Where did Retirees Move in 2021?

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The question of where retirees are moving to will vary on the individual. Are you retired and want to relocate for personal reasons? Is your income high enough to afford more expensive areas of retirement? Did you invest well, or save sufficiently, so that moving is not an issue? Have you already moved away from home to take advantage of better weather, lower cost of living, or a different lifestyle?

Bottom line, retirees need to know where they want to live before they start looking for a place to retire.

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We will provide an overview of the top 10 US states and cities that retirees are moving to in 2021 based on statistics from the US Census Bureau and other agencies that track the migration patterns of retirees.

While this article cannot provide a complete picture of all 50 states, it is essential to look at these statistics because it gives some insight into the lifestyles and income levels of people moving in 2021.

The Top Inbound Retirement States

retire in florida


  1. Florida – 40%
  2. South Carolina – 38%
  3. Arizona – 37%
  4. Delaware – 35%
  5. Idaho – 30%
  6. Nevada – 30%
  7. Wyoming – 29%
  8. Mississippi – 29%
  9. New Mexico – 28%
  10. Maine – 28%

The Top Outbound Retirement States

pueblo co retirement


  1. Rhode Island – 39%
  2. New Jersey – 37%
  3. Connecticut – 34%
  4. Wyoming – 31%
  5. New York – 30%
  6. Illinois – 30%
  7. Ohio – 29%
  8. Maryland – 29%
  9. Michigan – 28%
  10. Maine – 27%

The above statistics are not surprising as retirees have moved to warmer climates for many years. These states also tend to offer a lower cost of living, which is an important consideration when determining the right place for you to retire.

2021 Was a Challenging Year for Retirees

This was a challenging year for retirees because many of their investments did not perform well, and low-interest rates meant they didn’t have much to live on. Some of their assets lost value, while some did not even keep up with inflation. This is a massive problem for retirees who rely on investment income to cover their basic living expenses and healthcare costs.


The top 10 states that people over 65 moved to in 2021 may have been surprising at first, but it becomes clear after learning about their lifestyles and income levels.

First of all, most of the retirees moving to Florida were from New Jersey and New York. In terms of their lifestyle, they tend to be well-off, as indicated by the high cost of living in their former states, but are also frugal or have a significant income to pay for their retirement.

The Retirees Moving to South Carolina Were Primarily From North Carolina.

This is one state where retirees are not fleeing due to economic conditions, although healthcare costs probably played a role in some people’s decisions. Like New Jersey and New York, the cost of living in North Carolina is high for retirees.

retire in south carolina


The Retirees Moving to Arizona Are Primarily From California.

Again, like Florida and South Carolina, retirees moving to Arizona are relocating because they want a different lifestyle. Much of this relocation can be explained by costs; California has some of the highest expenses in the country due to a high cost of living and real estate prices.

In most cases, retirees have limited incomes but want to live somewhere where their money will go far. The top 10 states were chosen by seniors based on a combination of lifestyle considerations and a relatively lower cost of living to the state from which these retirees were moving.

arizona is good for old people

The Great Recession of 2021

Many people moved in 2021 because they lost their jobs or could not find a good job. This was a tough time for those who planned on retiring from their positions, as many companies eliminated employees with retirement incentives or early retirement packages.

Retirees who were already retired had a much easier time because the government could provide them with more benefits, although their pensions were significantly reduced.

While some retirees moved in 2021, most did not because it was tough to buy a home for a reasonable price or terminate your lease when you don’t know where you are going until the last minute. Look for a realtor to find a great place before the home is listed for sale to live by planning ahead.

Even though the top 10 states might not be where you want to retire, keep in mind that it is possible to find a less expensive state to relocate to if your income goes further. Just make sure you plan thoroughly and do your research to avoid spending years living somewhere that isn’t right for you.

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What Will the Future Hold for Retirees?

If we look at the current statistics and investigate what is happening in some of the top states for retirees, it is clear that they will continue to attract more people in 2022. While some of them achieved this status because of a lower cost of living, others were attractive due to their warm climates and better healthcare systems.

This trend will continue in 2022, primarily due to the retirement wave still in full swing. Many of the top 10 retiree destinations are expected to get even more crowded with older people who want to retire or drastically reduce their hours at work.



The Future of Work

Currently, many retirees are forced to keep working because they need the money, and their pension was slashed after the Great Recession. Even though government regulations and laws give retirees more options and benefits than in 2021, they will still face tough competition when trying to find a job.

The jobs most commonly available for retirees tend to be part-time positions because employers want to keep costs low while also getting someone to perform their duties. It is possible to find a full-time job if you apply to the right companies, but it will be challenging, and they may not always want someone your age.

A major trend in 2022 is that part-time work will become more common as retirees and current employees accept these positions because of the flexibility and benefits of part-time jobs.


There are two ways you can make sure your retirement is successful:

You can either save money now or move somewhere with a lower cost of living so that even if social security benefits are eliminated, you will still have money left over after paying your basic expenses.

In just a few short years, you will be able to retire and enjoy all the benefits that come with living in a beautiful place. By planning well in advance, you can get your finances in order so that retirement is exactly what you want it to be.

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