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If you have ever rearranged your living room or bedroom, you know how mentally and physically taxing it can be to move heavy furniture. This chore becomes even more complicated when you move furniture from one house to another!

Many clients ask the simple question: Is it Hard to Move Cross-Country? With our help, it doesn’t have to be, especially when disassembling, moving, and reassembling bulky furniture.

Here is the definitive guide to moving furniture efficiently and safely:

diassemble moving furniture in denver

Disassemble Large Furniture

Have you ever tried to move completely assembled large furniture items out the front door? It can be challenging under the best circumstances, so we recommend adding “disassembling furniture” to your Denver Moving Checklist.

Gather the Necessary Tools

Moving heavy furniture, including large bookcases, sectional couches, and entertainment centers, can take a lot of work to move safely. Taking the furniture apart piece by piece is the better option. Start by gathering the necessary tools and proper equipment to complete the job, including:

  • Pliers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Allen wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Small plastic baggies for the loose pieces and fasteners

Every piece of furniture is different, so take your time and find the fasteners to determine the ideal tool.

Label and Bag Small Pieces, Nuts, Bolts, and Screws

Immediately put the fasteners from individual pieces of furniture into separate zippered baggies. Label the baggies and either store them in a small box or tote or attach the baggies to a section of furniture with packing tape.

Whether you are Moving with Kids or need additional help learning how to lift and care for furniture during a move correctly, the team at Rocky Movers can help.

heavy furniture moving

A Professional Movers’ Guide to Lifting Heavy Furniture

After years of experience, the team at Rocky Movers has become experts at artfully lifting heavy furniture without injury! Let our expertise guide you in not only learning how to Plan a Long-Distance Move but also correctly lifting and carrying any heavy objects out of your home and onto the moving truck:

Plan a Path

Plot your journey to ensure you take the fewest, safest steps from the disassembled or fully assembled furniture to the front door. For example, avoid moving heavy furniture downstairs, especially if that furniture is still assembled.

Clear away any obstructions, from your kid’s toys to potted plants or slippery rugs. You may need to remove trim if you need help maneuvering your cumbersome section couch around tight corners or through tight spaces, such as narrow halls.

Avoid removing windows to move awkward furniture, which poses a severe safety risk.

heavy furniture moving

Use Furniture Sliders, Hand Trucks, Harnesses, and Lifting Straps

Save your back muscles and prevent accidentally dropping or damaging your furniture by utilizing sliders, a hand truck, a harness, or moving straps, also called shoulder dollies. These devices evenly distribute the weight of your furniture and appliances, making pushing or lifting them across the house easier.

In the case of furniture sliders, which reduce friction, it can save you entirely from having to lift furniture! Instead, adhere the sliders to each furniture foot’s bottom four corners.

Next, simply push or pull the furniture to slide it across the flooring or carpet. If you want to avoid investing in furniture sliders, plastic container covers and towels will work in a pinch.

Refer to the package directions, and as always, lift heavy furniture safely.

Distribute the Weight, Maintain Proper Posture, and Never Lift with Your Back

You’ve probably heard the phrase “lift with your knees, not your back,” which is excellent advice. When lifting large items, including appliances and furniture, slightly bend your knees rather than bending down. Slowly straighten your knees, avoiding putting any pressure on your back muscles, as you stand up and start walking toward the moving truck.

As the person facing forward, it is your job to be the eyes of your teammate walking backward. Call out commands, move slowly, and if you are concerned about injury, remember that you can always hire professional movers to handle the heavy lifting!

At Rocky Movers, we can do much more than lift every heavy piece of furniture in your home. We also can answer your Long-Distance Move to Denver FAQ and provide you with Cross-Country Movers’ Advice!

moving beds and matreses

Tips for Moving Small Furniture and Mattresses

Moving small furniture is obviously much easier than larger pieces. Securing the furniture with plastic wrap and bubble wrap or covering them with blankets or pads will prevent damage to fragile edges.

The safest way to move your mattress is with the mattress handles. When it comes to the box spring, move it vertically rather than horizontally. This will make maneuvering down the stairs and out the front door easier.

Invest in a Mattress Sling

Nothing is more frustrating than moving a floppy mattress, so we recommend investing in a mattress sling. These carrying straps allow you to move the mattress vertically, making it easier to maneuver through your home.

local and long distance furniture movers

Moving My Furniture Locally vs. Long Distance: What’s The Difference?

Believe it or not, there is a difference between relocating your furniture locally and long distance. The most significant difference is the price to work with professionals. Colorado Springs Long-Distance Moving Services charge by the mile and estimated total weight of your household goods, including your heavy furniture.

Local Moving Companies in Denver charge by the hour. Typically, it is more expensive to move long distances than locally, but you need to disassemble the furniture to avoid being charged a carrying fee either way.

The best way to save money on moving furniture is to not only disassemble the furniture, but also ask yourself if these heavy pieces will serve you in your new home, or if it is time to part ways.

Selling, donating, or throwing away unwanted furniture is a great way to avoid wasting precious space on the moving truck and will help you avoid carrying fees!

Trust Rocky Movers to Transport Furniture to Your New House Expertly!

Instead of worrying about the large muscle groups impacted by improperly lifting a heavy couch, hire movers to handle this cumbersome task. At Rocky Movers, well-trained staff knows how to safely lift and precisely pack your most precious and heavy belongings.

In addition to moving all your heavy boxes and cumbersome couches, we offer expert Packing Services.

If you want to pack on your own, here is a comprehensive list of Packing Supplies Essentials!

essential moving tips

Essential Tips

Lifting heavy items, from massive couches to heavy appliances, is a severe safety hazard. In addition to the right equipment, including lifting straps, sliders, and dollies, you must educate yourself about the right and wrong way to lift and load every heavy object in your home.

If you want more helpful information, check out this Denver Moving Costs Explained.

Protect Your Furniture, Walls, and Molding with Furniture Pads or Moving Blankets

Drape blankets or secure furniture pads to heavy objects to avoid damaging not only the appliance or piece of furniture but also the walls, floor, and trim. If the blankets begin sliding, secure them with a piece of packing tape.

Wear the Proper Clothing

Did you know that wearing improper clothing is a safety hazard? Prevent unnecessary slips, spills, and injuries by wearing the proper clothing, including:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Work gloves
  • Close-fitting pants and top
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Appropriate layers

You are ready to move, but where should you live? Read our 10 Destinations for Moving Out of Denver.

move couches and blankets

Stand Couches and Avoid Twisting Your Hips

Get creative with maneuvering and moving furniture through narrow hallways and out the front door. For example, moving your mattress and couches vertically rather than horizontally is often much more accessible, especially for the person who is unlucky enough to walk backward!

As you lift the furniture, keep your hips steady and avoid twisting your body. Instead, use lifting straps and let the straps, your shoulders, and your knees manage the furniture’s weight. If you are concerned about injuries or aren’t physically able to move furniture, the job is best left to the pros.

Don’t Lift a Heavy Dresser, Couch, or Floppy Mattress on Your Own

Finally, never try to lift and relocate heavy furniture on your own. Instead, ask friends and family for help! Your movers are a great source of tips and information about successfully relocating furniture.

If you are on the fence about planning a DIY move, you might be asking yourself an important question: Are Long-Distance Movers in Denver Worth the Money?

When you consider the Cost of Long-Distance Moving vs. a DIY move, you will quickly realize that after crunching the numbers and factoring in the convenience of working with pros, hiring a moving company makes excellent financial sense.

furniture sliders in denver

People Also Ask:

Do furniture sliders work for moving furniture?

Furniture sliders are ideal because they allow you to seamlessly slide almost any piece of furniture across your flooring or carpet. Check out Common Questions Denver Movers Hear if you have any further questions.

How do you move heavy furniture without damaging it?

Furniture blankets, proper posture, and the right equipment are the keys to quickly lugging heavy furniture without causing damage or injuring yourself. For larger cumbersome pieces, disassembling the furniture is recommended.

Are you worried about the cost of moving? Here is our helpful outline of the average price of a cross-country move.

How do you move heavy furniture by yourself?

Furniture straps and a furniture dolly can help distribute the furniture’s weight and make it easier to move the piece out of your home. Of course, if the piece is too heavy, always ask for assistance or allow your professional moving service to handle the task, including the best Long-Distance Movers in Boulder, CO, Rocky Movers!

large moving in denver

What is the best way to move a large piece of furniture?

Lift with your legs, not your back. Use moving equipment, and when in doubt, ask a friend or family member for help! Moving furniture is often the last step in a relocation, and packing is the first. If you want to take the stress out of filling boxes, check out our Packing Tips from Experts.

How do you move heavy furniture across hardwood floors?

Reduce friction and prevent scratching your hardwoods with furniture slides. If you do not have your own sliders handy, place a bedsheet or thin blanket under the furniture and use it to maneuver the piece across your flooring.

Using household items to assist you in your move is a great way to save money. If you love a deal, read this guide to the Cheapest Ways to Move Across the Country.

furniture movers colorado

What is the safest way to move furniture?

Disassembling larger pieces is convenient and the safest method for you or the team from your moving company to move your big furniture. In addition to disassembling furniture and packing, here is a simple guide to What to Do Before Moving Across the Country.

How do you move heavy objects without lifting them?

Furniture belts and straps are a perfect hands-free way to lift furniture safely. Otherwise, use sliders or place the furniture on top of a blanket or sheet and pull the piece across the floor. If you want more information on the moving process, dive into the Hidden Costs of Moving and how to avoid them.

no carpet slider needed

How do you move heavy furniture by yourself on a carpet without sliders?

Many household items can be used in place of store-bought sliders, from a towel or cardboard chunk to an unwanted frisbee! Homeowners can also look to Denver’s Long-Distance Movers for help.

What is the most cost-effective way to move furniture?

Moving companies will charge carrying fees to move and load heavy furniture on the moving truck. The cheapest way to move furniture is to donate unwanted pieces to local charities, sell the piece, or ask a friend or family if they want a new couch!

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