Unpack Them First to Acclimate to New Surroundings

When you prepare a packing checklist, keep pet items at the bottom of the list.

This can be helpful, as familiar, beloved items such as favorite toys, grooming tools, kitty litter, or even their water bowls can go a long way toward removing stress as they and you prepare for the big trip.

This will go a long way toward keeping your pet comfortable and safe during the moving process, especially for long scenic drives such as a long-distance move to Colorado Springs.

Most importantly of all, whether for cats, dogs, or guinea pigs, do not put their bed and/or crate into a box until the last possible moment.

That is their home, and the second it is gone, they will grow more concerned if they have not been adequately prepared, making this all the more important for larger animals.

moving with Siamese cats

Avoiding Changing Your Routine Can Reduce Stress on Your Pet

Animals are habitual. The longer the amount of time you spend changing their routine, the greater their stress level will be.

You want to upkeep your pets’ daily routine, with regular walks and feeding intervals, so they remain in good health and high spirits.

Pet owners should take great care in reducing the stresses placed upon their furry friends, as it will make the stresses placed upon themselves less.

huskey dog moving

Prepare Your Pet for a Safe Vehicular Move

It is best to have your pet safely secured with a strap or safety measure in the back seat of your vehicle.

As a pet owner, you always want to ensure your friend is not only secured but also comfortable, especially if gearing up for a longer ride.

A common technique used to decrease anxiety in many pets is to keep them in a crate or small carrier in the car and put a blanket over it to prevent them from explicitly seeing the vehicle’s movement.

This shouldn’t necessarily be your dog’s first time inside the carrier, as that will only make them more stressed out.

Be sure to make them acquainted before you visit so they can enjoy safe travels in an enjoyable environment.

check you pets are ready to move

Checklist for Moving with Your Pet: Especially Cat Owners

During the planning phase, before your moving day, the pet should be prepared as well as how to adapt properly. Make a checklist not just of items but of activities for your pet as well.

So while this should include items that you mustn’t forget (such as a current photo of them, an overnight kit, health records, food bowls, etc.), it should also include tasks that you can do with them to help them feel more comfortable with moving day and their new surroundings.

A checklist is a great way to keep organized and motivated for you and your pet.

checklist move - meow

Make Arrangements For Moving Day

What is happening? Can I go for the ride? Are people moving? These questions will be racing through any animal’s mind come moving day.

For this reason, it is crucial (whether with large pets or small pets) that you have all their arrangements planned out in advance.

Whether that means getting in touch with a pet sitter for a local move, taking them by their new neighborhood so they get a feel for it, familiarizing them with a car ride or road trip, or even taking them to the new home in advance, ensure that you have planned out how to accommodate your furry friend best.

how to move with a doberman dog

Read Up On Hotel Chains Where Pets Stay Free

When traveling with your dogs or cats in an aircraft, booking is recommended early. On any given flight, a passenger’s pet is only allowed in a limited number of spots, so make sure to take care of this immediately.

Upon arriving at a new location, it’s always good to do some research into nearby hotels that can accommodate pets during your moving, whether flying or driving.

Finding Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Most hotel websites have specialized policies on pets, which often include an extra fee or charge. Animal fees or pet deposits can be a pain, but it’s usually a small price to pay for your pet’s safety.

do not move reptiles without consulting a lawyer

Inform Yourself of New Pet Laws in Your New City

Wondering how to best plan a long-distance move? You should not be caught off-guard about a new leash or animal law in a different state. Make sure to do plenty of research before moving day.

If you want to move the location on your pet tags, you should update your current ones before you move. Please check your cat owners’ microchip to ensure it’s up-to-date before moving with pets. Bring their health certificate and familiarize yourself with local emergency vet numbers in case of emergency.

some pets are allowed to travel on planes

Traveling By Air

Most airlines will allow your pet on their flights, but some are more welcoming than others. It is important to compare various airline policies on this topic to make the right choice.

A cat or dog that is on an airline-approved airline can travel onboard. Large animals or exotic pets must be carried into the aircraft baggage compartment or will not be allowed onboard.

When selecting an airline, carefully review the conditions of appropriate containers and directions in preparation for pet transportation.

Ensure the weather conditions will not negatively influence animals’ flight in cargo containers. The airline will no longer transport animals if temperatures are high enough to be dangerous to humans, as such conditions would leave transport pets in danger.

Check-in With Their Vet

Always ask your vet for advice about easing the stressors of moving on your pet and also to recommend a new vet in your new neighborhood.

move with your bunny

Relocating By Motor Vehicle

It’s cheaper for animals to travel via vehicle than for air travel. In fact, you can get a free quote from expert Denver movers today. It’s a good thing.

What dogs do not like to feel the wind in their ears? This method of moving comes with its own necessities and adjustments, but is undoubtedly cheaper and easier.

You can even visit some pet-friendly sites if there are extra days along the way. Using crash-tested car harnesses and cages has been proven to protect small pets best.

move with a ferret

Prepare Your Pet for Travel

Your dog must be well prepared for transport in the car. Compare quotes from the best long-distance moving services companies with free, no-obligation estimates from the premiere team that knows all about long-distance moving to and from Denver.

Prepare Your Pets Ahead of Time

Moving day is much easier for the pets as it is easier to prepare for them. Similarly to learning to crate or learning new tricks, it takes time for them to feel comfortable with the process.

make sure to secure

Secure Your Pet and Make Sure They Stay Close

Always keep the door closed during the move, even as people move items in and out of the home. Keep your pet safe in case of fear or confusion by putting them in a litter box, an animal enclosure, or a separate enclosed space.

Never leave your dog alone in your home when moving out! Have a recent photograph and updated tag or microchip, just in case.

prepare your travel pack

Your Pet’s Travel Bag

Pet travel is challenging! To help, make a list of items you need when traveling for your dog. Once on your journey, keeping your dog on schedule helps reduce anxiety.

Set a notification on your smartphone to monitor your food time and allow a good amount of breaks.

Travel Tips: When driving, the dog leash should always be attached before opening the windows or doors and should always be removed only after the doors close. Leashes are a way to keep your pets safe, even in the most unusual places.

separate bag in cases of  emergencies

Pack a Separate Emergency Moving Bag for Them

Help your pets feel more relaxed by keeping everything you need nearby and ready when you move. Water bowls, favorite games, blankets or treats, or even stuffed animals can help you and your furry friend immensely.

Do not forget paper towels and plastic bags that can be used for cleaning as unexpected accidents occur.

Moving Across the Country? Make Sure You Plan Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Ensure your pet arrives and stays comfortable in your accommodation with Denver’s best cross-country movers.

Generally, the best travel websites allow you to narrow your searches to pet-inclusive places; however, do not assume all animals are welcome! Check with the hotel beforehand to avoid unwanted or unwelcome surprises.

What is the cheapest way to move across the country?

moving an iguana or a turtle

Other Pets Moving

Moving With Fish

Moving is stressful for a fish; plan carefully. Depending upon the size of your vessel, transporting small fish into plastic bags full of water may be safer and more efficient than keeping them in a full bowl.

Larger fish could be transported in plastic containers that range from 5 gallons or more if needed.

Moving With Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, or Mice

If your pet is less conventional, it is just best to keep them inside their typical boxes and cages. Always keep them secure in the vehicle so nobody gets in and knocks them over. Coverage of cages reduces stress and regulates temperature.

moving with dogs and cats


Read on for more secrets, information, and tips from what people ask our expert Denver movers.

Is a pet transportation company worth it?

Pet relocation services are there to reduce your move’s stress and complexity.

They handle almost every aspect of the relocation process, besides paperwork and travel arrangements, regarding pet transportation, so call a pet transportation company today.

In addition, the pet transport service will often deliver personalized services tailored to your specific requirements.

Is moving stressful for a pet?

It can be. Getting a new job, finding a new veterinarian, or moving with pets to a new home can be stressful for you, too, and the process can be stressful for your pet.

Most dogs take their moves in stride, but for many cats, the loss of their familiar environment can be disturbing. Dogs generally tend to be quite happy if their social groups remain identical and familiar.

pet relocation cost

Why is pet relocation so expensive?

A number of airlines also charge more for animals, as their liability is too great. Air travel is expensive in and of itself, and any given aircraft only has so much square footage to offer to pets and cargo.

Simultaneously, planning a cross-country road trip with a pet takes extensive planning and effort, resulting in a pet transportation company needing to charge fittingly.

How do pets handle moving?

It all depends upon you. With the steps presented here, you can take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that you and your pet have a peaceful and happy move. It’s entirely up to you.

How much do long distance movers cost in Denver, CO? Keep reading!

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